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  • 1. Great White Shark
  • 2. Description *A female great white shark is about 26 feet long and a male great white shark is about 18 feet long. *It ways between 1,500lbs,and 4,000lbs,witch is about as heavy as a large car. *A great white shark is not all white. *The sharks back may be dark blue,gray,brown ,or black to camouflage [hide] it from prey looking down into the ocean.*The white belly lets a shark sneak up on prey in the deep water.*A great white shark has a rounded body that looks like a torpedo with fins.*Their powerful body has a pointed snout,two large,sickle shaped pectoral fins and a large triangular dorsal fin.
  • 3. Habitat *Great white sharks live along the coasts of all continents except Antarctica. *Great white sharks live in water near island coastlines reefs and far off shore. *Great white sharks can be found at the surface of warm seas but do swim in deep water.
  • 4. Habits *In one year a single great white shark consumes about 11 tons of food. *It is capable of eating sea lions whole and they eat leopard sharks,scientists estimate that after a big meal,a great white shark can last up to 3 months without having another meal. *Great white sharks have good vision and good hearing-they can see even tiny movements in the sea. *great white sharks stalk and surprise its prey from behind and beneath taking one huge bite from the body. *Great white sharks do sleep while moving but scientists have not yet figured but the manage to keep floating/and swimming.
  • 5. Reproduction *There isn’t much known about how the great white shark reproduces. *Some sharks lay eggs and then swim away and leave the eggs to develop on their own. *Females do not reproduce until they reach about 4.5 to 5 meters in length. *The length of gestation is not known but estimated at between 12 and 18 months.
  • 6. Enemies *Great white sharks are at the top of the food chain which means it has few enemies. *Their enemies are humans and the humpback whales. *Most sharks are harmless to humans and will only attacked if disturbed. *Humans are enemies because they kill great white sharks for meat,skin,shark fin soup,and souvenirs like teeth jaws and necklaces.
  • 7. Razzle Dazzle *Another name for the great white shark is the white shark. *Unlike other sharks ,great white shark is warm blooded and has warm muscles. *Great white sharks skin was once used for smoothing down wood-instead of sand paper.