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  • 1. HISTORY OF EUROPEAN AGRICULTURE European Agriculture has undergone significant developments since the time of the earliest cultivation. European agriculture has been characterized by enhanced productivity, the replacement of human labor by synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, selective breeding, and mechanizatio n.
  • 2. Major Areas Of EuropeanAgriculture
  • 3. European Agriculture.  The three field system of crop rotation was invented by the European farmers.  Danube river was the main influential water body used for farming in northern Europe.
  • 4. Economic Structure There were basically two levels of people in this society the peasant and the lord or priest. First were the peasants or serfs who raised the food. The second level of society was the lords and priests. The lords required taxes from the serfs in both food and labor from each family. The church required 10% of everything the serf produced.
  • 5. Tools Used in Ancient European Farming European farming methods used basic scythe and plowing tools. Tools including the scythe and plow were improved from classical versions. The mouldboard plow and wheeled plow were increasingly used
  • 6. ScytheA Scythe is an agricultural handtool for mowing grass,or reaping crops. It was largelyreplaced by horse-drawn, but is stillused in some areas of Europe. Plough Plough or plow was used in farming for initial cultivation of soil in preparation for sowing seed or planting.
  • 7. Animals Used byancient EuropeanfarmersDraft horses were bredand increasingly usedas a working animal inmany parts ofEurope, while oxen continued to be used forthis purpose. Metalhorseshoes were widelyadopted.
  • 8. More About EuropeanAgriculture Crop rotation confers various benefits to the soil, it was invented and implemented in Northern Europe. By 16th century population & agriculture were expanding in Europe.
  • 9. Facts About EuropeanAgriculture The European Agriculture contributed to 7% of the total worlds trade. Potato was one of the most cultivated Crop followed by wheat and rice.