Reducing Global Threats through
Innovative Science and Technology
Charting Global Security’s Future at Los Alamos
William ...
National Nuclear Security
    Mission: Strengthen national security through the military
Global Security
               Exploiting Science Discoveries
                         to Make the World a Safer Place

real-time activities in the field   The technology underpin-           an enduring basis with no
and identify areas of spe...
Leveraging Our Legacy
               Science and Technology for a More Secure World
In early 1943, a group of scien-     S...
• Effective and efficient response   • Actinide and radiochemi-          LANL’s legacy includes              scientificall...
To implement this strategy,         • Countering Terrorist Tactics
LANL is focusing on nine
areas that directly tie its co...
Global Security Focus Area
                              Nuclear Nonproliferation
The proliferation of nuclear         • s...
as safeguards and recovery or     and Second Line of Defense/
  replacement of radiological       Megaports programs, both...
Global Security Focus Area
                              Cyber Systems
Cyber exploitation examples             consequence...
“turnkey” solutions and            • Core Weapons-Related
  deployed teams. To push fur-         Missions. LANL under-
Global Security Focus Area
                                Space Systems
For approximately 45 years,           • Developed...
bilities that can confidently        – Reconnaissance: Pro-
  infer specific details regarding       vide revolutionary
Global Security Focus Area
        Intelligence Analysis, Integration, and Exploitation
LANL has worked with the          ...
analyze other enabling tech-        • Lead Rapid-Response
nologies. Key areas of emerging       Organization: As a result
Global Security Focus Area
                               Warfighter Support
The ever-evolving battlefield         Core Ca...
will continue to develop and          light response and very deep
  deploy advanced systems.              magazines that ...
Global Security Focus Area
                             Countering Terrorist Tactics
As a tactic used by domestic        C...
sion. LANL will also leverage      nation’s defenders with an
  technological advancements         invaluable technologica...
Global Security Focus Area
                               Countering Weapons of Mass Effect
U.S. officials think there is ...
and analysis of pathogens         program and foreign weap-           will use these capabilities          importantly, th...
Global Security Focus Area
                              Event Response
An event consists of a broad         of Homeland S...
mitigation, response, foren-         for federal agencies such as     Joint Technical Operations
  sics, and attribution. ...
Global Security Focus Area
                               Resilent Global Infrastructure
Infrastructure assurance, global ...
energy. Products include small     topology, and agent-based         LANL will advance its
   and compact nuclear reactors...
LANL Global Security Focus Areas

                 Nuclear Nonproliferation

                       Cyber Systems

ational secu
                                  erging n             rity
                            r em                 ...
Global Security Strategic Plan
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Global Security Strategic Plan


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Strategic planning publication for the Global Security program at Los Alamos National Laboratory

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Global Security Strategic Plan

  1. 1. Reducing Global Threats through Innovative Science and Technology Charting Global Security’s Future at Los Alamos William S. Rees, Jr., Principal Associate Director for Global Security
  2. 2. National Nuclear Security Administration Mission: Strengthen national security through the military application of nuclear energy and by reducing the global threat from terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. Vision: To be an integrated nuclear security enterprise operating an efficient and agile nuclear weapons complex that is recognized as preeminent in technical leadership and program management. Los Alamos National Laboratory Mission: Develop and apply science and technology to— Ensure the safety, security and reliability of the U.S. nuclear deterrent • Reduce global threats • Solve other emerging national security challenges Vision: We will anticipate, innovate and deliver science that matters. Global Security Mission: To provide early identification, creative maturation and timely delivery of scientifically robust solutions to the most urgent and technically challenging security issues facing our Nation. Vision: Globally reduce threats to the security of the United States and our allies. Strategy: Utilizing our unparalleled people and capabilities, we will leverage our long history of national security service from knowledge discovery to knowledge exploitation. Values: The Nation • Our People • Scientific Excellence • Commitment to Our Customer
  3. 3. Global Security Exploiting Science Discoveries to Make the World a Safer Place “I am honored to be selected to lead this new organization representing the future of the Laboratory and anticipate working together with the talented scientists at LANL to address significant National challenges in areas ranging from cyber and energy security to countering the tactics of terrorism and the threats of weapons of mass effects.” William S. Rees, Jr., Principal Associate Director for Global Security “Making the world a safer the security challenges the necessary deep technical of numerous international place” is an enduring facing the Nation have been insight into an undecided locations around the globe, challenge, which Los trending annually upward future for which they must undecided LANL scientists Alamos National Laboratory at an increasing rate. In this prepare. LANL also has a have led international efforts (LANL) has been addressing environment, the Laboratory reputation for delivering in nuclear non-proliferation. since its inception. created the new position of the technology necessary to Principal Associate Director respond effectively to signifi- Exploiting scientific discover- Los Alamos is a laboratory for Global Security. The cant threats of broad scope. ies in magnetic resonance, with a long, and justifiably world in which we live is LANL researchers devel- proud, history of science not tumultuous and uncertain, In areas broad and deep, the oped the MagViz technol- simply for the sake of itself, with threats ranging from nation has called on LANL ogy, which can detect liquid but devoted to the most the inconvenient to the scientists to deliver. They have explosive volumes as small pressing issues of national unthinkable. Security in such heard the call and responded as one milliliter in less than security. For the initial several a world demands the fullest in a timely and robust man- one minute. Image what decades of its existence, the attention of the most talented ner. From the earliest ques- this breakthrough capability mission was predominately citizens from all segments tions of how far advanced the will do for harried airport dedicated to topics closely of society. LANL has a Axis Powers were in nuclear passengers who must transit related to nuclear weapons. special technical leadership weapons research in the days through long security lines. That component has remained role to fulfill in this regard. immediately following the the laboratory’s core mission, close of WW II to the con- To help deployed American albeit consistently augmented Los Alamos has the people, temporary world events of the warfighters, LANL devel- by other tasks for the past tools, and facilities to give International Atomic Energy oped AngelFire, a system 20 years. At the same time, national-level policymakers Agency (IAEA) monitoring that enables users to observe 1
  4. 4. real-time activities in the field The technology underpin- an enduring basis with no and identify areas of spe- ning Green Grid also has seen specific public recognition cific interest. Fielded in Iraq, use in real-world national [nor anticipation that it will AngelFire has saved American security events covered by the be forthcoming]. This docu- lives while maintaining the Department of Homeland ment presents an outline for nation’s force effectiveness. Security and the Depart- how we will pursue this core ment of Defense. These mission of the Lab. LANL’s Green Grid is a LANL-led are but a few of the recent end goal endures: Making project that defines the abil- accomplishments of LANL the World a Safer Place. ity of the current electric staff in Global Security. . Rees, Jr. transmission and distribution William S system to accommodate the I am fully committed to influx of energy from alter- the critical role of LANL native sources such as wind. in the US national security This technology offers the mission and to the highly possibility of lowering the talented scientists that execute monthly electrical bills of some of our Nation’s most users—a boon to the quality challenging technical as- of life for many Americans. signments. They work on “The Laboratory’s role is to anticipate, innovate and deliver to meet a broad range of national security challenges. These challenges include maintaining the effectiveness of the national nuclear deterrent, supporting the nation’s nonproliferation and threat reduction priorities, and addressing emerging national security issues with urgency and agility.” Michael Anastasio, LANL Director “Building the Future of Los Alamos” 2
  5. 5. Leveraging Our Legacy Science and Technology for a More Secure World In early 1943, a group of scien- Smaller states have risen to • Information systems, which • Provide the U.S. Navy tists arrived at an isolated place challenge the superpowers— range from the most advanced with safe and effective known as Los Alamos. These such states show a willingness supercomputers to American nuclear-propulsion plants. scientists were the first members to expend whatever national or desktop computers, many of what was known as Project individual costs are necessary of which are connected • Promote international Y, tasked with harnessing the to rapidly buy their way into to a global Internet. nuclear safety and awesome power of the atom recognized military might by nonproliferation. to bring an end to the ongo- acquiring nuclear, chemical, • American warfighters, who ing destruction of World War biological, and explosive weapons must be supported with • Reduce global dan- II. In addition to this daunting of mass destruction (WMD) the best, most rugged, and ger from weapons of task, some of these scientists and mass effect (WME). most effective equipment mass destruction. also followed American troops and technology to maximize their chances of success • Support U.S. leadership in into Germany, their mission to The stability of some of these and minimize their vulner- science and technology. assess the state and capabilities states is questionable, and some of Hitler’s nuclear programs. may have links to terrorist abilities while on the physical As a national security laboratory, groups and hostile subnational and virtual battlefields. LANL supports all of NNSA’s As the nation moves into the organizations. Terrorist groups national security missions. early parts of the 21st century, seek WMD/WME technolo- • Energy resources, which have become increasingly Specifically, Los Alamos develops new national security challenges gies and have demonstrated and applies science, technology, continue to emerge. Continu- sophisticated operational and expensive and whose acqui- sition and use can pose a and engineering solutions to ing its long history of national logistical capabilities that stress service, LANL will build upon counterterrorism efforts. threat to the environment • ensure the safety, secu- its legacy to discover and apply and contribute to global rity, and reliability of the advanced science and technology The United States has effective upheaval from competition. U.S. nuclear deterrent; to meet the most challenging and countermeasures to (1) prevent urgent national security issues. the proliferation of WMD/ • reduce global threats; and WME, (2) counter the use Defining LANL’s of such technologies, and (3) Global Security • solve emerging national National Security combat terrorism. However, security challenges. these countermeasures are Mission Needs of the themselves vulnerable. With At its highest level, LANL emphasizes a fundamental under- 21st Century its extensive experience and expertise in science and technol- Established by the U.S. Con- gress in 2000 as a separate standing of materials, actinide ogy, LANL is in a strong position agency within the Depart- science, and radiation-material The fall of the Soviet Union, interactions. LANL’s approach to minimize vulnerabilities to ment of Energy, the National the end of the Cold War, and to predictive science integrates the following national assets: Nuclear Security Administra- the expansion of democracy theory, simulation, modeling, tion (NNSA) has the following around the world have seen the and complex experimentation. • The nation’s space-systems national security missions: emergence of a host of pressing Key Los Alamos differentiators infrastructure, which has national security issues obscured as a national security science long been used as the high • Enhance national security by the superpower standoff that laboratory include the following: ground for ubiquitous through the military appli- characterized the end of the last monitoring of the globe cation of nuclear energy. century. The proliferation of • Integrated solutions deliv- and to provide many of the nuclear-weapon technologies is • Maintain and enhance ered on a short schedule. benefits of modern-day life. a proven fact, one that requires the U.S. nuclear weap- far-reaching actions to limit and ons stockpile. • Long-term commitment to counter over the long-term. technical excellence, integrity, and innovation across a wide range of science, technol- ogy, and engineering. 3
  6. 6. • Effective and efficient response • Actinide and radiochemi- LANL’s legacy includes scientifically robust solutions to urgent national priorities. cal science and technology national security programs to the nation’s most urgent and programs and facilities. in areas outside the nuclear technically challenging security • Ability to conduct com- weapons program. Such pro- issues. To carry out this mission, plex experiments. • High-explosives synthesis grams include the following: Los Alamos will (1) draw on its and testing capabilities. unparalleled people and capabili- • Broad and deep intellectual • nonproliferation, ties, (2) leverage its long history capability for the future. • Programs in space science and of national security service, (3) remote-sensing applications. • nuclear material charac- fully apply all capabilities found • Inherently high-security terization and forensics, in its multidisciplinary base, and environments for conduct- • Nuclear detection (4) create short- and long-term ing classified work. technologies. • space sciences, relations with national security • Membership in the intel- clients and stakeholders. Specific • remote sensing, Los Alamos ligence community through objectives are as follows: a Field Intelligence Ele- • Department of Legacy and Core ment that specializes in Defense programs, • Serve as an integrating national security science Capabilities nuclear- and foreign-state intelligence analysis. • intelligence commu- Laboratory for the nation. nity programs, and LANL is unique in that it • Assets related to deploy- • Integrate across government possesses a group of specific able response. • emergency response. to transcend barriers that technical capabilities and have been erected over time. facilities at one secure location. • Deployed technical support All these areas are underpinned These capabilities and facili- to the U.S. government and by LANL’s broad capabili- • Drive exploitation of sci- ties include the following: international agencies. ties in the physical sciences, entific discovery to ensure materials, engineering, and the nation’s continued • NNSA’s consolidated LANL’s national security information sciences. technical superiority. plutonium Research and expertise was founded as a result Development (R&D) and of the nation’s nuclear weapons • Protect vital national manufacturing capabilities, program. Even today, that legacy LANL’s Global security secrets. including stocks of reconfigu- remains strong at LANL. As the rable special nuclear materials. nation’s weapons program seeks Security Strategy • Provide in-depth technical advice to national policy a new size and definition, Los • Roadrunner, the world’s LANL’s global security mission makers on a broad range of Alamos is working to identify fastest supercomputer. is straightforward: Provide early national security topics. other national security clients who will provide long-term identification, creative matura- • A large-scale predictive stewardship of the facilities and tion, and timely delivery of modeling capability. capabilities essential to meeting their national security needs. • One of only two centers for nuclear weapons design. 4
  7. 7. To implement this strategy, • Countering Terrorist Tactics LANL is focusing on nine areas that directly tie its core • Countering Weap- capabilities to national needs. ons of Mass Effect These nine areas are as follows: • Event Response • Nuclear Nonproliferation • Resilient Global Infrastructure • Cyber Systems The sections that follow out- • Space Systems line these nine areas, with each section describing LANL’s • Intelligence Analysis, Integra- core capabilities and possible tion, and Exploitation opportunities for meeting future global security challenges of • Warfighter Support interest to the United States. “As the role of nuclear weapons in our Nation’s defense evolves and the threats to national security continue to grow, the focus of [the NNSA] enterprise must also change and place its tremendous intellectual capacity and unique facilities in the service of addressing other challenges related to national defense.” –NNSA Administrator Thomas D’Agostino, May 13, 2009 5
  8. 8. Global Security Focus Area Nuclear Nonproliferation The proliferation of nuclear • safeguards in nuclear process- Opportunities • Strengthening the Nonpro- weapons, either by nation-states ing or storage facilities; liferation Regime: President or terrorist groups, poses one LANL will pursue the follow- Obama announced initia- of the greatest national security • arms control, denuclear- ing nonproliferation oppor- tives such as strengthening threats to the United States. ization, and nuclear test tunities, which are based on the nonproliferation treaty treaty verification; recent multiyear trends and and support for an interna- Since the Manhattan Project, announced priorities for the tional fuel bank to discourage LANL has served as the national • space systems for research Obama Administration: countries from pursuing an leader in addressing the threat and treaty monitoring; independent nuclear-fuel- posed by nuclear proliferation. • Arms Control and Treaty cycle capability. Expansion From conducting intelligence • detection of nuclear Verification: President of nuclear power world- analyses of the Japanese and Ger- materials in transit (e.g., Obama recently announced wide will drive demand for man nuclear weapons programs portal monitors); and his intention to pursue a LANL-based capabilities. during World War II to inventing START follow-on treaty the technical basis for nuclear • characterization of threat with the Russians, ratify the • Nonproliferation Research and safeguards, LANL has garnered objects in an emergency Comprehensive Nuclear- Development: In addition to an excellent record conceiv- response scenario. Test-Ban Treaty, and pursue supplying technologies to the ing and executing successful a fissile material cutoff treaty. NNSA, LANL will diver- nonproliferation programs. Because most nuclear nonpro- LANL supports these and sify its capabilities to meet liferation mission areas require other initiatives, such as synergistic national security LANL’s goal is to continue to the capability to extract and the Proliferation Security needs, such as detecting (1) serve as a trusted source that understand varying types of Initiative and the Global plutonium production, (2) always provides the best technical information, LANL develops Initiative to Combat Nuclear highly enriched uranium advice to the nation with respect tools to conduct event detection Terrorism, both of which are production, and (3) special to nonproliferation efforts. and characterization, feature expected to remain priori- nuclear materials movement extraction, evidence marshalling, ties for this administration. and weaponization, as well and data mining. Computing Core Capabilities and weapons capabilities are also used throughout nuclear non- The science and technology proliferation programs, as well “We must ensure that terrorists never acquire a nuclear capabilities used for the nuclear as core capabilities in fuel-cycle nonproliferation mission leverage expertise and nonproliferation weapon. This is the most immediate and extreme threat LANL’s cutting-edge science and policy. LANL also has in place to global security . . . we must act with a sense of purpose technology and are deployed in extensive training programs so the real world to solve specific that scientists and engineers can without delay.” national security problems. A share their knowledge, skills, and given technical discipline may expertise with the wider nuclear –President Barack Obama, April 5, 2009, Prague exist in several LANL capabili- nonproliferation community. ties because requirements vary greatly between application areas and deployment scenarios. Thus, nuclear detection tech- nologies are used in the following LANL core capability areas: 6
  9. 9. as safeguards and recovery or and Second Line of Defense/ replacement of radiological Megaports programs, both sources. Enabling technologies of which support the Presi- include advanced detector dent’s announced intention materials; nuclear facility to “secure all vulnerable remote sensing; simulations, nuclear material around the algorithms, and modeling; world within four years”; and signatures and observables and (4) advanced security of nuclear processes. Several technologies. LANL will also capabilities also apply to continue its leadership role greenhouse gas monitoring, in NNSA-sponsored nuclear and LANL is actively pursuing nonproliferation technical opportunities in this arena. work with India and China. • Other Programs: LANL will continue to foster programs in areas such as (1) worldwide technology deployment (e.g., Megaports); (2) domestic production of low-enriched- uranium nuclear reactor fuel and medical isotopes (such as Mo99); (3) Material Protec- tion Control and Accounting 7
  10. 10. Global Security Focus Area Cyber Systems Cyber exploitation examples consequences, and the • Secure Data Systems: LANL • a novel cross-disciplinary continue to be reported more potential costs and benefits of scientists are researching an focus (e.g., exploiting non- frequently, becoming more hypothetical interventions. environment in which data traditional techniques). sophisticated and targeted. In are secure with provenance 2008, such exploitation pos- • Detection-Based Defenses: and access controls embed- This plan is illustrated through sibly cost the United States These defenses reduce human ded in the digital fabric, initiatives in several topic more than $1 trillion in intel- error and respond to events active data wardens, and areas in which various science lectual property. As connectiv- at network speeds. Such cloud-based virtual desktops and technology capabilities ity grows between information defenses include robust for stateless thin clients. are combined to create new systems, the Internet, and other algorithms, real-time policy meta-capabilities in particular infrastructures, the greater the control engines, automated application areas with potentially chance for cyber attackers to network reconfiguration Opportunities different uses for several custom- disrupt telecommunications, and quarantine, advanced ers. The following are examples: electrical power, energy pipelines, modeling and simulation, By matching LANL techni- refineries, financial networks, and modern information cal capabilities with national • Automated Detection and and other critical infrastructure. science and risk theory. needs, cyber systems will become Response: The future of cyber one of the signature programs defense, these self-defending • Rapid-Response Cyber in the Global Security (GS) systems respond to attacks at Core Capabilities Security Analysis and Tool program. This proposed plan the speed at which they occur Development: Capabilities consists of three elements: rather than the slower speed LANL has always been at the include malware/intrusion of human understanding and forefront of cyber security, analysis and reverse engi- • coordinated R&D and intervention. LANL expertise beginning with the incident that neering, vulnerability operational thrusts, in rapid intrusion analysis and popularized the term “hacker” analysis/penetration test- response, reverse engineering, for illegal computer activity back ing, and situational-specific • mutually informing offensive tool building, automation, in 1983. Core capabilities in technology and immediately and defensive activities, and and data analytics provide this area include the following: deployable solutions. • Large-Scale, High-Resolution • Untappable Communication Modeling and Simulation: on Untrustworthy Chan- “We expect disruptive cyber activities to be the norm in Such modeling and simula- nels: Technologies include tion leads to virtual test beds quantum key distribution and future political or military conflicts. We cannot afford to and architectural defenses quantum-enabled, security- discover successful cyber intrusions after-the-fact, accept that enable uncertainty integrated, single-photon and quantification, the calculation optical communications. disastrous losses, and then seek merely to contain them.” of nonintuitive unintended –Dennis C. Blair, Director of National Intelligence, February 12, 2009 8
  11. 11. “turnkey” solutions and • Core Weapons-Related deployed teams. To push fur- Missions. LANL under- ther the envelope in the ability stands that the following to detect cyber attacks, LANL next-generation systems will continues to work in detection be more sensitive to cyber and inference by using graph attack: nuclear command theory, statistics, modeling, and control systems, nuclear surveillance, and profiling. material management and transit, communications for • Participate in the National deployed counter-terror activi- SCADA Test Bed, NM ties and incident responders, Green Grid Initiative, and and facility safeguards and Related Programs. Such related activities. For example, efforts constitute a promi- unattended “smart fences” nent new multidisciplinary are vulnerable to cyber attack focus for LANL. To advance because their seismic, optical, the state of the art from or other types of electronic component-level security to surveillance are coupled system-scale robustness and with automated data collec- resilience, LANL will merge tion, analysis, and alerting. its extensive cyber expertise with its deep understanding of power systems, leading- edge computer science, and formal specifications. 9
  12. 12. Global Security Focus Area Space Systems For approximately 45 years, • Developed more than 1,400 nology for orbiting satellites – Leveraging space-based LANL has engaged in space sensors and 400 instruments to detect, report, locate, and nuclear detonation detec- projects with applications that for 60 satellites and spacecraft. identify nuclear explosions. tion resources and tech- range from fundamental science Opportunities in this area nology to support space and military functions to com- • Designed revolutionary include the following: environment monitoring, mercial and civilian activities. optical, radiofrequency, provide enhanced space LANL scientists have conducted gamma, x-ray, particle, and – Conducting space- situational awareness, and advanced research in areas such space environmental sensors. based nuclear detona- realize synergies with oth- as astrophysics, planetary science, tion detection. er government programs. space physics, and earth sciences • Possess unrivaled advanced such as climate research. LANL high-performance comput- – Meeting current and – Applying space-based technology has far-reaching ing and knowledge systems. evolving nuclear non- nuclear treaty verification applications. For example, it was proliferation mission science and technolo- the Los Alamos neutron detector • Perform physics-based requirements by devel- gies to the challenge of system that discovered water on modeling and analysis. oping, delivering, and climate treaty monitor- Mars and LANL’s lightweight certifying x-ray and ing and verification. radioisotope heater units that • Conduct concept-to- radiofrequency Satellite prevent the Spirit and Opportu- operations multidisciplinary Nuclear Detonation De- • Remote-Sensing Capabilities: nity rovers from freezing during programs. tection (SNDD) instru- Remote-sensing technology frigid (-107°C) Martian nights. ments for GPS Block IIF, enables the United States to • Apply unique high-power IIIA, and future blocks. monitor a variety of nuclear beams and electrodynamics nonproliferation activities Core Capabilities expertise and infrastructure – Developing, delivering, that range from the mining of to develop revolutionary and certifying neutron- uranium to the construction LANL has expertise in sci- capabilities in space opera- gamma SNDD instru- of clandestine underground ences such as astrophysics, space tions, imaging, and control. ment systems for selected facilities. LANL will continue science, ionospheric science, geosynchronous hosts. to develop advanced capa- atmospheric science, remote • Offer multisponsor partner- sensing, electrodynamics, and ing and collaboration. space technology and engineer- ing. Broader disciplines include high-performance computing, Opportunities “The Obama Administration and Congress have a singular advanced knowledge tools, mate- rial science, and systems research • Space-Based Nuclear Deto- opportunity to ensure that America remains a preeminent that support our space enterprise. nation Detection Program: Specific experience and exper- Established during the 1960s, space-faring nation over the coming decades. The rest of the tise includes the following: this program develops tech- world is watching, and my hope is that we step up to the challenge.” –U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, chairwoman of the Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee, August 17, 2009 10
  13. 13. bilities that can confidently – Reconnaissance: Pro- infer specific details regarding vide revolutionary the activities, operations, or image characteriza- characteristics of a potential tion of space objects. nuclear proliferation threat where the exact location is – Intelligence: Distinguish unknown or access is denied. and resolve natural and manmade anomalies • Space Situational Awareness much more quickly. (SAA): SSA consists of the integration and analysis of – Environment: Protect as- space surveillance, recon- sets by providing accurate naissance, intelligence, and timely assessment environmental monitoring, and course-of-action and cyber information. Such recommendation. integration and analysis enable scientists to understand • Civilian Space Science: LANL manmade and natural threats will remain among the most to the nation’s space systems. highly regarded space science Los Alamos has the opportu- programs in the nation, con- nity to deliver revolutionary ducting fundamental research solutions to components in astrophysics, remote sens- of the SAA problem: ing, planetary science, space physics, and space technology. – Surveillance: Enhance flight safety with im- proved and cost-effec- tive space tracking. 11
  14. 14. Global Security Focus Area Intelligence Analysis, Integration, and Exploitation LANL has worked with the nically challenging security and effectively combat threats problem by enabling LANL intelligence community since issues facing our nation—such to the national security to technically direct a project, World War II, when Los Alamos science-based solutions will of the United States. oversee procurements, manage scientists assessed the state and enable the intelligence commu- subcontracts, and provide sys- capabilities of Germany’s nuclear nity to accomplish its missions • Applying on a global scale tem solutions to the customer. program. Today, LANL serves as with minimal risk to the life modeling and simulation tools a national resource across all 16 and limb of the nation’s agents, to natural and manmade disas- • LANL’s Federally Funded intelligence agencies, as well as soldiers, allies, and the public. ters, utility infrastructures, Research and Development for the Department of Defense social networks, and cyber Center enables the intelli- and other government agencies. threats. The emphasis remains gence community to instantly Core Capabilities on predicting and optimizing access Los Alamos resources. LANL continues to develop the response to said threats. In selected areas, LANL has trusted relationships and LANL has more than 60 years dedicated facilities and teams consistently deliver high-qual- of resources available in nearly Distinct capabilities in- of people that respond imme- ity products. Once a customer every technical discipline. Under clude the following: diately to emerging problems provides LANL with a problem, authority of Executive Orders whenever the need arises. LANL scientists develop turnkey and Intelligence Community • As a member of the field solutions by establishing strategic Directives, Los Alamos provides intelligence element, LANL partnerships with other labora- the intelligence community with pioneered the ability for a Opportunities tories, businesses, and academic access to LANL technology, national laboratory to func- institutions. As a “trusted agent,” including hardware, software, tion as an executive agency As one of two nuclear weapons LANL finds and oversee the technical analysis, forensics, on behalf of an intelligence design laboratories, LANL can delivery of the best solutions pos- modeling and simulation, spe- community agency. When leverage its expertise and experi- sible. Los Alamos also continues cialized techniques, and advice executed, this agreement sub- ence to (1) analyze foreign weap- to monitor, assess, and report on and consultation. Key capabili- stantially reduces the burden ons, (2) assess improvised nuclear the nuclear weapons programs ties include the following: on an intelligence community weapons, (3) conduct real-time in established and emerging sponsor to solve a particular reach-back during crises, and (4) states, as well as the interests of • Assessing, monitoring, and subnational organizations in countering the capabilities improvised nuclear weapons. of proliferant nations. GS’s mission is to provide early • Providing specialized, high- identification, creative matura- technology tools (hardware, “[The President] understands that preventing terrorists tion, and timely delivery of software, or procedures) to from slaughtering the innocent sometimes requires making scientifically robust solutions the intelligence community to the most urgent and tech- so that it can more quickly very difficult decisions—deployment of military forces, authorization of sensitive intelligence activities, the handling and disposition of terrorists that we capture and detain, and the policies we make and the measures we take to protect our homeland.” –John Brennan, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, August 6, 2009 12
  15. 15. analyze other enabling tech- • Lead Rapid-Response nologies. Key areas of emerging Organization: As a result emphasis include the following: of investments made by the Department of Energy, other • Analysis of Emerging sponsors, and LANL itself, Technologies: LANL has Los Alamos has in place facili- broad technical experience, ties and processes to support a worldwide reputation for quick-reaction-capability high-quality science and tech- or turnkey projects to the nology, and a large population intelligence community. of post-docs and visiting Repurposing LANL facilities scientists. Thus, Los Alamos (by reusing former weapons- is an ideal place for analyz- program facilities) will enable ing emerging technologies. Los Alamos to greatly expand the number and diversity of • Materials Science: LANL has customers that it can support. expertise in new materials and Such infrastructure projects fabrication techniques for are a shared responsibility detectors, sensors, micro- between NNSA and the electronics, and structural U.S. government, both of components. LANL has which use the capabilities demonstrated that it can of GS within the broader easily support the intelligence national security arena. community in many areas that involve designing special- purpose materials and fielding unique sensors and detectors. 13
  16. 16. Global Security Focus Area Warfighter Support The ever-evolving battlefield Core Capabilities the modern warfighter’s needs will continue to build upon means that American soldiers in an ever-changing envi- such systems and couple them must be equally at ease using sat- Since its creation in 1943, ronment. LANL’s weapons with advanced information, ellite-guided weapons as they are LANL has been at the forefront mission continues to provide visual analytics, and intel- on donkeys while flushing adver- in providing the Department ligence systems to create an saries out of caves. This landscape of Defense and its subordinate – an exceptionally strong extensive situational awareness requires that the United States organizations with high-leverage, foundation in offensive and decision-support system. be able to insert warfighters game-changing technology. As and defensive appli- anywhere in the world at a mo- part of its core weapons mission, cations of informa- • Materials Science: LANL ment’s notice—and sometimes Los Alamos has developed broad tion technologies, scientists will continue work bring them back without anyone and unique fabrication capabili- in nanotechnology by apply- having known they were there. ties, materials-science depth, and – the development of ing LANL’s ultra-strong processes and systems designed specialized munitions carbon nanotube reinforced Modern threats range from the to address warfighter needs in an and energetic materials, fibers to a broad range of physical (such as roadside and environment that preserves the applications, from advanced suicide bombs) to the electronic element of surprise. Key capa- – modeling and simula- aircraft to bulletproof vests. (such as nonstate actors using bilities include the following: tion of complex phe- Researchers will apply their satellite communication systems nomena and events at fundamental understanding and exploiting the Internet to • Nuclear Weapons: LANL a global scale, and of the physics of materials advance military goals). Indeed, serves as the design and to develop new, lighter, and the globalization of technol- certification agency for key – directed-energy more effective equipment. ogy has emboldened adversaries nuclear weapons and has a applications. LANL will also build on its to challenge America’s air and Presidentially mandated role energetic materials to provide space superiority, as well as its in national nuclear deterrence. specialized munitions and superiority in C4ISR (com- Opportunities will expand its successful mand, control, communications, • National Security: The extent Skunk Works Initiative. computers, intelligence, surveil- of such collaborations is delib- Key opportunities in this lance, and reconnaissance) and erately kept secret to provide area include the following: • Advanced Sensors and force projection. Now more than America’s warfighters with Detectors: LANL’s Remote ever, LANL must partner with maximum advantage. LANL’s • Warfighter Safety: For Ultra-Low Light Imaging the Department of Defense to re- core strength is housed in a example, the Los Alamos System can create three- spond successfully to future glob- uniquely fundamental and AngelFire system enables dimensional images of targets al challenges through technical multidisciplinary science and the real-time surveillance of under an overcast sky on a innovation and delivery of game- technology foundation from an area of engagement, thus moonless night. Building changing capabilities to modern which scientists and engineers providing early warning to upon work in neural systems warfighters and planners alike. deliver solutions that meet America’s warfighters. LANL and advanced sensors, LANL 14
  17. 17. will continue to develop and light response and very deep deploy advanced systems. magazines that require only These advanced systems will electrical power to operate. include, for example, families of sensors of different modali- • Alternative Energy Sources: ties that are integrated in such America’s military is the larg- a manner as to provide greater est single consumer of energy confidence and flexibility in the world—three-quarters than a single spectral sensor. of such energy is in the form of oil. LANL will continue to • Beam Physics and High- explore alternative forms of Power Accelerator Technology: energy, such as novel biomass LANL is working closely conversion processes that can with numerous Department provide energy from readily of Defense organizations available sources such as algae. to develop radiofrequency LANL will also continue to and free-electron laser- leverage its extensive materi- directed energy systems and als expertise to develop new advanced high-resolution battery-storage systems. With radar/sensor systems. Such respect to nuclear energy, systems can counter highly Los Alamos will work to asymmetric threats that put develop a new generation our military forces (such of small, special-purpose as aircraft carriers) at risk. nuclear reactors and power Directed-energy systems have generators designed to sup- the advantage of speed-of- port the military complex. 15
  18. 18. Global Security Focus Area Countering Terrorist Tactics As a tactic used by domestic Core Capabilities • Long-Range Analyses: LANL Opportunities and foreign actors, terrorism has an energetic materials has precipitated the need for Since its inception, LANL has training program that includes The following are opportuni- advanced technologies to detect, successfully delivered end-of-sys- technical reach-back and ties to anticipate, characterize, deter, and respond to non-state- tem solutions for time-sensitive emerging threat analysis; IED and track emerging threats: sponsored hostile actions against national security problems. Los (improvised explosive device) the United States. Although Alamos can effectively lever- detection, defeat, and threat- • Information Handling and terrorist attacks may involve age the knowledge, capability, monitoring programs; and Sharing: Information can only conventional weapons, many and technological advancement the data-fusion and analyses be shared once it is gleaned tactics involve asymmetric forms achieved from supporting a di- tools (such as the Integrated from data. LANL will apply of warfare, from unconventional verse programmatic portfolio in Knowledge Engine (IKE)) its extensive expertise in high- weapons such as shoe bombs order to conduct emerging threat to effectively predict threat performance computing and and human carriers of explosive prediction, as well as provide probability. Monitoring and manipulating and reducing materials or infectious agents to effective deterrence, prediction, predictive forecasting of ter- massive data sets. Los Alamos divergent forms of attack such countermeasure development, rorist activities is facilitated by will couple both capabilities as tainted food supplies, cyber surveillance, and real-time re- LANL’s emerging cyberspace with the knowledge engine attacks, and hijacked airplanes. sponse. As an established trusted expertise and capabilities. and simulation tools devel- agent, LANL will facilitate the oped for the Weapons and Deterrence and response to dissemination of emerging threat • Tagging, Tracking, and Homeland Security Infra- these various forms of attack information to support the Locating: LANL has exten- structure Modeling programs. pose unique challenges because counterterrorism mission. Spe- sive capabilities in designing LANL will deploy these attribution is often difficult cific capabilities are as follows: and fabricating conventional, tools to process and make and the adversary may have no micro-, and nano-scale useful the extreme amounts well-defined infrastructure or • Intelligence Analysis: LANL sensors, power sources, of data available to support assets against which to launch provides technical support via beacons, and antennas. the counterterrorism mis- a preemptive or retaliatory reach-back to a broad range of campaign. LANL’s objective is science and engineering exper- to detect and stop the imple- tise. Los Alamos has in-depth mentation of these tactics and understanding of the design those who perpetrate them. and construction of weapons “The attacks reflect the viciousness of violent extremists, and of mass effect, particularly remind us that the threat of terrorism remains very real. We with respect to terrorist capabilities and intent, as well have no higher priority than confronting this threat along as the potential for emerg- with other countries that share our commitment to a more ing technology. Supporting LANL’s analytical capability peaceful and prosperous future.” is an integrated experimental, training, and technology- –Hillary Rodham Clinton, United States Secretary of State, development program. July 17, 2009 16
  19. 19. sion. LANL will also leverage nation’s defenders with an technological advancements invaluable technological achieved through its Work for advantage in tracking poten- Others program to develop tial terrorists and preventing effective countermeasures their intended actions. and conduct deterrence and response activities. • Modeling and Simu- lation: LANL’s • Advanced Nanotechnol- modeling and simulation ogy: LANL will expand capabilities will be integrated its development of unique with its numerous surveil- nanostructure materials lance detectors and systems designed to mark, tag, track, to provide advance indica- and locate. Los Alamos will tions of malevolent intent. also expand the development of Lasonix (an R&D 100 Award-winning technology) as a tool to manufacture complex three-dimensional micro-/nano-scale electronic devices and structures. Cou- pling these new materials, devices, and structures with a proven, extensive analysis capability will provide the 17
  20. 20. Global Security Focus Area Countering Weapons of Mass Effect U.S. officials think there is a such materials emerge on the for predictive and situational Alamos also has unmatched high probability that a terror- black market. LANL’s objective awareness modeling, which capabilities in understanding ist attack involving WME will is to enable the United States to when coupled with a strong criticality, which enables sci- occur somewhere in the world be in a position in which it can intelligence analysis capability entists to characterize material in the next five to ten years. anticipate all WME methodolo- enables Los Alamos to identify threats and develop the means A singular nuclear weapon or gies, identify those who would and quantify possible WME to handle and neutralize them. WME that falls into the hands desire to employ them, and stop threats and develop solutions of an undeterable adversary or render such actors ineffective. for detection and interdiction. • Explosives Experimental would have immeasurable impact Facilities: These small- and on U.S. national security. • Expertise in Radiological large-scale explosives facili- Core Capabilities Materials: When combined ties enable LANL researchers Senior al-Qaeda officials have with LANL’s broad materials to conduct experiments that made it clear that they wish As the birthplace of nuclear science and explosives-science validate computer models to obtain a nuclear weapon— weapons, LANL holds a unique capabilities garnered from and bolster the confidence viewed by them as a religious place in the nuclear weapons pro- the weapons program, Los of end developers who have duty—and use it against the gram, particularly in the ability Alamos’ extensive experience created countermeasures United States. Moreover, the of its scientists and engineers to with radiological materials for WME technologies. current conflict in Pakistan apply broad scientific capabilities and their properties enables highlights the potential of a in chemistry, biology, radia- scientists to develop detection • Biological Forensics: LANL “failed state” or malicious insider tion and radioactive materials, and upstream defeat technolo- has extensive forensic capabili- scenario that could provide ter- and explosives to characterize, gies. LANL is one of the few ties that can be used to detect rorists with such weapons. North design, and develop technolo- facilities in the world that can and identify chemical and Korea’s history of arms sales, gies that counter WME. As safely handle any radionuclide biological agents. Los Alamos’ in conjunction with this state’s a result of helping create and in effectively any quantity—it world-renowned genomics recent admission of a secret support the nuclear stockpile, also has developed the meth- and genome databases contain uranium-enrichment program LANL has acquired a unique ods to analyze trace quantities mountains of information and a history of violating United set of capabilities to which to determine their origin. Los gained from sequencing Nations resolutions, raises the only two national laboratories specter of nuclear terrorism in the U.S. can lay claim. to an even stronger focus. • World’s Fastest Computers: Longstanding nonproliferation LANL uses these computers efforts may not prevent terrorists to run specialized software “In a strange turn of history, the threat of global nuclear war or state actors from acquiring codes, which scientists apply has gone down, but the risk of a nuclear attack has gone up . the materials needed to build a to modeling and analyzing WME. Reasons include (1) the potential threats from which . . there is no graver danger to global security than the threat alarming rates at which WME they then can develop effec- of nuclear weapons and no more immediate task than to programs continue to progress, tive countermeasures. LANL’s (2) the spread of knowledge, unique computer and model- address that threat.” and (3) the frequency by which ing resources are also used –President Barack Obama, April 5, 2009, Prague 18
  21. 21. and analysis of pathogens program and foreign weap- will use these capabilities importantly, the activities for detection, surveillance, ons assessment program, to in conjunction with the leading to their development. and forensics. LANL also develop a thorough under- Event Response Program to has specialized knowledge standing of what is technically diagnose, stabilize, and defeat • Counter WME Focus: To be in the areas of signatures possible to control and the device. Furthermore, Los ultimately effective, LANL and assays for pathogen defeat WME. Furthermore, Alamos can apply its radionu- will rely on the capabilities detection, strain discrimi- Los Alamos can expand and clide analytical capabilities to and successes of many of nation, and attribution. tailor existing rapid response analyze the materials pre- the other focus areas within capabilities to develop and event or the debris post-event Global Security. For example, demonstrate advanced to assist in reconstructing LANL will continue to Opportunities concept tools designed to and attributing weapons or leverage the Nuclear Non- conduct monitoring, interdic- materials to their source. proliferation program to LANL will use its broad and tion, and upstream defeat. monitor and safeguard these deep scientific background • Detecting and Recogniz- materials. Controlling the in nuclear, chemical, biologi- • Predictive Tools: LANL ing Threat Materials and materials at the source where cal, radiological, and energetic will apply its intelligence Devices: LANL will apply possible will ultimately make materials to monitor, identify, community assets (such as more than six decades of the effort to counter WME predict, interdict, and defeat SNIPER/Sentry and related experience to push the more effective. Additionally, WME threats. Opportuni- WME databases), its weap- boundaries of new systems tagging, tracking, and locating ties include the following: ons subject-matter experts, that will enable scientists these materials are of utmost and sophisticated nodal and to develop new sensors and importance for interdic- • Improvised Nuclear Design: Bayesian modeling capabili- detectors designed to identify tion of “loose” materials. LANL will leverage its ties (such as IKE and Patriot) the use of WME and, more significant nuclear weapon to develop predictive tools design expertise, as well as to counter WME attacks. its experience working with In the event that prevention the nuclear counterterrorism proves unsuccessful, LANL 19
  22. 22. Global Security Focus Area Event Response An event consists of a broad of Homeland Security (DHS), and engineering; preparing also enable users to assess range of threats or incidents that and the Environmental Protec- nuclear materials; conducting immediate consequences and may involve WME or natural tion Agency. Activities range characterization and chem- improve situational aware- characteristics. To meet the from threat identification to istry; detecting, identifying, ness. These capabilities are challenges associated with such mitigation, consequence manage- and diagnosing nuclear mate- widely recognized and applied a broad range of events, LANL ment, and forensics in support rials; gathering intelligence; in areas such as bio-defense, scientists and engineers must of attribution. Key capabili- and conducting criticality but there remain oppor- work in nontraditional ways to ties include the following: experiments and health tunities for broader use. provide the most useful infor- physics. All this expertise is mation and solution for na- • Sophisticated Training for brought to bear on effectively tional, state, and local response. Responders: LANL deploys and efficiently responding Opportunities This out-of-the-box approach subject-matter experts to to nuclear emergencies. requires a broad understand- respond to highly techni- Event response opportuni- ing of science, engineering, and cal threat scenarios, as well • Addressing Natural and ties include the following: applicable technologies. This as maintaining home-team Chem-Bio Threats: As part approach also inspires innovative or reach-back support. Los of the Field Intelligence Ele- • Supporting Emergency and efficient approaches toward Alamos staff members also ment, LANL uses analysis and Response Teams: Demands solving technical problems. train responders from a export-control techniques to placed on emergency respond- variety of agencies and apply anticipate, identify, under- ers since 9-11 have surpassed their technical expertise to stand, and mitigate natural the “volunteer fire depart- Core Capabilities develop tools, techniques, and chem-bio threats. Los ment” model. Rather than and procedures designed to Alamos areas of expertise training personnel for a few Since its inception during the counter chemical, biologi- include chemistry, biochem- days at a time, LANL will Manhattan Project, LANL has cal, radiological, nuclear, and istry, data-management/ work with its sponsors to been charged with develop- explosives scenarios. LANL analysis, laboratory analy- support personnel at a level ing and delivering scientifically support during these poten- sis, and HAZMAT field consistent with their abili- sound solutions to the most ur- tially catastrophic situations experience. LANL’s broad ties, thus enabling them to gent and technically challenging can directly and fundamen- technical underpinnings maintain proficiency and security issues facing the nation. tally impact the outcome. provide a unique combina- contribute routinely to the Los Alamos has developed a tion of talent that can be program. This approach will variety of unique core compe- • Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear used to detect, measure, and enhance professionalism and tencies that are well suited to Nonproliferation Expertise: model chem-bio threats both contribute to the safety of address Event Response needs. LANL has a uniquely broad remotely and on the ground. responders and the public. LANL’s Event Response Program and deep history in the provides technical expertise nuclear weapons program and • Multispectral Surveillance • Responding to Nonnuclear to the following agencies: U.S. the nuclear nonproliferation Technologies: Such LANL Events in Support of DHS: Department of Energy, Depart- program. This experience capabilities enable standoff, Bio-defense activities at ment of Defense, Federal Bureau base includes testing nuclear real-time identification and Los Alamos include threat of Investigation, Department weapons; performing design tracking of threats. They analysis, effects modeling, 20
  23. 23. mitigation, response, foren- for federal agencies such as Joint Technical Operations sics, and attribution. There are the DHS and the Depart- Team infrastructure and near-term opportunities to ment of Defense. LANL’s staffing model will provide expand the breadth of capabil- infrastructure analysis a 24/7-response capability ities offered in these existing capabilities will provide an for chemical, biological, and program areas. In addition, ideal computational test bed cyber threat spaces. And LANL’s technical breadth for the design and assessment LANL has an opportunity and depth provide an ideal of innovative infrastructure to focus skills, capabilities, setting for the development systems. These assessments and facilities developed for of comprehensive risk-based will be employed to assess the nuclear weapons program assessment programs that technical performance of on an integrated, end-to-end are sought after within engineered infrastructure research, development, test- many DHS mission areas. systems (e.g., energy and ing, and evaluation capability telecommunications), as well in support of emerging and • Cultivating Domestic as the design of resilient and currently unmet counterter- Response Applications for efficient infrastructures. rorism mission requirements, Surveillance Capabilities: namely to enable the detec- LANL’s NISAC (National • Fostering Rapid Response tion, interdiction, and Infrastructure Simulation and Capabilities: LANL will upstream defeat of nuclear Analysis Center) provides enhance existing rapid and other WME threats. analysis in specific mission response capabilities to Work areas. LANL will leverage for Others Customers as such resources to provide a Skunk Works for advanced technically robust infrastruc- concept tools for responders. ture of intelligence analysis Continued extension of the 21
  24. 24. Global Security Focus Area Resilent Global Infrastructure Infrastructure assurance, global Core Capabilities • Advanced Critical Infra- and more sustainable tech- energy supply, climate change, structure Modeling: LANL nologies into the nation’s and U.S. national security are LANL has a historic intersec- possesses some of the most infrastructure networks. Such inextricably interwoven to an un- tion of recognition, need, and advanced of these models, large-scale simulations are also foreseen extent with internation- capability that enables smart including some that are part critical for making decisions al, national, and regional implica- and resilient infrastructure of NISAC. These models regarding the impending tions. Furthermore, this complex transformation at the national have been used extensively by global greenhouse gas treaty system of dependencies is stressed and global scale. Key capabili- the DOE National Renew- and for actions related to simultaneously by challenges that ties include the following: able Energy Laboratory to stabilizing failed and failing range from climate change and design U.S. Electric Grid nations. Without such simula- resource depletion to pandemic • Computationally Based Anal- 2030. Researchers have also tions, the United States would disease and regional conflicts. yses and Multidisciplinary used these models to protect rely on traditional approaches, Team Assessment: LANL America’s critical infrastruc- such as to design, demon- According to one National Intel- currently supports the DHS’s ture from terrorist threats or strate, and re-engineer—an ligence Estimate, conflicts for infrastructure protection to enhance national prepared- expensive and time-limiting traditional energy and resources mission by providing compu- ness for handling large-scale approach to engineering. will intensify in the near future. tationally based analyses of disasters. Los Alamos plans Traditional dominance by the the potential consequences to merge these models with • Discovery, Development, United States in energy- and of large-scale natural or the latest global-asset-level and Deployment of Innova- infrastructure-related technolo- manmade events. Multidisci- data and imagery to enable tive Technologies: Although gies will gradually fade, with the plinary teams across LANL game-changing simula- infrastructure technology European Union and Japan perform the analysis. Core tions that have sufficient development is the domain assuming key leadership roles. capabilities include biology, fidelity and resolution. of private enterprise, LANL Technology globalization will chemistry, physics, engineer- can readily partner with continue to embolden rogue ing, mathematics, statistics, • Advanced Simulations industry to accelerate the pace states and terrorists to exploit economics, and computa- Enabled by LANL’s High- of innovation. Los Alamos vulnerabilities in America’s tional science, all of which Performance Computers: has a proven track record critical infrastructure, as well as are augmented by expertise Advanced simulations play a in designing and building the infrastructure of the nation’s in in-depth infrastructure vital role in assessing global innovative technologies that allies. Arguably the greatest chal- and socio-technical system strategies for inserting smarter meet the national need for lenge facing the nation today is domains. This combination to resolve these national security of expertise enables LANL concerns without catastrophic to understand and model consequences to climate, society, the extraordinarily complex and the world economy. systems that comprise the nation’s critical infrastructures. “We know refineries are vulnerable, and we must do all To meet this challenge, the The resultant combination of we can to make them as safe as they can be from terrorism, United States must reinvigorate high-performance computing resources and broad analyti- ... We must move faster and stronger to protect critical fundamental research so that sci- entists and engineers can develop cal capabilities enable LANL infrastructure in Texas and across America.” technologies capable of creating to address this complex and “smart and resilient” infrastruc- vitally important mission. – Jim Turner (D-Tex) tures at national and global scales. These infrastructures will readily withstand terrorist, natural, and anthropologic tests. 22
  25. 25. energy. Products include small topology, and agent-based LANL will advance its and compact nuclear reactors global-scale computations world-class political, military, and large-scale energy-storage to individual agent resolu- economic, social, and infra- devices. LANL also continues tion that is enabled by Los structure interdependency to lead the way in integrat- Alamos supercomputing. The modeling and simulation to ing information technologies resultant high-end models a global scale. The resultant into an electric grid that in will enable users to evaluate decision-support environ- turn has led to innovative the effectiveness of alternate ment will enable decision smart-grid technologies. national- and global-scale makers to think globally strategies for informing policy while resolving a regional makers and private investors. issue—this is a vital objective Opportunities of multi-agency collabora- • Addressing Complex tive planning and response to LANL’s objective is to lead Technological Problems: As events of global significance. the nation in transforming recognized by a National infrastructure from one reli- Intelligence Estimate, ant on speedy response to infrastructure transforma- disasters to one that is resil- tion will undoubtedly bring ient to them. Opportuni- with it technological sur- ties include the following: prises. Almost every transfer of superpower status in the • Focus on Situational Aware- past has been associated with ness and Command, Control, national dominance over Communications, and Intel- emergence of a new technol- ligence: Beginning with ogy. Key federal agencies technologies for smart grid recognize that traditional and transforming to smart response to failed/failing planet, LANL will develop states and post-war stabiliza- and merge multiscale com- tion is inadequate during putational physics, network such global transformations. 23
  26. 26. LANL Global Security Focus Areas Nuclear Nonproliferation Cyber Systems Space Systems Intelligence Analysis, Integration, and Exploitation Warfighter Support Countering Terrorist Tactics Countering Weapons of Mass Effect Event Response Resilient Global Infrastructure 24
  27. 27. ational secu erging n rity r em cha the llen eo olv ace Systems, Intell ge S s, Sp igen s ys tem ce- rS AI e E, yb ,C W ar f n atio U.S. ght fer er Su Nonproli Nuclear p port, Deterrent ME • • CT , C- W ter WM un E Co ,E en r e, tR v tu esp r uc ons e, R e fr ast silient Global In LA-UR-09-07014 Los Alamos National Laboratory, an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer, is operated by Los Alamos National Security, LLC, for the National Nuclear Security Administration of the U.S. Department of Energy under contract DE-AC52-06NA25396.