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Presentation on Generation Y in the

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Generations At Work

  1. Presented by Crystal Olig& Dave Baldwinfor MT BusinessTechnologiesJune 4, 2012
  2. HELLO THERE!Crystal OligAccount Services Manager, Oxiem InteractiveBlogger, Digital Marketer, Dog Lover, Husker Fan, Wife & on TwitterwhYgenY.wordpress.comMore:Professional digital marketing resume and portfolio: Careerist: this presentation online at:
  3. BACKGROUNDPast Speaking Engagements:•  Panelist, Phoenix Public Relations Society of America, Seminar on “What’s Next for 2009” (January 2009)•  Selected as featured blog author, Brazen Careerist Blog, Multiple topics & posts (2009/2010)•  Speaker, Denison University, Presentation on “Gen Y-ers Who Get It” (April 2010)•  Speaker & Panelist, Columbus Young Professionals Conference, “Personal Branding for Gen-Y” (April 2010)•  Speaker, 28th Annual Entrepreneurship Education FORUM with Rick Coplin, “Teaching Entrepreneurship to a Digital Generation” (November 2010)•  Panelist, Ohio Growth Summit, “Understanding the Natives, Looking at the Web from a Gen Y Lens” (June 2011)Other appearances on the topic of changing technology and marketing:•  Education Marketing Online: Social Media, Search Marketing & Websites•  Online Education and Marketing in Schools•  Does Your Website Stink?•  Search Engine Marketing Workshop: The Basics of SEO & SEM•  Basics of Web Marketing for Small & Local Businesses – Reynoldsburg Chamber
  4. HELLO THERE!Agenda•  Who are the Millenials? Breakouts:•  Gen Y Facts & Figures •  Virtual panel•  Organizational Change is •  Quiz & Assessments in the Water •  Discussion•  Office of the Future •  Mind Map•  Human Resources•  Managerial Skills
  5. “Gotta keep learning. Gotta keep moving. Allthe stuff you’ve forgotten, I’ll never have toknow. Half the stuff you remember, I’ll neverhave to know. That just means I’m way pasthalfway to catching up to you.It’s the obsolescence cure getting steeper andsteeper. It makes it a whole lot easier for a guymy age to catch up to the more experiencedpeople.”Not Everyone Gets a Trophy: How to Manage Gen Y by BruceTulgan
  6. Q. How Millenial Are You? Take the quiz.
  7. HOW MILLENNIAL ARE YOU? Credit: Pew Research Center, 2010
  8. HOW MILLENNIAL ARE YOU? Credit: Pew Research Center, 2010
  9. GEN Y PERSPECTIVESI am…•  connected professionally to more than 500 people on Linked In•  more likely to have your e-mail than your phone number•  friends with more than 900 people on Facebook•  a second language-speaker•  a college graduate•  six jobs into my career•  a laid-off worker•  a digital native•  a DIYer
  10. GEN Y PERSPECTIVES•  38% have tattoos•  75% have a social profile•  50% favor gay marriage•  64% believe in God•  37% are unemployed or out of the labor force•  41% have a full time job•  1/3 are receiving finanical assistance from their families•  13% of 22- to 29-year-olds have moved in with their parents after living on their ownStudy of the 50 million Millenials 18 or older by the Pew Research Center, 2010
  12. GEN Y TRANSLATORWORD DEFINITION EXAMPLE USAGE!!!!! So amazing! Wow Puppies!!!@ At I’m @ the pool.*action* Right now I’m doing this *hug*#fail That did not go well. Fell down stairs. #failAight Alight “Do you want to go?”/ “Aight”b4 Before Call you b4 I leavebrb Be Right Back Got a call. BRB.BTW By The Way BTW, she was late today.LOL Laugh Out Lout He did what?! LOL!LMAO Laughing My @$$ off I can’t believe he said that. LMAO.TTYL Talk to You Later Gotta go, TTYL.OMG Oh My Gosh/God! OMG, what happened? ZOMG, WOOT, ROTFLCOPTER, TOMOZ, REDONKULOUS
  13. GENERATIONS TODAY•  Greatest Generation pre-1928•  Silent Generation children of the Depression•  Baby Boomers the hippie kids•  Gen X the latchkey kids•  Gen Y or Millenials the trophy kids: 60 – 70•  Gen Z or Tweens the alpha kids
  14. GENERATIONS TODAY Credit: Iconoculture, Generations At Work, Robinson & Elfering
  15. Millenials are the most socially anddiversely tolerant generation ever,the most educated andtechnologically savvy generationever, and also the most sheltered &structured generation in ourcountry’s history.Managing the Millenials
  16. NEGATIVE PERCEPTIONSMillenials…•  are entitled•  are needy•  are disrespectful•  are unmotivated•  are disloyal•  have short attention spans•  have helicopter parents•  want a trophy just for showing up
  17. 1 in 3 is not Causasian. 1 in 4comes from a single-parent home.3 in 4 have working mothers; andin two parent homes, children getmore time with their parents thanthey did 25 years ago.Managing the Millenials
  18. GEN Y PERSPECTIVES Credit: Pew Research Center, 2010
  19. GEN Y EXPECTATIONS Credit: “Chasing the American Dream: Recent College Graduates and the Great Recession,” Heldrich Center for Workforce Development. via, Economix blog
  20. RECESSION IMPACTThe next pay gap? Generation, not gender.•  40% of Millenials have been at their jobs less than 12 months•  Pay increases dropped from 3.5% in 2009 to 1/9% in 2010•  20% of Millenials have seen at least one pay cut since 2008.•  14% suffered a layoff (compared to 8% of Boomers) Credit: Forbes, January 5, 2011
  21. Millenials move in.Gen Xers move up.Boomers move beyond (a little laterthan planned)The collision of generations creates tension, and opportunity…and everyone has to adjust
  22. REVERSE AGEISMWhat is it?Ageism, or age discrimination is stereotyping and discriminating against individualsor groups because of their age. It is a set of beliefs, attitudes, norms, and valuesused to justify age based prejudice, discrimination, and subordination.What to avoid:•  Asking someone his or her age•  Questions like, “Do you even know what a fax machine is?”•  How long have you been doing this? I need to talk to someone experienced.•  “You probably don’t remember this but…”•  Outdated cultural references. i.e. Laugh-in = Saturday Night Live, American Bandstand = American Idol, The Johnny Carson Show = Jay, Letterman or Conan
  23. GENERATIONS AT WORKKey Points of Tension:•  Technology•  Communication•  Definitions of success•  Space and (my) place “When managers properly identify the points of tension, disconnects can be reframes as opportunities to connect and build trust.” Managing the Millenials, Espinoza et al
  24. GENERATIONS AT WORK Gen Y Gen X Boomers
  25. TECHNOLOGY BY GENERATION•  GEN Y: Technology is everything•  GEN X: Technology keeps work & personal separate•  BOOMERS: Technology is work
  28. Two-thirds of all Boomers agree that PDA and mobilephones contribute to the decline of proper workplaceetiquette. Less than half of Gen Y workers agree.Only 17% of Boomers believe using laptops or PDAsduring in-person meetings is “efficient” while morethan one-third of Gen Y do.Only 28% of Boomers think blogging about work-related issues is acceptable, while 40% of Millenialworkers do.LexisNexis survey, ReadWriteWeb, April 24, 2009
  29. TECHNOLOGY POINTERS•  Recognize and encourage experimenting with new tools when the situation allows•  Locking down social media rarely succeeds and can backfire – using it well at a corporate level is more effective•  Don’t deflate by complimenting technology instead of the person•  Utilize modern technology like smart phones, tablet computers, useful systems•  Check out: •  Google products – chat, drive, Google + •  Yammer – internal network •  Skype
  30. TECHNOLOGY EXPECTATIONSA recent Accenture survey indicates that Millennials:•  Increasingly choose their employer based on access to leading technology.•  Prefer to choose the computer, mobile device and applications they use at work.•  Express disappointment with the quality of employer-provided emerging technologies.•  Favor text messaging or instant messaging over e-mail.•  Routinely bypass corporate approval procedures when using devices and applications.•  Regularly download nonstandard technologies not available at work.•  Exhibit different notions of online privacy than older workers. Global Research on Millennials’ Use of Technology, Accenture, Link
  31. TECHNOLOGY EXPECTATIONS•  Company cell phone•  “I can get to everything I need online” – cloud computing, virtual networks•  Laptop or up-to-date computer (within 5 years)•  Ability to install & try programs•  Instant tools like IM, chat•  Latest programs to accomplish the job•  Up-to-date versions of Microsoft products•  Open & flexible work/project spaces
  32. TECHNOLOGY OPPORTUNITIES•  How to organize and manage information, including: •  Email •  Files •  Data•  Supplements to the on-paper world: •  Cloud drives •  Virtual networks •  Print-to-file •  Virtual signatures •  Document collaboration
  33. “At least 50% of executives in theU.S. will be eligible to retire in thenext 5 years. You might think, ‘Well,that’s ok, we’ll just let the people inthe next positions take their place.’The problem is that the people inthe 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions arealso Baby Boomers, and they aregoing to be retiring too,”Managing the Millenials
  34. GETTING GEN Y THROUGH THE DOORHiring & Recruiting•  Share the “soft” stuff – tell future employees what the real day-to-day is life•  Remember, you are being interviewed too•  Bring some salesmanship to the table – why do you love to work here?•  Allow for trial periods or testing during hiring process•  But, never ever B.S. Gen Y sees straight through it.•  Don’t overpromise.•  Create a few key Gen Y friendly talking points: •  Flex time •  Cool office space •  Freedom to pursue personal projects •  Ability to volunteer on company time – CSR is important
  35. KEEPING GEN YTraining & Retaining•  Building a Millenial-friendly culture •  Identify your all-star managers and give them a platform •  Involve your managers in the conversation •  Ask the Millenials•  Create a mentorship program•  Actively participate in career-growth planning•  Commit to regular and fair performance assesments•  Create a full circle of feedback•  Make sure your website and other elements of online presence are up-to-date and reflective of corporate mission & culture
  36. WHAT MILLENIALS WANT AT WORK•  Flexibility: Schedule, process, expectations•  Freedom: To negotiate job description, management’s recognition that they have a life outside of work•  Incenting: Create incentives 20somethings value, clearly and thoroughly state desired outcomes and expectations and provide timely and fair assessment of their performance•  Rewards: Incremental & long-term•  Relationships: Be empathetic, get closer in proximity, be curious about each other, grow them
  37. Nearly three-quarters (72%) ofhiring managers said managingmutigenerational work teamsposes a challenge.But more than one-third of workerspolled felt having a group ofemployees at different experiencelevels increases productivity.Robert Half study, July 14, 2010
  38. GENERATIONS AT WORK: MOTIVATIONIncenting that Millenials Like:•  Performance-based compensation•  Praise– personal, written, electronic, public•  Support & involvement•  Autonomy & authority•  Flexible working hours•  Learning & development opportunities•  Manager availability & time Credit: The Management Bible, Bob Nelson & Peter Economy
  39. GENERATIONS AT WORK: MOTIVATIONNon-Monetary Considerations•  Performance-based compensation•  Flexible schedules, location•  Marketable skills – both formal and information training•  Access to decisions makers•  Personal credit for results achieved•  Clear area of responsibility•  Chance for creative expression ON COMPANY LOYALTY: “In this way, you are searching for a company that deserves your loyalty. It’s brand will be in line with the image you have of yourself.”
  40. GENERATIONS AT WORK: FEEDBACKDealing with Gen Y’s Preoccupation with Feedback:•  Clearly state the process for decision making•  Ask them what they expect to receive for participating•  Communicate what you expect from them•  Use “what if” scenarios •  What if I don’t take your advice •  What if I make a decision you don’t like?•  When you are close to a decision, increase communication•  Always have a debriefing meeting to discuss the decision that was made •  Identify the contribution of each team member •  Ask them what they learned from the process •  Tell them what you learned from the process •  Explain how you came to a final decision Credit: Managing the Millenials
  41. “Suspend the bias of your ownexperience”Managing the Millenials
  42. MANAGERIAL ADAPTATION & GROWTHPerspective The Effective Managers The Challenged ManagersAdaptability Talked about their own Others need to change need to manage in to make it in the real today’s world worldSelf-Efficacy Believed they could do Believed there was something nothing to do about itConfidence Allowed subordinates to Sanctioned or punished challenge challengersPower Used the power of Only power felt was relationship positional authorityEnergy Working with Working with 20somethings made to 20somethings made to feel younger feel olderSuccess Saw themselves as key Saw the 20somethings to 20somethings as an impediment to success own success
  43. “Quite frankly, there is anunrealized expectation thatexperience and position shouldcount for something in the eyes oftheir subordinates,”Managing the Millenials
  44. MANAGERIAL ADAPTATION & GROWTHPerceived Orientation Millenial Intrinsic Value Required Managerial CompetencyAutonomous Work-life balance FlexingEntitled Reward IncentingImaginative Self-expression CultivatingSelf-absorbed Attention EngagingDefensive Achievement DisarmingAbrasive Informality Self-differentiatingMyopic Simplicity BroadeningUnfocused Multitasking DirectingIndifferent Meaning Motivating
  45. DISCUSSION§  What facts of information surprised you the most or contradicted your current thinking?§  Do you think MT as an organization is attractive to young people as a potential employer?§  Do you see any connection between this information and MTs productivity, employee relations, and performance assessments?§  Do you see any connection between this information and MTs opportunity to attract new younger customers?§  What information do you still need to guide changes at MT (re: staff and customers) re: Millenials?
  46. FILL YOUR MIND•  Not Everyone Gets a Trophy by Bruce Tulgan•  The Trophy Kids Grow Up by Ron Alsop•  Managing the Millennials: Discover the Core Competencies for Managing Todays Workforce•  Brazen•  GenNext Free Study (registration required)••