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VHS / S-VHS / VHS-C / MINI-DV Transfer to DVD

R3 Consulting, LLC is pleased to announce the service of transferring/conve...
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Video Transfer and Duplication


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Transcript of "Video Transfer and Duplication"

  1. 1. VHS / S-VHS / VHS-C / MINI-DV Transfer to DVD R3 Consulting, LLC is pleased to announce the service of transferring/converting your old VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C or Mini-DV tapes to DVD. Our transfer process does not suffer from audio/video sync issues as is common in VHS transfers. In addition, the device we use has special filters to get the best image quality possible. Problems with VHS / S-VHS / & VHS-C • Quality deteriorates over time as well as each time it is played. • You may not even have a VCR connected. Digital Video Recorders such as Comcast’s DVR and TIVO are becoming more popular and replacing the old fashioned VCR. • It is difficult to know what is on the tape. In addition, you must fast forward and/or rewind to get to a specific scene, which in turn causes the tape to deteriorate. • VHS-C requires an adaptor to convert it to your VCR player. Problems with Mini-DV • Unless you have an expensive standalone Mini-DV player, you must connect your Mini-DV camcorder to your TV in order to watch it. • This is still on digital tape, which has the tendency to break. Benefits of Converting to DVD • Can hold approximately 2-4 hours of video (90 minutes recommended for best quality) on 1 DVD. • Menu and sub-menu system available for easy navigation. • Chapter points can be added to quickly skip through different scenes. • DVD playback will not deteriorate. • You can copy your DVD unlimited times easily with your own DVD burner. • R3 can design a custom DVD Cover and Back Cover with chapter titles just like a real DVD. • DVD media with Lightscribe Technology available. This allows text and/or graphics to be inscribed directly onto the DVD disk. If you are interested in this service, please contact me at 609-440-4144 or via email at I have enclosed a form that will help guide in the process of creating your DVD. Please note that not all older DVD players can play DVD-R or DVD+R burned media. Best regards, Rob Richman President R3 Consulting, LLC