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Silverlight2 Unit Testing Slides Silverlight2 Unit Testing Slides Presentation Transcript

  • Silverlight 2 Unit Testing Andre John Cruz MVP – Visual C#
  • Silverlight 2
    • Up-coming version of the Silverlight browser plugin with a mini version of the .NET Framework
    • Richer functionality than Silverlight 1.0
    • Currently in beta
  • Unit Testing
    • Testing a specific portion or unit of a system
    • Can mean different things to different people
      • Unit = Small
    • Automated unit testing:
      • Test-first (TDD)
      • Test-after
  • Why Unit Test?
    • Illustration:
  • Automated Unit Testing
    • Usually with a tool like NUnit or MSTest
    • Silverlight presents new challenges
      • Silverlight 2 code runs in the browser (client)
      • UI testing is usually tricky
  • Silverlight 2 Testing Framework
    • Adaptation of MSTest for Silverlight 2!
    • Browser-based unit test runner
    • Capability to do UI testing
  • How?
    • Download Silverlight 2 beta 1, and Visual Studio 2008 Tools for Silverlight 2
    • Silverlight Testing Framework is included in the source code for Silverlight controls!
  • How? (part 2)
    • Download the Silverlight test templates from
    • Ensure you have these DLLs
      • Microsoft.Silverlight.Testing.dll
      • Microsoft.Silverlight.Testing.Framework.dll
      • Microsoft.VisualStudio.QualityTools.UnitTesting.Silverlight.dll
    • Mark your test class with the [TestClass] attribute and your test methods with [TestMethod]
  • Testing Framework
    • Demo…
  • UI Testing Strategies
    • Separation of concerns
      • Don’t put everything in code behind!
    • Small steps
    • You can make use of patterns such as Model-View-Presenter (MVP)
    • You can also add controls to the “testing surface” and assert against their properties
  • Examples
    • Adding controls to the testing surface
    • Steps:
      • Reference the app/control library in your test project
      • Derive your test class from the SilverlightTest class
      • Add your control to the TestSurface
      • Testing surface gets cleared before every test method run
  • Examples
    • Adding controls to the testing surface
    • Observations:
      • Very helpful to use the [assembly:InternalsVisibleTo] attribute
      • Use “internal” methods instead of “private” for your event handlers so you can force-trigger them from your tests
  • Examples
    • Use of Model-View-Presenter pattern
      • Very well-suited to view-centric frameworks such as Windows Forms and Silverlight/WPF
      • Allow you to test view logic without having a view ;)
  • Future Directions
    • Silverlight 2, Testing Framework still in beta!
    • ScottGu mentioned…
      • Possible UI Automation API (e.g. simulate mouse/keyboard actions in code)
        • This is more appropriately called “integration testing”
      • Tighter integration into VS 2008 IDE
  • Thank You!
    • Resources:
      • ScottGu’s wonderful blog
    • Personal blog:
      • [email_address]