Florida Professional Theatres Association
                            2008 Audition Details – Please read carefully.

Time starts when you begin your audition either with your your monologue or song and time will
       be called after two ...
These auditions and workshops are sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of ...
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Florida Professional Theatres Association 2008 Audition Details ...


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Florida Professional Theatres Association 2008 Audition Details ...

  1. 1. Florida Professional Theatres Association 2008 Audition Details – Please read carefully. Audition Procedures Please take a few minutes to read the following procedures. We believe the more you know in advance, the more relaxed and confident you’ll be during your audition. 1. Check in at the registration table at least an hour before your scheduled time. Know your time and number to make check-in easier and quicker. 2. Bring 25 headshots with your updated résumé either glued or copied on the back of each head-shot. We prefer you do not staple your resume to your headshot. The companies have a copy of just your résumé in their Directors’ Resource Notebooks; however, they might want your headshot / résumé for their files. If the company or companies want a copy of your headshot, you’ll be notified when call backs are posted. Please make sure your telephone number, e-mail address and audition number are on each copy of your headshot / résumé for the companies that request just your headshots AND also have called you back for either dance, music, or reading. Please do not put headshots in company headshot boxes if those companies don’t call you back or request a headshot. This saves you money. 3. While you’re waiting to be called for your audition, review the call-back information and other updates on the information bulletin board in the registration area. 4. Actors are called by their audition numbers approximately 20 minutes prior to their audition times. So, please be in the registration area at least 20 minutes prior to your audition. 5. Once your number has been called, you’ll wait briefly outside the audition room door. When you enter the audition room, please do the following: a. State your audition number and name as soon as you enter the audition room. b. If you plan to sing, go directly to the accompanist to briefly review your sheet music. If you’re not singing, read c. below. c. Go directly to the center of the platform stage. State your number and name again. d. Begin your monologue, and please don’t explain it before you begin. Your audition will begin when you start your monologue or song (whichever one starts your audition). e. After your monologue (if applicable), nod to the accompanist you’re ready to sing your 16 bars. f. Once your audition is completed, state your name and number one more time. g. Exit stage right after you pick up your sheet music from the accompanist. Audition Requirements 1. You may choose one of these four-audition options: __One 2-minute monologue of your choice __One 1-minute comedic AND 1-minute dramatic monologue of your choice __One 1-minute monologue and 16 bars of a song of your choice __Two contrasting songs (16 bars each) and no monologue 1
  2. 2. Time starts when you begin your audition either with your your monologue or song and time will be called after two minutes. 2. The 16 bars of your song/s must be clearly marked on your sheet music. Please: have clear copies of published vocal-selection sheet music in plastic sheets in a binder or secured on cardboard or taped together; have music in the key you sing and clearly marked as to dynamics, tempos, articulation, repeats, and endings; DON’T (1) arrive with no music; (2) ask the accompanist, “Do you know. . .?”; (3) give arrangements that exist in your head and not on paper; (4) give last minute verbal instructions; (5) have unwritten transpositions and illegible lead sheets or copies; and DO briefly explain your needs to the accompanist (Eric Alsford) upon entering the audition room and before your audition: tempo, introductions, markings for tempo changes, articulation, repeats, and endings. The Audition Space The auditions are held in a black box space with a platform form stage with lighting and two chairs on the platform for your use. The piano is located down left of the platform stage. As you enter through the upstage-left door, note where the piano and accompanist (Eric Alsford) are located. You will audition center stage on the platform stage, which is to the right of the accompanist. The directors will be seated at round tables in an open space in front of the platform stage. The audition space will be shown to actors approximately every two hours. So, if you want to see the audition space, please arrive early. Call Backs Call backs are held the evening of the day you audition. Call backs are posted twice a day: after lunch and before dinner. The companies may REQUEST: (1) A copy of your headshot / résumé only; (2) You sing again (a totally different song than what you sang at your audition — 16 bars only and clearly marked); bring extra and different sheet music to demonstrate your vocal range; (3) You participate in the dance call backs; so, please bring clothes you can move in; (4) You read for a specific part or do your audition piece again. Please make sure you read and follow the call-back procedures posted in registration area. Cancellations All cancellations must be in writing and received by FPTA on or before May 12, 2008. No refunds will be honored after May 12, 2008. Liability Disclaimer The Florida Professional Theatres Association shall not be responsible or liable in any way for any loss, death, injury, or damage to persons or property suffered or incurred by any person in connection with these workshops and auditions or any portion of them. 2
  3. 3. Sponsorship These auditions and workshops are sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, and the Florida Arts Council in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and members of the Florida Professional Theatres Association (FPTA). Companies Participating The final list of companies participating and links to their Web sites may be found at www.fpta.net. Contact Information Florida Professional Theatres Association (FPTA) Post Office Box 2922 West Palm Beach, Florida 33402 Telephone: 561-848-6231 E-mail: FPTA2000@aol.com Web site: www.fpta.net Contact: Sherron Long 3