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Creativity and Computers

Creativity and Computers

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  • 1. One million, two hundred and Forty- Six Days
    by Darwien Cruz
  • 2. Clay Shirky had mentioned a growth amateur publishing articles, movies, pictures, and sites. Aware of sharing and copy rights they do it because it’s fun. Me I like drawing and storytelling.
  • 3. For this social Network Experiment I’m combining both concepts together. Imagine a social network where you communicate through the stories.
  • 4. One thousand and One Nights is the oldest Precedent and the best example for this Project. Well known for its Frame Stories, this technique was used to combine folklores and linked them from story to story.
    Queen Scheherazade
    tells her stories
    Aladdin and the Wonderful lamp
  • 5. The real world which is us, is telling the story of Character A and the world characters inhabit, possibly something similar to us…..
  • 6. …..This character is the narrator for a story that is valuable in his memories.….
  • 7. ….The character in those stories is completely different and lives in a different world. Then maybe that character comes across his friend who is talking about his past and so on….
  • 8. …..Somehow it has to makes its way back and even start again. A true never ending story….
  • 9. Instead of One author we have multiple authors posting their own stories. How would it read?
    By Melvin
    By Dan
    By Roger
    By Mel
    By Joe
    By Lily
    By Bob
    By Melvin again