Top 10 Largest Cruise Ships in the World


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The ultimate list of the world's largest cruise ships, ranked in order of size with a brief description of each ship.

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Top 10 Largest Cruise Ships in the World

  1. 1. 10 Largest Cruise Ships in the World
  2. 2. Line: Royal Caribbean, Tonnage: 225,282 ft Length: 1,181.167 ft. Beam: 208 ft. Passenger Capacity: 5,400/6,360 The Allure of the seas is the largest cruise ship in the whole world. It weighs 225,282 tons and can carry up to 5400 passengers. The number 5,400 is double occupancy as the full load of the ship is 6,360. The Oasis of the Seas, is quite similar to the Allure of the Seas. They are almost similar in many ways such as the neighbourhood concept. This partitions the ship into seven different areas such as foliage filled central park, the Board walk with a handmade wooden carousel, candy shop and burger joint. The Allure boasts some of the best kids programs in cruise ships. 1. Allure of the Seas (2010)
  3. 3. Line: Royal Caribbean Tonnage: 225,282 Length: 1,181ft. Beam: 208 ft. Passenger Capacity: 5,400/6,360 The ship has a wide range of hotels that are styled in new-to-Royal Caribbean fashion. There are spa cuisine and even staged wood and wine pairings. It is an entertainment hub for people who like to party into the night on their cruise holiday. There is ice skating, comedy, discotheques, jazz and even a three tier theatre that features the famous “Hairspray” Show. Another major attraction on the ship is the AquaTheater. It has the deepest pool at sea and is popular with divers and synchronized swimmers. The Oasis of the Seas does not only have passenger friendly innovations. The ship has also been altered using new technical and environmental tools to make it an eco-friendly vessel. 2. Oasis of the Seas (2009)
  4. 4. Line: Norwegian Cruise Line Tonnage: 155,873 gt. Length: 1,112 ft. Beam: 131 ft. Passenger Capacity: 4,100/5,183 Introduced in June 2010, the Epic showed its innovations that were new to the cruising world. Some of these included solo studio cabins in the ship and the first Ice bar at sea! A never seen before Blue Man Group show right from the sea! “New wave” cabins that previously were not available at sea and even the first translucent bathrooms right at sea! It also has cheeky see through loos in its curved-wall cabin design. The Norwegian Epic from NCL is large, bold, ballsy and brassy. There are mixed opinions over the success of the Epic but many of the travellers admit that the ship’s entire 19-deck is full of wonders. There are enough whistles and bells to satisfy passengers during the entire cruise duration. There is also Nickelodeon offering to entertain the young children. 3. Norwegian Epic (2010)
  5. 5. Line: Royal Caribbean Tonnage: 154,407 gt. Length: 1,112 ft.. Beam: 184 ft. Passenger Capacity: 3,634/4,375 The Freedom of the Seas has been recently renovated and showcases some of the best maritime engineering works ever seen. It has many incredible innovations that are bound to put your imagination to play. You can enjoy The DreamWorks Experience and interact with Shrek. You can enjoy a movie at the 3D cinema or at the outdoor cinema screen at pool side under the stars. You can also add some color to your cruise holiday by checking out the art displays in the BRITTO Galler or enjoy frosted delicacies at the Cupcake Cupboard. You can wind down your evening with red or white wine at the quaint Vintages wine bar. 4. Freedom of the Seas (2006)
  6. 6. Line: Royal Caribbean Tonnage: 154,407 gt. Length: 1,112 ft.. Beam: 184 ft. Passenger Capacity: 3,634/4,375 This is another ship from Royal Caribbean International Freedom. It started regular service in May of 2007. At first, it was supposed to be called the Endeavour of the Seas but the name was changed later on. The ship has 15-decks and can carry up to 3,634 passengers and 1,360 crew members. The ship was built for 18 months in Finland in Aker Finnyards drydock in Turku where the Freedom of the Seas was built as well. She is one of the largest ships and passenger vessel ever built weighing about 154,407 tons. The Liberty of the Seas is 1,111.9 feet long and 184 feet wide and can cruise at 21.6 knot or 40km/hr or 25mph. Liberty of the Seas is the second installation in the Freedom class vessels. The third one is the Independence of the Seas which was delivered in April of 2008. During 2009, new ships in the Oasis class measuring 220,000 gross tons removed the Freedom Class from the number one spot as largest passenger ships in the world. 5. Liberty of the Seas (2007)
  7. 7. Line: Royal Caribbean Tonnage: 154,407 gt. Length: 1,130 ft. Beam: 184 ft. Passenger Capacity: 3,634/4,375 This is a Freedom Class ship and started service in April 2008 and is run by the Royal Caribbean cruise line. The ship has 15 decks and can carry 4,370 passengers who are tended to by 1360 crew members. In April 2013, Independence of the Seas was refurbished and additions were made such as a cupcake shop, Royal Babies and Tots Nursery and Giovanni’s Table which is an Italian trattoria. The Ships also got new digital signage with Wi-Fi that covers the entire ship and movie screens at the poolside. This upgrade took two weeks and cost the Royal Caribbean seven million dollars as part of a three hundred million dollar investment on the feet in their line. 6. Independence of the Seas(2008)
  8. 8. Line: Cunard Line Tonnage: 148,528 gt. Length: 1,112 ft.. Beam: 148 ft. Passenger Capacity: 2,592/3,090 RMS Queen Mary 2 is an ocean liner that crosses the Atlantic. She succeeded the Queen Elizabeth 1 as the flagship of the Cunard. She is one of the most magnificent ocean liners in Cunard’s Flagship. It offers a memorable holiday opportunity as you cross to or from New York. There are also memorable cruises from Southampton. There ship is so spacious and there are so many state of the art facilities such as 3D theaters, an excellent spa and a planetarium. Queen Mary 2 cruises are luxurious and elegant. Her amenities are unsurpassed and they can take you back to the golden age of sea travel. She also has wonderful restaurants that are bound to leave you in awe. She is from the world’s most respected fleet of luxury ocean liners. Queen Mary 2 follows in the footsteps 7. Queen Mary 2 (2004)
  9. 9. Line: NCL Tonnage: 146,600 gt. Length: 1,063 ft. Beam: 130 ft. Passenger Capacity: 4,028/- This liner was launched in April 2013. The Norwegian Cruise line has two “project breakaway” ships and it is the first one of the two. The Norwegian Breakaway combines some of the best features with novel innovations. The ship’s cabins are in a traditional Scandinavian layout with some flourishes. You can book one of the twenty eight balcony cabins or twenty spa mini-suites. The mini-suits are located next to the spa and gym so you have easy access to them while getting free access to the Thermal Spa Suite. If you are travelling with your family, you should book one of the larger ocean view cabins. If you are alone, you can stay at the solo cabin-and-lounge complexes. The Haven Suite complex has 42 suites and a restaurant for exclusive access, a gym, swimming pool and sun deck. 8. Norwegian Breakaway (2004)
  10. 10. Line: Princess Cruises Tonnage: 141,000 gt. Length: 1082 ft Beam: 124 ft. Passenger Capacity: 3600 The flagship in the Princess fleet. Royal Princess was constructed beginning March 2011 in Italy. The ship has a capacity of 3600 passengers measuring 141000GRT. The amenities on the ships include public areas that have been cantilevered over the ship sides on the top decks. On the starboard side, there is a walkway and on the port side, there is a bar. It has fewer swimming pools as compared to the previous Princess ships but it has larger public areas such as the movie theater, the central Piazza atrium and the “Sanctuary” bar. The ship has more dining options than the other vessels in the Princess fleet. This is one of the first passengers vessels built to comply with the latest safe return to port requirements. 9. Royal Princess (2013)
  11. 11. Line: MSC Cruises Tonnage: 139,400 gt. Length: 1,093 ft. Beam: 124 ft. Passenger Capacity: 3,502/4,345 MSC Divina allows you to have a classy and stylish cruise with its elegant new art and deco design throughout the ship. MSC Divina also features activities such as games and entertainment that will delight all family members. There are formula 1 simulators, 4D cinema, aqua park and a calm retreat for the adults only. The staterooms are equipped with interactive televisions, wide wardrobes, mini-safes and air conditioning. Balcony staterooms also have private sitting area where you can relax away from the other passengers. There are also floor to ceiling panoramic windows that give you an excellent view of the outside. The daytime activities on ship include movie watching at the 4D cinema, enjoying drinks at the Tritone and Poseidon poolside bars and shopping for souvenirs fragrances and designer wear. 10. MSC Divina (2012)
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