Famous Entrepreneurs<br />1. Bill Gates - The Greatest Business Leader of Our Time? Business leader Bill Gates - a look at...
Famous entrepreneurs
Famous entrepreneurs
Famous entrepreneurs
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Famous entrepreneurs


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Famous entrepreneurs

  1. 1. Famous Entrepreneurs<br />1. Bill Gates - The Greatest Business Leader of Our Time? Business leader Bill Gates - a look at the richest man in the world and makes the top list of famous entrepreneurs<br />2. Steve Jobs - The Business Leader Who Changed the Way We Compute and Listen Business leader Steve Jobs - computing with apples and listening with ipods a visionary an makes the top list of famous entrepreneurs as well as many of the others, listed here<br />3. Henry J. Heinz - The Business Leader Who Founded the Heinz Empire Business leader Henry J. Heinz - it all starts with a vision made possible by hard work<br />4. Robert S. Abbott - A True African-American Business Leader Business leader - the story of Robert S. Abbott relays the fruits that determination and hard work produce<br />5. Gillette - An Empire Borne Out of a Unique Business Model Gillette - it always starts with a great business idea...<br />6. Donald J. Trump - The Business Leader Who Thrives on the Art of the Deal Business leader Donald Trump knows how to wheel and deal himself out of tough times<br />7. Alonzo G. Decker Jr. - The Business Leader Who Became a 'Household' Name Business leader Alonzo G. Decker did not take anything for granted; everything he has achieved in the business world is something he worked for. <br />8. Michael Dell - The Business Leader With Wisdom Beyond His Years Business leader - Michael Dell is a living example of how people succeed if they follow their dreams. <br />9. DeLuca - The Business Leader Who Baked An Idea Into A Billion-Dollar Enterprise Business leader Fred DeLuca - his business plan was to increase Subway's visibility via franchises... and he succeeded. <br />10. Walt Disney A Business Leader in the Magical World of Entertainment Business leader Walt Disney - he believed in his dreams and he never gave up despite failures <br />11. Arthur C. Dorrance The Business Leader Who Brought Success from The Soup Kitchen Arthur Dorrance - this business leader who made sure Campbell Soup was in very home <br />12. Debbie Fields - From Simple Housewife to Multi-Million Business Leader Business leader Debbie Fields followed her passion and reaped the rewards<br />13. Jack Eckerd - The Business Leader Who Hit Upon a Unique Marketing Strategy Jack Eckerd - why reinvent the wheel? Instead of 'creating' ways to market Eckerd drugstores, he hitched on supermarkets instead <br />14. Business Leader George Eastman - The Father of Modern Photography This business leader's success is due to his inventiveness and unwavering generosity<br />15. Marshall Field - The Business Leader Who will Later be Called the Merchant Price Marshall Field - the retail industry as we know today would not be if not for this business leader <br />16. Max Factor, Jr. - The Makeup Mogul and Cosmetics Business Leader Max Factor, Jr. - the business leader who simply made women from all walks of life more beautiful <br />17. Edward Filene - The Business Leader who Changed the Retail Industry Edward Filene - the business leader who dominated the retail business and is credited for the existence of credit unions today <br />18. Berry Gordy, Jr. - The Business Leader with an Ear for Success Berry Gordy - a love for music was his ticket to business success <br />19. Ernest Gallo... from Rags to Billionaire Wine Maker Ernest Gallo - the ultimate rags-to-riches business leader<br />20. Robert Galvin - An Exemplary Role Model to Future Business Leaders Robert Galvin - The guiding hand behind the success of Motorola<br />21. Earl Graves - The Business Leader Who Dared to Stand Out As a prominent figure in the black community, Earl Graves is a pillar of success with The Black Enterprise and his other business interests.<br />22. David Geffen - From University Dropout to Billion-Dollar Music Mogul David Geffen had the ear for discovering singers who would rock the music world<br />23. Frank Gannett - The Multimedia Enterprise Business Leader Frank Gannett - The Multimedia Enterprise Business Leader<br />24. Richard Gelb - The Business Leader with a Big Heart Richard Gelb - from hair dye to cancer drugs, Gelb proves that a good heart and a good education can carry you a long way. <br />25. Samuel Goldwyn - The Business Leader and Father of Independent Motion Picture Samuel Goldwyn - poverty and adversity cannot stop someone who is determined to succeed <br />26. Amadeo Peter Giannini - The Business Leader Who Earned by Giving Amadeo Peter Giannini - the business leader who governs with true passion and selflessness<br />27. Roberto Goizueta - The Business Leader With a Global Vision Roberto Goizueta - his vision for went beyond borders and so Coca-Cola started to see earnings that were also 'beyond' expectations<br />28. Louis Gerstner - The Business Leader Who is Used to Making Difficult Decisions Louis Gerstner - a good education was this business leader's foundation in the realm of BIG business <br />29. Jean Paul Getty - The Business Leader with a Steady Hand and a Tight Fist Jean Paul Getty - the business leader who respected money, knowing that it came from his hard-work<br />30. Daniel Gerber - Who Knew Taking Care of Babies Would be a Billion Dollar Business? Daniel Gerber responsibly filled the market need for healthy baby food<br />31. Mervyn Griffin - The Business Leader Who Spun His Wheel To Success Mervyn Griffin - an entertainer at heart, he elevated game shows to a whole new level with Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune<br />32. Andrew Grove - The Business Leader Who Capitalized on Intelligence Andrew Grove - his thirst for knowledge and natural leadership skills led to the success of the leading chip maker in the world, Intel.<br />33. Elizabeth Arden - Beauty and Brains Personified Elizabeth Arden - the business leader who wanted to take care of how women looked <br />34. Mary Kay Ash - The Business Leader Who Dreamed Big and Earned Bigger Mary Kay Ash - the business leader who aimed to empower women by setting up a 'better' business model<br />35. Thomas Adams - The Business Leader Who Chewed His Way to Success Thomas Adams - persistence and his refusal to accept defeat in the business world was his key to success<br />36. Walter Annenberg - The Business Leader Who Gave Us TV Guide Walter Annenberg - the business leader who saw early on that 'expansion' was the way to profitable business<br />37. Clarence Birdseye - The Business Leader Who Simply Saw a Way to Make Things Better Clarence Birdseye saw how frozen foods can be improved and set about accomplishing it.<br />38. Jeffrey Bezos - Amazing Amazon.com! Market research and thorough planning were the tools Jeffrey Bezos relied on for Amazon.com <br />39. Leo Burnett - The Advertising Genius Leo Burnett - his search for the inherent drama in every product made his ad campaigns successful<br />40. Warren Buffett - The Most Practical and Frugal Business Leader Warren Buffett - you have to know when to seize the moment and Buffett did<br />41. William Boeing - Perpetually Flying High William Boeing shows that sometimes in business, it is not what you seek but rather what is presented right in front of you<br />42. William R. Hewlett - Engineering One's Way to Success William R. Hewlett turned a backyard concern into one of the most recognizable electronics brands in the world today<br />43. Carl Icahn - Takeover King Carl Icahn was more than a corporate raider; he was also a savvy businessman<br />44. Charles E. Hires - Creator of a Successful Concoction Charles E. Hires innovated on the common to produce something extraordinary!<br />45. Conrad N. Hilton - Big Dreamer, Big Doer The American dream of Conrad N. Hilton made his name synonymous with hotels around the world. <br />46. Edward Jefferson - Man of Science, Man of Business Edward Jefferson combined book smarts and business acumen to propel his company to the top<br />47. Edward Johnson - A Financial Wiz Edward Johnson innovated his way to financial success<br />48. Eldridge Johnson - An Ear for Music, a Nose for Business With his ear for music and knowledge in mechanics, Eldridge Johnson became an industry leader<br />49. George A. Hormel - Canned Food Titan George A. Hormel was the business leader who changed the way people look at canned food<br />50. George F. Johnson - Well Loved Employer George F. Johnson was a successful businessman and caring employer.<br />