See hear. A proposed national arts scheme to benefit Australian arts and education


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See Hear
A proposed national arts scheme to benefit Australian arts and education
By David Maegraith, @DavidMaegraith

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See hear. A proposed national arts scheme to benefit Australian arts and education

  1. 1. See Hear A proposed national arts scheme to benefit Australian arts and education By David Maegraith, @DavidMaegraith The Challenges 1. Australian visual and music artists struggle to build awareness of, and revenue from, their art. 2. Australian students of visual arts and music often do not have the chance to promote their works. The Facts Australian big businesses use visual arts and music in their operations, primarily through the use of stock photos and artwork, and music for on hold and presentations. However, the vast majority of stock image sites are American, with images produced by Americans. (For example, iStockphoto) The Solution ‘See Hear’ is a proposed scheme to harvest the funds that big Australian businesses already pay for the use of visual arts and music, to distribute to struggling Australian visual and music artists via a clever, yet simple and professional scheme. How it would work Australian businesses regularly pay artists for their work, for example in the form of stock photos from websites, to use in marketing materials, and a licence fee to APRA to use music on hold. Currently businesses are not required to source artwork from Australian artists, and this is where See Hear would change the landscape. See Hear is a simple proposal that would involve setting up a large, professionally-managed online stock library of Australian-only visual artwork – photos, illustrations, videos – and music. The website would be public and open to anyone in the world to pay to download the artwork; however Australian large businesses and government agencies would have a special incentive to get behind the scheme. 1
  2. 2. Incentive for large Australian businesses and government agencies to support See Hear As many large businesses and agencies use on hold facilities, these companies and agencies would be legislated to contribute to See Hear in the form of an annual licence to use Australian-only music on hold for a fee of $1,000,000 per year. APRA or a similar agency would be tasked and resourced to administer the music delivery and fee administration to ensure only suitable music would be used on hold, and the licence fee is properly managed. However, large companies and agencies will be able to recoup a sizeable portion of their annual fee through this simple agreement: Stock images purchased on See Hear will credit towards the annual music use fee For example, Company A pays the $1m fee to enable all Australian music on hold for a year for their phone system. This could be set up to be paid quarterly at $250,000. So at the start of the year Company A pays $250,000. During the first quarter of the year, Company A decides to purchase stock images from See Hear to a total of $10,000. (Note this is not an unrealistic figure – often companies and agencies will pay hundreds of dollars per image from US stock image libraries.) See Hear pays the Australian artist/s a commission for use of their downloaded images. Then, a portion – for example 50 per cent – will be credited towards Company A next music on hold fee instalment of $250,000. In other words, Australian companies and government agencies are benefiting both Australian visual, and music artists. A win for all stakeholders! A note on the music section of See Hear Of course, only a small percent of Australian-made music is suitable for use on hold. Therefore, it is proposed that the distribution of the music on hold licence fee is made equitably to all musicians who are represented in the See Hear library, regardless of whether their music is used on hold. See Hear is for living artists over 18 The scheme would primarily be instigated to ease the living pressure on Australian artists aged over 18. Therefore, it is proposed that See Hear only lists Australian artwork – visual or music – created in the last 10 years, by a still-living artist. Sample Budget Revenue goal $100m = $1m music license fee x 100 companies or government agencies Expenses: See Hear platform, staff and maintenance, royalties to Australian artists 2
  3. 3. See Hear for Students This scheme is also for Australian visual art students and musicians in learning. Australian artists under 18 years old would still be able to create and upload artwork to See Hear, and sell the works at market price, however revenue from student sales would be split between their school or college, and artists over 18 registered on the site. This would have the twin benefits of: 1. Giving incentive for Australian schools to encourage arts students to contribute to See Hear, as it benefits the school financially; and 2. Further benefits Australian artists over 18, in addition to the revenue they earn from their own artwork sales on the site Appendix –list of large Australian companies that could support See Hear Electricity Suppliers ActewAGL Energy Australia TRUenergy AGL APG Country Energy Integral Energy Origin Energy Power Direct Red Energy Ergon Energy Queensland Energy Simply Energy South Australia Electricity Aurora Energy Click Energy Neighbourhood Energy Victoria Electricity Banks AMP Bank Limited ANZ Bank of Queensland Limited Bank of Melbourne Bank of Sydney Bank SA Bank of Western Australia CUA Bank Defence Bank Delphi Bank Australia Heritage Bank bankmecu Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Commonwealth Bank Rural Bank Limited Macquarie Bank Limited Members Equity Bank Pvt Mystate National Australia Bank Queensland Teachers Mutual Bank (QTMB) St. George Bank Limited Suncorp-Metway Limited UBank, Westpac Newcastle Permanent Teachers Mutual Bank Telecomms amaysim Bendigo Bank Telco Boost Mobile CMOBILE Dodo Hello Mobile IF Telecom iiNet Kogan Mobile Lebara Mobile Live Connected Optus OzLinked SpinTel 3 Telstra TPG Vaya Virgin Mobile Vodafone Yatango Mobile Others Australia Post TNT DHL Couriers Please Fastway Couriers Public Transport Victoria Adelaide Metro Department of Transport [NT] Metro Tasmania Transport for NSW Public Transport Authority of Western Australia Centrelink ATO Medicare Immigration