The Power of B2B Market Awareness


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In the world of B2B, you must get noticed before you can make the sale. This presentation talks about the best ways to quickly gain marketing awareness.

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  • I would agree that awareness plays a much bigger part than some marketers acknowledge. A great strategy isn't going to go anywhere if you're just shouting it in the woods. It's getting people to hear it that leads to more business, even better if they know who you are beforehand.

    Word-of-mouth is an incredibly powerful tool, if we can just cultivate it. What would you say is the best strategy for promoting buzz?
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The Power of B2B Market Awareness

  1. 1. B2B MarketingMarket AwarenessTrumps Sales Skillsin B2B World
  2. 2. Does Your Market Know Who You Are?Defining the Problem Earlier in my career, I was theVP of marketing for a mid-sizesoftware company. We termed our largestcompetitors “gorillas” in themarketplace.
  3. 3. Does Your Market Know Who You Are?Defining the Problem The VP of sales used to saythat when we get invited tothe dance, we can beat ourlarge competitors. But too often, we don’t getinvited because prospectsdon’t know who we are.
  4. 4. The Power of Name Recognition Big companies got thebusiness NOT becausethey had betterproducts andservices… …but because they hadfar greater namerecognition.
  5. 5. Market Awareness Lessons Potential prospects knew the “gorillas,” butthey did not know our company. Although our sales force was just as talentedand experienced, they could only win if theyhad the opportunity to compete. A big part of our job was to create marketawareness, enough to get our products andservices onto the consideration list.
  6. 6. Market Awareness: Beyond Paid Sales Leads Not all sales result from a paidsales lead. Ideally, a fair portion of yourrevenue occurs because aprospect finds you. In other words, they have marketawareness about you—theyknow you exist and they have avague notion about what youoffer.Sometimes, that’s all you need.
  7. 7. 11 Ways to Build Market AwarenessHere are some of the top free or low-cost waysprospects can learn about you:Referrals (the best source of all) … Press releases … ArticlesProduct review sites … Cyber mentions … Word of mouthOrganic web search … Industry analysts …Community outreach … Reputation of your key staffSocial media
  8. 8. Reputation + Social Media = Wide AudienceDon’t overlook the power of the last two items: Reputation of your key staff - The known talent andexperience of your staff (especially executives) canbe leveraged to drive business. Social media - Similarly, a strong social mediainitiative can get your name and brand positiondisseminated to a wide audience.Example: Fusion Marketing Partners and our clients, have bothgenerated significant revenue (and great new clients) bymaking ourselves known through free social media sources.
  9. 9. Greater Market Awareness =More Business Closed Bottom Line: Sales skills and lead generation (andmore) are important in marketing and sales. But market awareness is often the factor thatdecides whether you even get a chance at thebusiness. Take action: Get yourself known. Get invited tomore dances. Close more business.
  10. 10. About Fusion Marketing PartnersChristopher Ryan, CEOWe Do This:Brand building/messagingWebsite optimizationContent creationLead generationYou Get This:Much greater levels of awarenessHigher quantities of qualified leadsAbility to generate faster revenueLots more information at: (blog)info@fusionmarketingpartners.com719-357-6280