Does social media matter state housing forum 2012


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Does social media matter state housing forum 2012

  1. 1. Does Social Media Matter?Revitalize Your Social MediaEfforts NOW! Curtis R. Rogers, Ed.D.,Communications Director
  2. 2. Quick survey Does your organization use Facebook? Twitter? YouTube? LinkedIn? Flickr? Pinterest? Others?
  3. 3. 66% of online adults… As of February 2012, 66% of online adults use social networking sites. Find more social networking stats at
  4. 4. DISCUSSIONWhy are these statistics important?How can you use statistics like these?
  5. 5. How is yourindustrychanging?
  6. 6. Social Media Policies Does your organization have a social media policy? Make it a separate policy or part of employee handbook. Don’t reinvent the wheel!
  7. 7. Steps todevelopinga SocialMediaPolicy
  8. 8. More stats! Mobile + apps Statistics  The number of smartphones shipments is expected to be almost one billion in 2015  This billion will be dominated by Apple, Google and Microsoft, who will enjoy 90% of market share with their respective platforms
  9. 9. Social commerce Sales via social commerce expected to reach $30 billion in five years by 2015 brands will be generating 50% of their web sales through social media and mobile platforms with a projection of $30 Billion
  10. 10. Social media for businessstatistics 58% of businesses saw a drop in marketing costs by moving to social marketing 78% of women are happy to share what brand they prefer, compared to 74% of men
  11. 11. Pinterest statistics 2012 In February 2012 Pinterest had 10.4 million users Pinterest is retaining and engaging users 2-3 times better than Twitter was at a similar time in Twitter’s company history
  12. 12. Twitter statistics 2012 InFebruary 2012 Twitter had 500 million registered users (approx 200m active) Twitter users send 175 million tweets each day The top three countries on Twitter – USA (108 million), Brazil (33 million) and Japan (30 million)
  13. 13. Facebook statistics 2012 InFebruary 2012 Facebook had 850 million users Of the 850+ million Facebook users, 31% check in more than once a day
  14. 14. LinkedIn statistics 2012 InFebruary 2012 LinkedIn had 135 million users 50% of LinkedIn users have a bachelor’s degree or higher There are 2 million companies on LinkedIn
  15. 15. General Internet statistics 2012 In one day on the Internet:  Enough information is consumed to fill 168 million DVDs  294 billion emails are sent  2 million blog posts are written (enough posts to fill TIME magazine for 770 million years)  172 million people visit Facebook  40 million visit Twitter  22 million visit LinkedIn  17 million visit Pinterest  4.7 billion minutes are spent on Facebook  532 million statuses are updated  250 million photos are uploaded  22 million hours of tv and movies are watched on Netflix  864,000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube  More than 35 million apps are downloaded
  16. 16. What are yourthoughts?
  17. 17. Discussion What unique ways has your organization used social media?
  18. 18. Social Media ManagementTools
  19. 19. Learning Exercise Thinkabout Social Media, the communities you serve, and your organization. In small groups, take 6½ minutes to discuss:  How to make social media more effective for your organization.  When you get back to work, what are your next steps? There will be time to volunteer your results!
  20. 20. Resources available from the SC StateLibrary or your local public library Doing social media so it matters by Laura Solomon Cracking the new job market : the 7 rules for getting hired in any economy by R. William Holland. Social media analytics : effective tools for building, interpreting, and using metrics by Marshall Sponder. Mining the social web by Matthew A. Russell. The social media survival guide : strategies, tactics, and tools for succeeding in the social web by by Deltina Hay. ROI of $ocial media : how to improve the return on your social marketing investment by Guy Powell, Steven Groves, Jerry Dimos.
  21. 21. THANK YOU!Curtis R. Rogers, Ed.D.,Communications Director
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