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  • Hi everyone, my name is Durant Crum and I am the director of marketing at Weight Watchers. I first want to start by telling you a little information about Weight Watchers and the services that they provide to their customers. Weight Watchers is one of the leading companies for weight loss and weight management services in the United States. Their services are the following: weight management, healthy meals, healthy recipes, weight loss and maintenance seminars, and other healthy living styles. Over the past few months, the marketing team and myself have worked hard to create a marketing strategy for Weight Watchers. Throughout this presentation, I will outline the important information surrounding this digital marketing strategy and how it can be successful implicated.
  • There are many different goals that are outlining this digital marketing strategy. First, the company wants to get a 10% increase to their overall revenue each quarter and for the year. By increasing the amount of activity and awareness, this goal does not seem to be too far fetched. Second, the company has a stretch goal of 20% for the year. In order to reach this goal, they will have to gain a lot of awareness in the end that will help customers be motivated by the products and services. Third, the company wants to increase the involvement of customers on their social media and internet websites. It will important for the customers to post on their webpages for the best and most effective outcomes. Fourth, Weight Watchers wants to receive information from their customers regarding testimonials and other experiences that they have had with the company.
  • When developing a digital marketing strategy, the target market is strongly analyzed in order for it to be most effective. There are many different people that the company wants to reach out to in order to get the greatest breadth of customer awareness. First, the company wants to gain awareness of the customers who are trying to lose weight. (These people may not be as motivated to lose weight but the company wants to make sure that they are able to motivate them on the positives surrounding weight loss) Second, the company wants to look to people who have already lost the weight but are looking to maintain their weight. Finally, the company wants to reach out to those customers who are looking to gain information regarding healthy living and healthier lifestyle. It is important for people to become aware of the different issues regarding an unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Any important component of any marketing strategy is that way that the company is able to analyze and revise the strategy in order to allocate the resources properly to other components. There are many ways in which Weight Watchers is able to analyze the many different components of their marketing strategy. First, the company wants to look at the return on investment by taking the amount they are spending on implementing the plan and what they are getting out of the plan. Second, they want to look at Google Ad clicks and their conversion of signing up for the weight loss services. Third, Weight Watchers wants to closely analyzed Google Analytics in order to see the actions that are being taken on their webpage and where they are getting the most traffic on their webpages. Fourth, the company wants to measure the engagement they are getting on their social media sites. They are able to do this by closely monitoring the responses that they are getting in the beginning of the marketing plan compared to at the end of the marketing plan. Finally, the company wants to see how the sales grow in compared to promotional sign up. Not only the amount of people who are signing up for the services, but the people who are continuing their membership past the free period.
  • While searching for a spokesperson for Weight Watchers, the company had to be aware of many ethic issues that surrounding weight issues. The company was looking for a person who would be widely recognizable by a wide range of people. After interviewing a wide range of people, they found that Jessica Simpson would be the best example of Weight Watchers. She is widely known by a variety of different people. Also, she has criticized by many different people for the weight issues over her career. Part of her 3 million dollar contract was that she would pick a goal weight and work with Weight Watchers in the spotlight towards her goal weight. It is important that she talks about her progress throughout her journey towards her goal weight and weight maintenance.
  • Weight Watchers is going to use social media sites in order to gage interaction with their customers. Website: The Weight Watchers website will be an important asset to the company. It will be the easiest and most effective way to get information to various people who are searching for more information about weight watchers. There will be several various tabs including: recipes, blog articles, locations, about us, more information, and testimonials. The company will also want to their social media sites with the webpage so that the Internet users will be able to click the Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites directly from the webpage.Facebook: Have users engage in Facebook interaction by asking them various questions in order to get their feedbacks on how their success is coming with losing weight. The various branches around the United States will also have their own Facebook pages that will allow them to gain access to vary events and promotions that are going on at the branches. The marketing department will ling blog articles and twitter posts to the Facebook page to make sure that the Facebook users that don’t use other social medium will be able to have access to these messages.Blog Articles: Blogging will be very important in order to reach various people and gain their attention about weight loss and weight gain prevention. Some important topics that should be discussed in blog articles are: weight loss, weight gain prevention, healthy living, healthy eating, exercising, the important of healthy living, work out strategies and exercises, and weight watcher recipes. Blogging will allow users to gain interest in what weight watchers has to offer besides just having the option of weighing in every week. It will allow them to have the option of being able to learn about healthy living and how to lose weight effectively.Instagram: Instagram may be a hard way to get people involved with Weight Watchers. Some ways that the company may be able to incorporate their ideas would be with: before and after photos, inspirational quotes, goals, testimonials, work out photos, etc.Twitter: Twitter will be used for various blasts of information to our followers. The company will want to link the blog articles with direct links to the webpage in order to make sure that they are getting the volume to Weightwatchers.com webpage increased.
  • There are two different options for print media that the company will look to using: First, the company will be using advertising in various healthy living magazines. They will provide information about where they can find more information; as well as, testimonials from people who have previously used the products. Second, the company will be using their Weight Watchers the magazine. By people signing up for a membership, they will receive a year’s subscription of the magazine. As long as they keep the membership, they will continue to send them the magazine. The magazine will provide information about healthy living and healthy lifestyles. Third, the company will post various billboards along highways in big cities. It will important to post the iconic image of somebody recognizable in order for the target audience to make the connection between the spokesperson and Weight Watchers.
  • The company is going to be offering a 3-month trial period for free seminars and weigh-ins at all locations. This will be a good indicator of the people who are getting directed to the site and the amount of people who will continue their membership after their trial has ended. Also, the company is going to give away yearly memberships to anyone who wins any of the Pinterest contests. They will be judging this through a contest. For instance, anyone who pins a before and after pictures on Pinterest along with a testimonials and receives the most repins will win a free membership for a year.
  • The budget for the digital marketing strategy is 8 million dollars. This strategy will take place over the course of year but will be reviewed and analyzed each quarter. It will be important that the resources are used correctly in order for the marketing strategy to be considered effective. Selling and Administrative: (3.3 million) the overall core functions of the marketing departmentPromotions (1.8 million) the costs of implementing promotions such as free 3-month trials and free membershipsSocial media (1.2 million) Currently the company is using in house marketing coordinators for social media. However, if they do not receive the correct amount of engagement then they will look to outside sources for better interaction. Print media: (1.7) magazine and billboard materials
  • Weightwatchers

    1. 1. Full Digital Strategy By: Durant Crum
    2. 2. Goals• 10% increase in revenue• Stretch goal of 20% increase in revenue• Increase in engagement on social media sites• Gain feedback from customers on testimonials and experiences
    3. 3. Target AudienceThe target audience for this marketing strategy are peoplefrom ages 25-65 both male and female who are interestedin:• Weight loss• Weight maintenance• Healthy living• Healthy eating• Exercise
    4. 4. Key Performance Indicators• Return on Investment• Google Ad clicks to conversion• Google Analytics• Social Media interaction• Promotional sign up
    5. 5. Jessica Simpson“Weight Watchers isn’t a diet or a quick fix.It’s a lifestyle that lets me eat what I want athome, at restaurants, wherever. Withoutfeeling deprived. Every week I’m losingweight, every week I’m feeling better andbetter. And that keeps me motivated.I don’t want to change who I am; I just wantto be happy and healthy. A better version ofme! With Weight Watchers I’m on my way.I’m doing it! And anyone can do it. Join me,and you’ll see.”
    6. 6. Internet/ Social Media• Website—www.weightwatchers.com• Facebook• Blog Articles• Instagram• Twitter
    7. 7. Print Media• Magazines • The Weight Watchers magazine subscription• Billboards
    8. 8. Promotions• Free 3-month Trial Membership• Pinterest Context
    9. 9. Google Adwords• Example of advertisment: • Headline: Lose and maintain weight • Content: Information on how to lose weight • Tag: URL directly to the Weight Watchers homepage • Keywords: healthy living, healthy eating, healthy weight, how to lose weight, loss weight, maintain weight
    10. 10. Budget Selling and Adminstrative Expense (3.3 million) Promotions (1.8 million) Social media (1.2 million) Print media (1.7 million)