National Speakers Assocication of Australia (NSAA)-Western Australia Chapter Virtual Presentation


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National Speakers Assoc. of Australia-Western Australia Chapter Virtual Presentation

All about the opportunity for Professional Speakers in the Virtual Conference area.

Yes, there is a typo or too ;-) But I prefer speed over accuracey...

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National Speakers Assocication of Australia (NSAA)-Western Australia Chapter Virtual Presentation

  1. 1. Are You Ignoring a $US18 Billion Opportunity? Up
  2. 2. Know First • Be First • Profit First Craig RispinBusiness Futurist & Innovation Expert Up
  3. 3. The future is already here...its just not very evenly distributed. - William Gibson Up
  4. 4. Are You Ignoring a $US18 Billion Opportunity? Up
  5. 5. Up
  6. 6. Laura Stack-NSA President “Craig, 50% of all my speaking engagements are now virtual or hybrid. This trend is heading your way.” Up
  7. 7. NSA White PaperDownload it here: Up
  8. 8. Time for a Discussion1. Find a Partner - Not Sitting in Your Row!2. Sit with your partner - choose who’s first.3. First partner interviews, then you swap.4. The questions are on the next slide.5. You only have 1 minute each! Up
  9. 9. Questions for Your Partner:1.Have you read the NSA Whitepaper?2.How comfortable are you trying out new technologies?3.What’s your expertise and how might you bring into the virtual world in the best way?4.What happens to organisations that don’t innovate? Is that true for speakers too? Up
  10. 10. NSA White Paper - Emerging Trends Globalisation Shifting Decision Makers Virtual Delivery Multimedia Sophistication Hybrid Meetings Information Access Networking and Interaction Green Meetings Up
  11. 11. NSA White Paper - Emerging Trends Globalisation Shifting Decision Makers Virtual Delivery Multimedia Sophistication Hybrid Meetings Information Access Networking and Interaction Green Meetings Up
  12. 12. Virtual Delivery Up
  13. 13. Follow us onPRODUCTS SOLUTIONS PARTNERS NEWS & EVENTS COMPANY RESOURCES SUPPORTAbout Vidyo In the Spotlight NewsWe make natural video communication Vidyo’s HD Video Conferencingavailable to everyone—from the office, Platform Now Supports iPad 2,home or while traveling—over general XOOM And Atrixpurpose IP networks, including theInternet. Vidyo has made telepresence- The Next Big Thing 2011: Thequality video conferences easy and Top 50 Venture-Backedaffordable on PCs, Macs and HD room Companiessystems. Up
  14. 14. - Local Vidyo Support Gerry Murphy Up
  15. 15. - Local Vidyo Support Gerry Murphy Up
  16. 16. Virtual Delivery Up
  17. 17. Virtual Delivery Up
  18. 18. Hybrid that combinesboth face-to-face andvirtual experience forlocal and remoteattendees. Up
  19. 19. 19,000 Attendees @ CiscoLive Up
  20. 20. Types Of Hybrid Meetings - Livestreaming live video and audio of F2F presentation streamed via the Internet Up
  21. 21. Up
  22. 22. Types Of Hybrid Meetings - Slidecast a set of slides broadcast on Internet with the synchronization of video & audio effects; allows multipleviewers to see deck simultaneously in a multimedia format, uploaded on a single source. Up
  23. 23. Up
  24. 24. Types Of Hybrid Meetings – Virtual 3Dmultimedia format that gives real time experienceof moving around in 3D environment and contains an audiocast, livestream or webinar of F2F event Up
  25. 25. Up
  26. 26. Up
  27. 27. Green Meetings Up
  28. 28. Surprise Bonus Content! Up
  29. 29. What Automate’s Craig’s Office:1. Google Apps (Worldclass Mail, Calendar, Docs, Sites)2. Google Apps Market Place (100’s of click-to-install apps)3. (Online Appointement System)4. (Best Email Marketing Service)5. (Social-Aware Customer DB System)6. (Fantastic Card & Receipt Scanning)7. (Killer Website Builder+Hosting)8. (Capture/Find Any Digital Files Instantly)9. (Never Forget Anything Again)10. (Free Alternative To Photoshop)11. (MYOB Online Alternative)12. (Email Alerting System) Up
  30. 30. Google Apps Up
  31. 31. Google Apps Up
  32. 32. Google Apps Up
  33. 33. Google Apps Marketplace Up
  34. 34. Up
  35. 35. Up
  36. 36. Up
  37. 37. Up
  38. 38. Up
  39. 39. Up
  40. 40. Up
  41. 41. Up
  42. 42. Up
  43. 43. Up
  44. 44. Up
  45. 45. Up
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