From Intel to Facebook to AppSumo

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How to run any company like a startup.

How to run any company like a startup.

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  • Thank you for such an informative package.
    As a newbie to the IT marketing side of things, I'm finding that there is much info I need to know that I will only find by SEARCHING with due diligence.
    Thnx again for the information... I need it for the 'highway'
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  • Reasons why location doesn’t matter More companies are web based - tools enable people to easily communicate -BaseCamp for your projects, remember the milk for todos, github for sourcing, Skype for chatting, - - save costs Gambit was run remotely for 2 years #2 reason people quit jobs is cause of commute
  • Not just about hiring and putting them into their slot. Work on making them happy. Empowering them. Becoming CEO. Quit intel =>facebook story
  • - feeling based decisions. meritocracy Real time ability for data - more things are online. - tools available
  • How many people buy a car before they test drive it? - software today is still buy and try model. - social games example, - not the winning model but something to test / consider for your business
  • Tools:, 99designs All about working 24/7 - roi on the time you have available. - improved quality of response from people abroad - prototype abroad, bring it in house Picture of erasz Not about outsourcing, about maximizing your value. Discuss nishant in the beginning
  • Sharing > link baiting - talking to customers - they can gang up against you Tools: snapabug, twitter, hootsuite (something to monitor what they are saying), grasshopper (1800 #) Has changed a lot. From shove it in your face to a friend shared. Buying tv ads is over. TV ad is now something your friend shows you Customers can attack you and others will hear Information access has grown and will grow People have many things pulling for attention Look at google analytics for social sales on appsumo
  • Eric ries & steve blank - get customers then build - build, check, adjust, repeat how intel did things: We still ran on excel. 1.5 years of meetings and no change how I started appsumo. 2 months and profitable.


  • 1. From Intel to AppSumo How to run any business like a startup
  • 2. What is this?
  • 3.  
  • 4.  
  • 5. What are those two lines?
  • 6. You
  • 7. You
  • 8. Them
  • 9. You
  • 10. Them
  • 11. You
  • 12. Them
  • 13. Results > Location
  • 14. Employees are different
    • Our parents: 30 years, loyalty, 1 company
    • Our generation: transient, jobs every 2-5 years, work not just for money but for “fun” “meaning” “friends”
  • 15. Data driven decision making
  • 16. Pricing has changed.
    • Virtual goods
    • AppSumo model
    • Excel vs. Google Spreadsheets
    • Traditional software models are dying
  • 17. Outsourcing is the norm
  • 18. Marketing has changed.
    • Zappos 1-800 Number
    • YouTube Videos
    • Twitter 2 Way
    • Social > Link
  • 19. Lean businesses rule
  • 20. Chaos is your friend
  • 21. 3 things to do tomorrow
    • Cancel 1 meeting
    • Call 1 Customer
  • 22. Thanks @noahkagan
  • 23. Tools
    • Google Docs
    • Cloud based tools, check out
    • Google Site Optimizer
    • Foresee /
  • 24. Sites to Follow
  • 25. Books to Read
    • Paradox of Choice
    • Art of the Start
    • Custdev at
    • Avinash’s book
    • Four Hour Work Week
    • Permission Marketing
    • Seven Day Weekend – Ricardo Metler