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  • SC State Housing uses:Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flikr, (Associated w/ Social Media: Wikipedia, Constant Contact)Why: Heighten unknown resource in the stateImprove visibility for web search results (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)Word of mouth gives credibility to our products (i.e. Many scam organizations that offer mortgage\\foreclosure assistance) *Someone is more likely to trust our products if they see it as a “like” or “tweet” by a friendPeople have misunderstanding of what we do (not just low income housing)Use partnerships to boost our following (and theirs) on social media sites (groups with large followings – TV\\Radio stations, media, elected officials) * Sr. Pinckney’s Public ForumNon-traditional uses: * Job postings (assists with specialized job searches) * Training announcements for housing industry (Palmetto Affordable Housing Industry)Story Telling: *Find that human interest stories get much more attention than facts & figures *Individual helped by SC HELP program *Sheriff Lott bought his first home using our homeownership program (Used to promote Palmetto Heroes Program)
  • Twitter:Balancing act:Want to provide relevant content to followers; not bombard them with the most tweets.Time factor: 15% job duty for 1 employee
  • First make the case for social mediaTook months to convince management that this was an area we needed to integrate into our marketing effortsTraditionally don’t need to drive business to our agencyNow, critical part of our outreach effortsPolicy Purpose:guidelines that apply to the flow of information between the Authority and its employees,customers, business partners, board members, or other parties with a material interest.Policy supports: * Official Accounts & Publishers: * Topic Matter & Guidelines: what agency accounts should and should not cover * Inappropriate Content: predominantly focused on inappropriate content on agency social media sitesOur policy does NOT: *Serve as watchdog over employee “personal” social media use or postings *Computer use policy that offers these guidelines * We do allow use [not abuse of] web access to our employees, including to social media sites, at agency
  • These questions are asked to the attendees to get feedback
  • Hr advisory social media presentation 3 12

    1. 1. about Social Media in theWorkplace-Dr. Curtis R. Rogers, CommunicationsDirector, SC State Library-Cynthia Dannels, Marketing & HumanResources Division Director, SC StateHousing
    2. 2. • Social Media for PR• Social Media Policies• Thinking Differently about Social Media• Examples• Resources
    3. 3. “The days of shouting and imposing your message on the masses are gone.” – Erik Qualman, Author of Socialnomics
    4. 4. • What types of social media are out there?• How are state agencies and “Social media sites will organizations using it? change. Concepts will not. Be flexible.”• Why is it different from traditional forms of communication (i.e. email, telephone, press releases)?• How is it effective?• Lets look at some examples
    5. 5. • Policy Purpose: Guidelines for the flow of [social media] information between the agency, its employees, customers, business partners, etc.• Content Areas: • Official Accounts & Publishers • Topic Matter & Guidelines • Inappropriate Content (limited)
    6. 6. You shouldspecificallyaddress SocialMedia in yourEmployeeHandbook…
    7. 7. Interact with people in social media, or risk becoming irrelevant.
    8. 8. Steps to keep inmind when you’retrying to get yourorganization onboard with socialmedia…
    9. 9. 1. What are some ways you COULD use social media in HR?2. What are some ways you SHOULD NOT use social media in HR?3. What do you think is the best social networking tool and why?
    10. 10. • Doing social media so it matters by Laura Solomon• Cracking the new job market : the 7 rules for getting hired in any economy by R. William Holland.• Social media analytics : effective tools for building, interpreting, and using metrics by Marshall Sponder.• Mining the social web by Matthew A. Russell.• The social media survival guide : strategies, tactics, and tools for succeeding in the social web by by Deltina Hay.• ROI of $ocial media : how to improve the return on your social marketing investment by Guy Powell, Steven Groves, Jerry Dimos.
    11. 11.