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Giftbook punta brava residence.30.07.10

  1. 1. PUNTA BRAVA RESIDENCE punta brava RESIDENCE Sant Feliu de Guixols Girona
  3. 3. discover peace of mind . . .
  4. 4. COSTA BRAVA Located on the Mediterranean Sea, Costa Brava experiences idyllic weather conditions throughout the entireyear. Its one hundred kilometer long coast- line is surrounded by beautiful mountains,hidden coves, and forests of pine, oak, and cork trees. On Costa Brava is located Sant Feliu deGuixols, a town with an incredible locationthat is known to be a major port and tour- ist area, for good reason. It´s beaches are impressively kept, as the city contains its own irrigation system in order to keep the crystal clear sea water from mixing with wastewater from the town. PUNTA BRAVA RESIDENCE
  5. 5. history & culture Due to it’s prosperous shipyards, cork production and own sea consulate Sant Feliu de Guixols is one city along Costa Brava that has maintained itsindependence. Over centuries the town kept growing and by the sixteenth and seventeenth century the city was booming thanks to it’s fishing and boat building industries. By the nineteenth century, the corkindustry was thriving and it was then that the majority of the city’s buildings andbeach front promenades were developed. However, Sant Feliu des Guixols, to this day, still holds true to its cultural roots. Cultural Events: Cribs Display Habaneras Recital of Sant Feliu de Guíxols Parade of the Three Kings (Sant Feliu de Guíxols) Jardins de Cap Roig Festival Castell de Peralada Festival Casino Castell de Peralada Museums: Salvador Dalí museum in Figueres Museu del Castell de Peralada Casa Albertí History Museum MAC Empúries in L’Escala PUNTA BRAVA RESIDENCE
  6. 6. food & DRINK Sant Feliu is known for it´s numerous restaurants and bars, one of which is the Nou Casino de la Constancia (top right picture), which is a great place to relax and have a drink. The city and it’s surroundings offer up over 50 restaurants and cafes to eat at, ranging from a menuof fresh fish, fruits, and vegetables to small cafes and pizzerias. One restaurant that is not to be missed isEl Bulli, one of the most experimental and well known restaurants of the world. Located in the nearby town of Roses, ElBulli´s master chef will give you a gourmet experience that will be beyond belief. **El Bulli (in nearby Roses, featured on left page) *Eldorado Petit Other exclusive restaurants: El Celler de Can Roca Restaurant Sant Pau PUNTA BRAVA RESIDENCE
  7. 7. active lifestyle Costa Brava encompasses endless possibili-ties with the ultimate combination of activi- ties. Diving, sailing, swimming, hiking and bikingas well as guided diving tours, fishing excur- sions, kayaking, windsurfing, waterskiing, surfing, and SkiBus´ are just a few of the popular attractions. With so many towns in such closeproximity, it is worth to travel to other loca-tions. As Isla Medes has some of the best div- ing and fishing spots on all of Costa Brava.The tiny country of Andorra has two ski areasin the Pyrenees that are anything but small: Grandvalira is in fact Europe’s largest ski area outside the Alps. The closest ski resort to Punta Brava (about 120 km) and also the oldest one in Spain is La Molina.These areas offer first-rate skiing enjoyment in the winter and wide range of outdoor activities in the summer. PUNTA BRAVA RESIDENCE
  8. 8. golfGolf in the Costa Brava has received the dis-tinction of being the world’s best emerging golf destination.PGA Catalunya Golf Resort´s internationallyknown courses are the ultimate Spanish golf- ing experience. Since the opening celebration in 1999, PGACatalunya has quickly gained an impeccable international reputation and is currently ranked #2 in Spain. Location: 50minutes from Barcelona, 15minutes from Girona, 20 minutes from Costa Brava Beaches, 5 minutes from Barcelona (Girona) airport, Caldes de Malavella. Other well known golf courses: Pals Golf Club Peralada Costa Brava Golf Course Girona Golf Club Club Golf Costa Brava Santa Cristina d’Aro Club Golf d´Aro - Masnou at Platja d’Aro PUNTA BRAVA RESIDENCE
  9. 9. festivitiesIf you happen to travel to San Feliu at the right time, you will find that rumors aretrue. The city is certainly well known for parties and festivals. The major festivals include Carnival (in February), Porta Ferrada InternationalFestival (July - August) for theater, music, and dance, and Fiesta Mayor (August) - atraditional Catalan festival held on August 1st to celebrate Sant Feliu himself. PUNTA BRAVA RESIDENCE
  10. 10. relaxation After a day of outdoor adventures, it´s finally time to kick back and relax. San Feliu de Guixols holds true to every idea of a relaxation and leisure. Take an easystroll down Passeig dels Guixols, the majorsandy boulevard of the city or perhaps visit Plaça del Mercat, the local market. Other attractions include the famous Casino la Constancia, a historic casinobuilt in 1888, the Alva Park Resort and Spa(featured on left page and following page)which is one of Costa Brava´s most incred- ible and famous spas. PUNTA BRAVA RESIDENCE
  11. 11. spas and poolsThere are many pools and spas located inSant Feliu de Guixols, many of which areincorporated into the hotels in the area. Along with the wellness Hotels and Spascomes the Sant Feliu Municipal swimming pool, a public pool that includes all the amenities necessary for day spent in ultimate tranquility. ** Alva Park Resort and Spa * Hipocrates Curhotel*The Municipal Swimming Pool at The Sports Zone Corxera *Eden Roc Hotel *Centre de Salut Port Salvi PUNTA BRAVA RESIDENCE
  12. 12. location & site PUNTA BRAVA RESIDENCE San Feliu de Guixols location Sant Feliu de Guixols is not only a beauti- ful coastal city, but is incredibly accessible by many modes of transportation. It is only 44 km from the Girona - Costa Brava airport, 23 km from the railway station at Caldes de Malavella, 35 km from Girona, and 110 km from Barcelona. Nearby are located private heliports: Costa Brava Centre in Platja d’Aro, He- liport de Serveis Generals del Circuit de sant feliu de guixols Catalunya in Granollers bilbao heliports/privats sant feliu barcelona madrid de guixols Because of the Sant Feliu´s extensive spain mallorca punta brava residence communications with the surrounding seville cities, transportation to and from San Feliu is particularly easy. There are both public punta brava modes of transportation via train (RENFE), as well as major coach services. The highspeed train Ave connection be-Google maps location: tween Barcelona - Girona is currently,+Spain&sll=43.408329,7.323662&sspn=11.395823,19.753418&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=St+Feliu+de+Gu%C3%ADxols,+Girona,+Catalonia,+Spain&t=h&z=14 under construction. Punta Brava (4km from San Feliu) PUNTA BRAVA RESIDENCE
  13. 13. where is your limit ?
  14. 14. master plan & SitePUNTA BRAVA RESIDENCE Total Plot Area 4281.66 m2
  15. 15. THE CONCEPT Basement We propose a large garage for four cars, a dignified entry to the staircase and elevator, wine cellar, a spacious bathroom and a storage facility. The site Our conception of the basement is not as a garage with concrete floor and fluorescent lighting, but as a genuine hall with fine The most important issue of this project was to understand the terrain in its complexity and to place the house accordingly. materials and natural light.The access road runs by the bottom of the site and the goal was to place the house as high as possible. As we go up the hill the ground is becoming more and more attractive culminating with a fantastic view. Ground floorWe find impressive views to the west overlooking the settlement of Punta Brava that are even better to the east, over the sea It is primarily a bedroom floor. and the distant coast of Sant Feliu. In the north is the communication with the service area at the upper floor by a staircase. Closer to the center of the house is theThe building is suited uniquely to the sloping terrain and consists of basement, ground floor and first floor and it is located at west oriented guest bedroom suites. the northern part of the plot. The master suite is located in the “forward corner” with magnificent views and large terrace. Oriented to the east and adjacent to the master suite, are the children rooms with a playroom. In addition to the internal connection the eastern bedrooms can be accessed independently by the longitudinal belvedere terrace. On this floor there are also a TV room and home cinema, and another living room on the master suite that can be used as a games room, pool, music room, library, etc. It all depends on the family composition and the hobbies. First floor This is where the noblest rooms of the house are located (the living room, dining room, porches, solarium, and pool). The living looks at both views, east and west, and is in the “forward corner “of the construction. Part of the roof is flat allowing tall win- dows providing an interesting lighting and also access to the roof terrace. An entire wing, parallel to the pool, has a gym, a sauna and a spa. From the swimming pool a waterfall runs through the courtyard to reach the terrace underneath where a staircase can communi- cate directly the pool area with the bedrooms, without going into the living room.
  16. 16. Room AreaBASEMENT FLOOR Garage (5 Spaces) 173.82 m2 Circulation 62.19 m2 Services 65.14 m2 Storage 21.00 m2 BASEMENT FLOOR GROUND FLOOR FIRST FLOOR Installations 47.48 m2 Useful Area 369.63 m2 Room Area Library/TV 18.39 m2GROUND FLOOR Main Suite + Bathroom + W. Closet 87.23 m2 3 Guest Suites + Bathrooms 91.53 m2 2 Main Bedrooms + Bathrooms 71.39 m2 Circulation 96.46 m2 Home Cinema 21.36 m2 Safe Room 14.62 m2 Useful Area 401.52 m2 Room Area Living 122.17 m2FIRST FLOOR Dining 38.68 m2 Kitchen 41.04 m2 Circulation 19.27 m2 Pool area 110.05 m2 External areas 498.01 m2 Useful Area 331.21 m2TERRACES Terrace Area Pool terrace 109.66 m2 Sun terrace 157.40 m2 Ground floor terrace 105.40 m2 Roof terrace 121.95 m2 TOTAL CONST. AREA Area Basement floor 416.35 m 2 Ground floor 476.08 m2 First floor 391.65 m2 Terraces 494.41 m2 Total Area 1778.49 m2
  17. 17. interiorThe best quality standards are present in the interior design.The difference is made by the details. PUNTA BRAVA RESIDENCE
  18. 18. interior Space connectionsinside - outside relations transparency freedom feel the power of lightPunta Brava Residence: A window to the sea PUNTA BRAVA RESIDENCE CHALET, PUNTA BRAVA
  20. 20. interiorPUNTA BRAVA RESIDENCE
  21. 21. terraces & poolRelaxation & contemplation, sea, sunsetexercise & fitness, family life, events PUNTA BRAVA RESIDENCE
  22. 22. terraces & pool PUNTA BRAVA RESIDENCE
  23. 23. terraces & poolwarm mediterranian breeze perfect weather deep blue bright nightsenjoy the power of nature. PUNTA BRAVA RESIDENCE
  24. 24. terraces & pool The big ideas in lifeare the result of small pieces of knowledge Punta Brava Residence: The result of many smalldreams transformed into big reality PUNTA BRAVA RESIDENCE
  25. 25. terraces & pool PUNTA BRAVA RESIDENCE
  26. 26. landscape Rivers & Tides the mix of movement and soundsfeel the experience of nature flow with the water look for the peace of your soul PUNTA BRAVA RESIDENCE
  27. 27. landscape The spirit of naturePunta Brava Residence:the new way of living PUNTA BRAVA RESIDENCE
  28. 28. landscapePUNTA BRAVA RESIDENCE
  29. 29. landscapePUNTA BRAVA RESIDENCE
  30. 30. Exterior photographs by Artur Bossy LandscapePUNTA BRAVA RESIDENCE