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Crystal Hues Ltd Brochure

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Check out the digital corporate brochure of Crystal Hues Limited. ...

Check out the digital corporate brochure of Crystal Hues Limited.
For More Visit or Call +911204613200

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  • 1. UKAS QUALITY MANAGEMENT 013 S E RE VV II CT EA SE R • C P • R O S M E O CI T V IO R N ES SE T R N V E I T C N E O S C into Global Opportunities Translating Marketing Communications
  • 2. Globalization has placed newer demands before the marketing gurus. Those who have ridden the crest of globalization with an all- conquering zeal will now have to drive harder to maintain their equity. There are no short cuts. You cannot afford to keep clinging to the strategies of the bygone era. Staring the global consumer from neon-lit billboards is passé. The new mantra is to enter consumers' home, their heart and their soul. And to do that, you have to meet consumers on their home ground. You will have to use the medium that they prefer and speak the language that they understand. COMPANYOVERVIEW Company Overview Business Strategies are becoming increasingly culture specific. To avoid losses and maximize returns from transnational opportunities, it is imperative to communicate through the local sensibilities of the target audience. Crystal Hues Limited (CHL), a global consortium, enables you to do just that. CHL, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, is the premier provider for integrated marketing communication and localization services encompassing content, creative and promotion services in India since 1989.
  • 3. Creative Services Brochures and other Printed materials Presentations Website Integrated Global Communications Content Services Creative Services Promotion Services Content Conceptualization: Creative Design Development: Widest Promotion Reach: Integrated Global Communications Crystal Hues Limited (CHL) of-the-art technology, creativity and multicultural knowledge base. CHL makes the communication emanating from your company, a PR and marketing tool by directly impacting the target audience in their own language and culture. The spectrum of services include content development in any language and expertise to deliver such transformed content through creatively designed brochures, websites or high end multimedia presentations. CHL ensures that your marketing communication strategy addresses the specific sensitivities, interests and conditions of the target audience. CHL has highly specialized domain experts to ensure that your content is better understood, reaches the target audience with ease and achieves the desired impact. offers cutting edge marketing communication services using state- Content Conceptualization: understand, conceive and deliver the content that meets your expectations. Creative Design Development: Our designers are highly experienced communication engineers, giving the best aesthetics, hue and depth to your thoughts and help grow your business. Widest Promotion Reach: Our promotion specialists are experts in both On-line (Internet) and On-field domains enabling you to reach your audience through your websites, brochures, multimedia presentations, exhibitions, road shows, etc CHL’s multidimensional experienced professionals INTEGRATEDGLOBAL
  • 4. CreativeServices BrochuresandotherPrintedmaterials Presentations Website Content Services Content development Localization (Translation, adaptation) Services Copywriting Desk top publishing (DTP) Transcription Subtitling Voice-overs CONTENTSERVICES Content development: Publishing Localization: Website Localization: Content Services Content development: content, is one of most important activity of your Advertising. The content in your communication, be it a brochure, newsletter, product manual, website or presentations, is the most important message that you send out. Our in-house professional content writers and translators, along with more than 700 empaneled native translators in all the languages of the world, have been providing high quality native translation and localization services to more than 2,000 clients in India and over 1,000 international organizations from Asia, Middle East, Europe and the United States of America. Our content developers include translators, copywriters, editors, proof readers and domain specialists in diverse industries such as telecommunication, health care, pharmaceuticals, IT, education, manufacturing, e-learning, etc. Crystal Hues provides high quality content development services and translation services in all the Indian and more than 70 international languages. Executing more than 50 projects everyday with 99% on-schedule deliveries, our in-house facility ensures fast and accurate content development and translation. Localization and Translation Services: customization (adaptation and translation) of documents, marketing collaterals like brochures, website and presentations for any country, especially those countries with a different language and culture. Our localization services eliminate the language barriers and any culturally inappropriate hues, graphics, symbols, geopolitical elements, etc. CHL's in-house localization experts with their in-depth knowledge of culture and language of the target audience, deliver services in the following areas: Publishing Localization: Our domain expertise includes pre-press and post-press technologies for localization of your printed materials, brochures, product manuals and advertisements. Website Localization: In-house domain experts on servers, application development and user interface reengineering ensure localization of your websites and web-based applications. Content services, including creating and developing Our localization services include
  • 5. Creative Services Brochures and other Printed materials Presentations Website CONTENTSERVICES Content Services Content development Localization (Translation, adaptation) Services Copywriting Desk top publishing (DTP) Transcription Subtitling Voice-overs Multimedia Localization: Software Localization: Copywriting Services: Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services: Transcription Services: Sub-titling Services: Voice over Services: Multimedia Localization: graphics re-engineering, editing, voice-over and subtitling professionals ensure localization of your multimedia presentations and movies. Software Localization: Expert programmers in multiple languages, user interface designers and developers ensure smooth localization of software applications. Copywriting Services: CHL copywriters are expert in the art of developing content and write-ups in the most creative way, meeting the pre-defined objectives of messaging the target audience. With over 10 years of experience in copywriting covering various domains and fields, CHL copywriters create attractive, easy to read copy and comprehensive content for your brochures, manuals, websites and multimedia presentations. Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services: CHL’s team of graphic engineers specializes in desktop publishing and meets all your varied needs related to publishing. CHL accepts all file types and delivers ready-to-publish files in practically any popular software used in publishing industry. Transcription Services: CHL Transcription professionals convert your audio and video speeches into text documents using latest technologies and editing tools. Sub-titling Services: CHL professional engineers use high technologies to render subtitles to your videos and audio visual presentations. Voice over Services: CHL’s professional voice-artists deliver the most appropriate native voice-overs for your advertisements, corporate presentations, computer-based- training modules, online training, documentaries, movies, etc. Highly qualified and experienced animation,
  • 6. CreativeServices BrochuresandotherPrintedmaterials Presentations Website CREATIVESERVICES Creative Services Brochures and Printed materials Presentations Website Brochures and Printed materials: Presentations: Websites: Designing: Hosting: Domain name registration: Website applications and e-commerce solutions: Creative Services Brochures and Printed materials: designers along with publishing experts in CHL ensure seamless integration of the content with brochures, multilingual catalogues, packaging designs and business documents. Our talented team of visualizers, concept developers, copywriters and designers are well equipped to handle all your creative demands and expectations. Our printing facilities are maintained by a strong team of printing professionals with over 20 years of experience. The team supervises and monitors the printing process at every stage to ensure a faultless delivery of your printed materials. Presentations: Our multimedia engineers and graphic designers create corporate presentations, e-brochures, e-catalogues and walkthroughs that combine convenience with the ease of use, employing high-end digital technologies and equipments. Websites: CHL assists you to maintain a long-term presence on the Internet amidst growing cut-throat competition and multiple choices. Designing: Our team of creative web designers and programmers work with the latest tools to develop the most interactive website for you. Hosting: CHL network engineers and hosting infrastructure offers high-end Windows and Linux Servers resident on the Internet backbone with multiple high-speed links, delivering performance and scalability to your website. Domain name registration: CHL experts assists you to select and register most appropriate domain names with Internet authorities guaranteeing uninterrupted domain ownership, accessibility and security. Website applications and e-commerce solutions: CHL engineers empower your core business processes and improve customer service through technology-based solutions delivering faster, efficient, reliable and secure interactions on your website. Highly skilled and creative professional
  • 7. Creative Services Brochures and other Printed materials Presentations Website PROMOTIONSERVICES Promotion Services On-Field Promotions Events, Exhibitions, Conference Services On-Line Promotions On-Field Promotions: Events, Exhibitions, Conferences Services: Exhibition stall designing: Fabrication of stalls: Event management services: Promotion Services CHL is unique and innovative in creating electrifying experiences for the masses on a 360-degree level. With expertise in impact generating promotions, both On-field and On-line, the objectives are met reinforcing the brand. Our efforts are geared at ensuring lasting impressions and establishing continued loyalty of your customers. You are assured of a wider and focused exposure through our combined on-field and on-line promotion services. On-Field Promotions: facilitated by the strong in-house strength of experienced professionals working out of nine offices in India, covering practically all the states. CHL transforms road shows and canopy activities into a brand building exercise that accelerates the spread of information to every potential customer targeted and actively promotes your business. Events, Exhibitions, Conferences Services: CHL expertise in organizing and managing events, seminars and workshops is delivered through its multitasking personnel who ensure that the visitors, delegates and participants enjoy the experience while meeting your stipulated objectives. The services include: Exhibition stall designing: CHL in-house professional designers deliver exquisite designs to ensure that your stall stands out in the crowd. Fabrication of stalls: CHL uses latest technology for fastest fabrication of most complex exhibition stalls. Event management services: CHL ensures that your event is unique not only in décor but also in visitor and delegate experience through the flawless services in logistics and venue arrangements. CHL’s capability of providing On-Field promotion is
  • 8. CreativeServices BrochuresandotherPrintedmaterials Presentations Website PROMOTIONSERVICES On-line Promotion Service: SEO: SMO: SEM: On-line Promotion Service: develops an online marketing campaign befitting your objectives. With more than 10 years of experience and expertise in on-line promotions, CHL ensures an enhanced online exposure and sales. CHL on-line promotion service specialization includes: SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists optimize your website based on relevant keywords to achieve higher rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing, leading to an increased flow of visitor traffic to your website. SMO: Social Media Optimization (SMO) services help you to market your business through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. to deliver greater brand awareness and interactivity with your customers. Blogs and articles are written, distributed and published on-line to further enhance brand awareness of your business. SEM: Search Engine Marketing specialists combine the two processes of Pay- Per-Click (PPC) and advertisement campaigns in carefully chosen relevant sites and portals to reach potential customer segments for your business. Crystal Hues crystallizes your requirements and Promotion Services On-Field Promotions Events, Exhibitions, Conference Services On-Line Promotions SEO w
  • 9. QUALITYASSURANCE Quality Assurance - Embedded Process Faultless start Handpicked specialists for every job Efficient Execution 100% Error Free Reporting, Correction Faultless start: Handpicked specialists for every job: Efficient Execution: 100% Error Free Reporting, Correction: Quality Assurance - Process The emphasis on cultural acceptance by the target audience is delivered by CHL's country domain specialists combined with integrated services to the satisfaction of its perfectionist clients. Faultless start: In CHL, every project is first scrutinized and analyzed for its purpose along with related technical information. The facilities are geared to receive projects in any file format through email, direct transfer to our server or just plain hard copy of documents. The project is then assigned to a domain specialist who may split the project among other international or in-country team members to execute the different tasks to be accomplished. After completion, the various tasks are integrated back to ensure project comprehensiveness and consistency. This procedure includes built-in redundancies to prevent any non- conformance of the project requirements. Handpicked specialists for every job: CHL's super specialist (selected from a minimum of 5 specialists) supervises each task being handled by the pool of domain specialists. The procedures laid down conform to the best of international quality standards and compliance is ensured through automated custom-developed project management system. Efficient Execution: The mandatory process of evaluation of individual projects emphasizes a system of continuous improvement in quality and consistency in place at CHL. The obligatory use of latest tools by the team ensures efficient, accurate and consistent results. 100% Error Free Reporting, Correction: All projects follow a “100% error free reporting and correction” Process Flow. This is mandatory for each and every project executed by CHL. Embedded native in-
  • 10. An Exceptional Resource Base International Testimonials EXCEPTIONALRESOURCES An exceptional resource base CHL has a capable and dedicated team of over 100 absolute professionals that ensures well- integrated service delivery. Our team of experts has impeccable credentials with each member having experience of over 10 years in the industry. The domain expertise include Marketing Communication, Project Management, Linguistics, Graphic engineering, Publishing, Multimedia, Websites and Software. CHL’s professionals have been chosen from diverse industries such as FMCG, Hospitality, Heavy Engineering, Automotive and Pharmaceuticals. CHL's combined strength of 300-strong associates spread across 34 cities around the world, covering specialists in all languages along with a host of in-house domain specialists; ensure a flawless support in providing value-based solutions. CHL’s state-of-art infrastructure and the dedicated workforce reinforce our inherent capability of offering the services efficiently and cost effectively. A world-class working system and constant technology upgrading, integrated with CHL's highly effective system-based operations, ensures efficient and accurate execution of your project on schedule. International Testimonials CHL's functions and processes are based on the knowledge and expertise gained over 20 years. CHL, an ISO 9001:2008 organization, is certified by worlds leading quality auditors DNV, UKAS. The Company works closely with major trade and industry organizations. CHL is acknowledged as the official localizer for Indian languages by most of the leading international localization companies based in the UK, the USA, Germany, Singapore and Japan, which underscores the company's credentials, capabilities, infrastructure and professionalism. CHL's expertise is used by over 3,000 national and international organizations from diverse segments, government establishments, multinational companies, as well as advertising and PR agencies. The Company has also been covered in the news media for its achievements and has been a source of reference for issues related to localization services.
  • 11. w w w. c r y s t a l h u e s . c o m CHL's clients - Partial list of CHL's growing client-base ABN Amro Bank • Accenture • ACME Telepower • Adidas • Agreeya Solutions • Air France • Amway • Aviva • Ayurvet • Bata • BBC • Bharti Telecom • Bikanerwala • Birla Yamaha • BPL • BSI Management System • C Dot • Cadilla • Candico • Canon • Clinton Foundation • Colgate • Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) • Control & Switchgear • Dabur India • Delphi • Delvac • Eli Lilly • Ernst & Young • Everest Industry • FCS Software Solutions • Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) • Flextronic Software System • G E • Gas Authority of India (GAIL) • Gillette • Glaxo • Grail Research • Havell's • Hindustan Lever (HLL) • Honda • Hughes • ICI Paints • ICICI Bank • Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) • Infosys • ITDC • Jindals • Jubilant Organosys • KPMG • KSA • Larsen & Toubro • LG • Maruti Udyog • Max New York Life • McCann Erickson • Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India • Mobil Delvac • Modicare • Moser Baer • National Book Trust • National Geographic Channel • NDTV • Nestle • NIIT • Nokia • ONGC • Oxfam • Panasonic • Pepsi • Piaggio • Price Waterhouse Coopers • Ranbaxy • Sage Herbals • Samsung • Schneider Electric • Shell • Siemens • Star TV • Su-Kam Power • Text 100 • Thomas Cook • Thomson Digital • UNDP • United Petroleum • Virgin Atlantic • VLCC • W H O • Whirlpool • Wipro • World Bank • World Food Programme • Xerox • Zee TV
  • 12. CRYSTAL HUES LIMITED w w w. c r y s t a l h u e s . c o m Registered Office 1001 Devika Tower, 6 Nehru Place, New Delhi – 110019 (INDIA) Tel: +91-11-46850000, 26222587 Fax: +91-11-30881599 E-mail: info@• • • New Delhi | Noida Bengaluru Chennai Hyderabad Pune Ahmedabad| | | | |