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  1. 1. ASHTON COVE VILLAS – BARBADOSAshton Cove Villas Barbados is a development of private luxury villasset against the stunning backdrop of a Caribbean paradise. All you need todo is visit us once to realize that you belong here, to experience the art of afine living in a luxurious home away from home. Barbados itself is amagical place, where refined luxury and exceptional culinary delightsmingle among lush, tropical greenery with the crystal waters of theCaribbean ocean as your own personal backyard. Spend your daydiscovering the shopping, vibrant culture and passionate spirit that makesBarbados more than a destination. Ashton Cove Villas give you the choiceto be right in the middle of the action of on your own enjoying the slow easybreeze. Ashton Cove is located only steps away from the beach and next tothe upscale Port St. Charles Marina. Ashton Cove Villa truly delivers to yourrefined taste and will exceed any expectation. Ashton Cove is really theplace to be and celebrate.
  2. 2. Barbados is a gorgeous island paradise of the Caribbean just northeast ofVenezuela in the North Atlantic Ocean, stretching 23km (14miles) at itswidest point and 34 km (21miles) in length. The island has an estimatedpopulation approaching 287,000 people, with approximately 100,000living in the vicinity of Bridgetown, the largest and capital city. Barbados isone of the Caribbean’s most popular tourist getaways and is the mostdeveloped island in the region. The island enjoys a stable climate perfect for lying back on the beach.With an average daily temperature of 78F/26C. And average daily rainfallless than 1/4 an inch and 3000 hours of annual sunshine. Its hard to
  3. 3. imagine a place that enjoys weather any more perfect than here. It iscolorful as much as it is gracious, unique as much as it is historic. Barbadosdistills its unique blend of West African and Caribbean culture togetherwith its elegant British heritage, giving it a flavor unlike any otherdestination in the world.Ashton Cove Villas is private Caribbean living at its finest, each unitblessed with stunning views of the ocean. It has four of the finest twobedroom units with all the comforts of home and the luxury living of anupscale resort. From the moment you enter the units you will notice thespecial attention to detail and our commitment to quality. This gatedcommunity is safe and will be maintained safe year round by professionalstaff to make your stay 100% stress free. Ashton Cove enjoys a 24-hourconcierge service, secure climate control storage for your personalbelongings and a chauffeured house Land Rover for your transportationneeds. As well, you will have to access to an array of nearby entertainment,cultural, retail and dining options. In summary, it is a carefree ownership ata fraction of the price with great returns on your investment.Ashton Cove - All of our villas have been designed and furnished withquality and luxury in mind, featuring open plan living spaces with fullyequipped kitchens, stainless steel appliances and granite countertopsthroughout. Bedrooms overlooking the ocean, each air conditioned with theMaster Bedroom enjoying of a full en-suite bathroom. The entire projecthas been meticulously designed by Casa Bellas own Nicola McGeoch toachieve sophisticated and lasting interiors.Fractional Ownership is not a new concept but at Ashton Cove Villas wehope to redefine it. If you want to own an impressive second home,complete with personalized services and located in an expensive resort areabut cant quite justify the expense because youll only be using it a fewweeks or months of the year, the fractional ownership may appeal toyou. The success of any fractional ownership property has everything to dowith its management. With Ashton Cove Villa you can rest assure that you
  4. 4. are purchasing a piece of the Caribbean that will remain hassle-free. Todate there have been very few private villa fractional developments. Thedemand is high. As a result, it is likely that there will be a substantialappreciation, rather than the depreciation that usually occurs withtimeshares.Celina