Translation Services: Evolving Trends in India and the worldThe translation industry is a fast-growing service sector both...
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Translation services india


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We provides outstanding translation and advertising services as well as websites localization services in India. Qualified translators offering business and legal document translation services in more than 70 languages around the world.

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Translation services india

  1. 1. Translation Services: Evolving Trends in India and the worldThe translation industry is a fast-growing service sector both in terms of volume and turnover. This is particularlytrue in India, where the need to bridge the language divide created by a host of different languages spoken invarious parts of the country has contributed significantly to its growth. Translation service company have alsogained importance in a number of industries and companies of all sizes due to an increase in internationalbusiness, as well as growing sophistication of industrial products, leading to a greater volume of documentationin languages of the target countries. The changes in demand have had a major impact on the translationcompanies, which now bear a more systematic and industrialized outlook. There has been a shift towards largelanguage service providers, full document production and automation. The translation market has remained veryfragmented, but that large translation companies are quickly gaining in number and size. Over the past 25 years,the sheer number of languages per project has led to the creation of translation companies which expertise inseveral different languages of the world and not just one or two languages. Similarly the market share of selfemployed freelancers working directly with clients will drop significantly the main cause being the growingnumber of languages requested for each project, a requirement rarely met by a freelancer specializing in one ortwo languages.Another interesting recent phenomenon in the Indian context is the competition received by the countries inEastern Europe, Argentina, China, Philippines etc in terms of lower cost of operation. As a result, companies inIndia now face the challenge of having to offer competitive pricing to beat the competition offered by thesealternative low cost destinations. In a world of tougher competition and lower margins, the need for operationalefficiency becomes crucial. As a result, a transcription services company in india providing well-organized,efficient processes and experienced staff at the lowest possible price will prevail.Most translation companies in India have started to realize the need and advantages of integrating CAT toolsinto their workflow and that the requirements for language professionals wanting to enter the job market havechanged significantly. As for characteristics of the translation industry as a whole, they have remained largelyunexplored. Various social, economic and cultural issues prevailing in the country have also influencedtranslation services offered by the translation companies to a great extent.As a result, translation workflow in the biggest translation companies has changed and has become moretechnology-driven over the years. As a result, several aspects of the translation service are affected such as thecommunication with clients and other translators, the speed and amount of information that can be retrieved andthe way texts are created and handled. In this setting, translators are required to acquire new skills to remaincompetitive in the market. This need is already being addressed by the translation companies in the way theyoffer their services and recruit translators for and project managers for the job. But there is considerably lesssupport for other language-related professions that have proliferated, most notably that of project manager. Thefuture of the translation industry will continue to be strongly influenced by advances in technology. The Internetbandwidth will increase, hardware costs will continue to fall while performance increases and subscription toserver-based software will make translation tools accessible to an even broader audience. All this will give rise toborderless virtual translation companies. Web services that will fully automate quoting and file handling willreduce the project management burden, allowing more resources for quality assurance. This will be just a stepaway from direct web translation in which translators will no longer be sent any files, they will just log on to a webapplication and translate directly from the web with full support of the required tools, such as spell checking,concordances, automatic terminology detection, and translation memories. Major translation companies in Indiaseem to be aware of this fact and are responding to the changing needs of the market which is following thetrends observable in other markets around the globe.To get more information on Translation services, Translation company India please visit our website advertisingcompany india.