Rise bridge component reflection


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Rise bridge component reflection

  1. 1. RISE Bridge Component ReflectionTwo years ago I didn’t foresee I’d be staring at this blank page with my mind full of thoughts,trying to explain how much I have grown in the intent to be the best scientist I can be. Evennaming myself a scientist was so unreal at this stage of my academic career. But like AlbertEinstein said; “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing isto not stop questioning.” Because I never stop questioning myself, I applied to RISE SummerBridge Component, and a journey full of diverse steps began. Steps like working in a laboratorydeveloping ideas for the method of an experiment. Steps like working in a group, learning newconcepts, reviewing old concepts, and seeing them from a more mature perspective. Not tomention one of the most important steps; preparing a research proposal.When I think back to my high school years, I remember that we always had laboratory sessions,where we did several simple, and individual laboratories with modest resources and the absenceof microscopes. I clearly remember working on them, as if I was collaborating for an importantresearch project while dreaming about how college laboratories would be. I was so amazed withthe idea of doing research I promised myself I would someday study in a well-equippedlaboratory. The first day we worked with the microscope at the laboratory I fell in love with it asyears ago I knew would happen. As if it wasn’t sufficient, I learned how to use micropipettes andcultivate bacteria!Since the first Biology class with Dr. Diaz, I felt happy, because I knew I had made the rightchoice by spending my vacations at college taking this course. The complexity of the coursewas hugely different. The book was bigger and so specific. It was a challenge having two testsper week, and trying to complete a semester in a month and a half, but in the end it was worth it,and rewarding. I learned so much about cells, metabolic processes, and genes. It helped me to seethe world from a whole new, and more interesting perspective.Learning how to do research was the most difficult part, but the most fascinating. Before, Ididn’t even know that the possibility to collaborate in a research project was available nor had Iknown the steps it involved. During the summer, they taught us the basics about research. Weselected a topic, did an outline, and showed our professors our ideas. The culminating productwas the development of a proposal. After writing a short description of it, we presented it infront of the class. It was such an enriching opportunity, to talk about a topic that you like, andpresent a problem of national concern. I’m so thankful to be part of something that has prepared
  2. 2. me so well and has made me into a real scientist who reasons in every possible way to solve anenigma, and is committed to the scientific community. This portfolio is a recollection, areflection of my development, and work. I hope you get to enjoy my projects the same way I diddoing them. Optimistically, I’ll keep learning from yesterday, living for today, hoping fortomorrow, and evidently questioning myself and the world as much as I can.