Argumentative Paragraph Writing


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Exercise to help students understand how to write an Argumentative Paragraph

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Argumentative Paragraph Writing

  1. 1. Argumentative Paragraph
  2. 2. Writing an Argument Begin by taking a stance – a position or way of looking at the topic Purpose is to persuade or convince the audience (readers) of the soundness of your position Build your reasoning by using evidence to convince your audience – explain the evidence Stance – Purpose – Audience – Evidence: all are important elements of effective writing
  3. 3. REASONING ELEMENTS OF AN ARGUMENT Point: Stance Point of view - How the writer sees things Claim - How things are or should be Request - How the writer would like them to be Proof: Evidence From texts, internet, videos, etc. From experience Discuss: Explanation An explanation that links a piece of evidence to the stance so it is persuasive
  4. 4. EXAMPLE STANCE: Rap should be central to the high school English curriculum in urban public schools. EVIDENCE: In a recent media survey of students attending the two urban high schools, rap was rated as the favourite musical choice. Education researcher, Dierdre Paul, promotes rap as a valid literary genre alongside traditional poetry as a means of linking the culture of students to educational content. This will make them more engaged and successful. EXPLANATION: If students in urban high schools love rap so much, then those who typically would not engage in studying older works, like Shakespeare, might find rap lyrics a powerful source of statements about life. If a major reason we ask them to read older literature is to consider the life themes that seem ageless and universal across cultures and social groups, why not consider the same themes in rap music? There are many rap songs that present social tensions, raise issues about the role of women, love, money, and life and death. These are all themes that we could find in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Within culturally diverse urban schools, using rap alongside traditional literature can aid in the analysis of complex academic texts in ways that students find meaningful.
  5. 5. Argumentative Paragraph Rubric
  6. 6. Other tips Need a clear topic sentence/3 pt thesis Intro/Conclusion Write in 3rd person Develop Argument Logically Clear evidence given Evidence explained (analysis) Written formally (pick a tense, no contractions) Pro-nouns (they, it) Be specific
  7. 7. Argumentative Statement It was necessary for Canada’s war effort to put conscription in place because _______ , _______ & ________ .
  8. 8. Sources imgurl= M2aG75tO_mmQM:&tbnh=84&tbnw=130&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dfive%2Bparagraph %2Bessay&zoom=1&q=five+paragraph+essay&hl=en&usg=__oRn4BRkpXqJB8fwNontqUt4nDyo=&sa =X&ei=3HWbTP_SFIOhngfUn42yDw&ved=0CEIQ9QEwBQ