Web Traffic Generation - More Basic Traffic Training Methods To Kickoff Your Website Traffic
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Web Traffic Generation - More Basic Traffic Training Methods To Kickoff Your Website Traffic



Visit http://www.FastCash-CommissionSite.com/ for more info

Visit http://www.FastCash-CommissionSite.com/ for more info



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Web Traffic Generation - More Basic Traffic Training Methods To Kickoff Your Website Traffic Web Traffic Generation - More Basic Traffic Training Methods To Kickoff Your Website Traffic Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome to web traffic generation basic training.
  • Before we get started, lets take a few minutes to go over the important stuff.
  • There are a many traffic generation tactics that you might think about using as soon as you get your first website online in order to get some basic web traffic training notches in your belt. These traffic methods are only fundamental in their operation and execution.
  • You will not MASTER them overnight.
  • These basic traffic generation methods can easily be done by anyone. They are methods that have been tested overand over again to stand the test of time. These basic traffic methods do not require any money, but can easily bescaled and outsourced should you wish to allocate money to their creation. The difference with free basic traffic methods is they will require much of your time.
  • Execution will be paramount to your traffic generation success.
  • It simply will not matter what traffic tactics you DECIDE touse, if you never actually APPLY THEM. Theory is great, but practical application is much better. Pick a method for increasing your traffic and stick with it.
  • E-MAIL - Send out emails to friends, family, or subscribers if you have been collecting names and emails. These areyour readers. When you can collect the names and emailsof potential prospects, they become a source of continued traffic. Provide them with quality content and helpful resources.
  • FORUMS - Also like blogging, you should post quality forum posts on forums relating to your targeted markets. You have potential for greater flexibility on the topics compared to blogs as you are often creating the post instead of simply replying to a topic. Forums are acommunity. Make sure your posts assist the community in some manner.
  • REVIEWS - These are specially formatted posts which can be on blogs, forums, or specific review websites. Thesecan be effective depending on the topic of the review and the sincerity of the reviewer. Simply review aproduct, write a review for that product with a link to your website where they can find out more or purchase theproduct. The format for reviews is a little more specialized than that of standard articles, however the basic premise is the same.
  • SEO - Search engines will always play a part of content creation. The more you understand SEO in general themore effective your content can be. Most often this refers to on-page tactics, such as headers, keyword, bolded text, etc... and not to off-site options like link-building. Most all link building is just content with links. This however is a traffic briefing.
  • SEO will help your traffic, however it might be the least effective method there is. It is designed to help searchengines know what content you have on your website andhelp them to determine how relevant your content is to a give search term. For decent traffic volume from search engines you generally need to be on the first page of the results.
  • This is great if you have many long tail search terms which you can rank for easily, but not for general keywords.There are actually easier tactics to get onto the first page of a search engine than SEO. It wont hurt to do basic SEO, but dont spend all your time on it.
  • http://www.FastCash-CommissionSite.com/