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  1. 1. BusinessOpportunityMeeting(BOM)
  2. 2. Dreams – what do you want to have and achieve in your life?
  3. 3. Dreams i. Financial ii. Social iii. Emotional iv. Health v. Time freedom
  4. 4. Who are living life with these dreams?i. Employees (without prejudice)ii. Businessmen
  5. 5. EmploymentStable JobFixed IncomeLimited IncomeBossNo time freedom
  6. 6. BusinessUnlimited IncomeFinancial FreedomTime freedomBoss
  7. 7. Are we ready to do business? i. Capital ii. Expertise iii. Product iv. Manpower v. Time
  8. 8. Types Of Business Traditional Franchise Business BusinessCapital INTENSIVE MORE INTENSIVEExpertise Needed Badly NeededManpower Needed Badly NeededOverhead BIG VERY BIGROI LONG TERM LONG TERMIncome Potential LIMITED LIMITEDSuccess Rate 40%-60% 80%-90%Territorial Restriction Limited LimitedRISK BIG BIG
  9. 9. Types Of Business Traditional Franchise Franchise MLM Business Business Business BusinessCapital INTENSIVE INTENSIVE INTENSIVE VERY SMALLExpertise Needed Badly Needed Badly Needed Learn as You EarnManpower Needed Badly Needed Badly Needed NONEOverhead BIG VERY BIG VERY BIG NONEROI LONG TERM LONG TERM LONG TERM IMMEDIATEIncome Potential LIMITED LIMITED LIMITED UNLIMITEDSuccess Rate 40%-60% 80%-90% 80%-90% 100%Territorial Restriction Limited Limited Limited NONERISK BIG BIG BIG NONE
  10. 10. MLM(Multi-Level Marketing)
  11. 11. Let’s do MLMi. Small start up capitalii. Opportunity for alliii. Residual incomeiv. Attractive home based businessv. 100 billion dollar industryvi. Time freedomv. Great potential to be millionaire
  12. 12. • Power of Multiplication
  13. 13. • Power of Multiplication 24HRS/DAY MR. YOU BOSS8hrs/day 320,000hrs/day
  14. 14. • Power of Multiplication Mr. Boss 40,000 Emp X 8hrs X Pph10 = Pph3.2M 1 Day 1 Hr 1 Day You10,000 x 10x 30Yrs = Pph3M … 1 Day of MB20,000 x 10x 30Yrs = Pph6M … 2 Days of MB50,000 x 10 x 30Yrs = Pph15M … 5 Days of MB100,000 x 10 x 30Yrs = Pph30M …10 Days of MB
  16. 16. Partner yourself with a COMPANYthat has proven its SUCCESS for along period of time.
  17. 17. A COMPANY THAT HAS:• Undisputed Integrity & Stability• Best Products• Proven System• Trainings & Support• International & Local Representations
  18. 18. DXN came from the word DAXEN which means… • Integrity • Trustworthiness People with above qualities will manifest • Cheerfulness Red – Rising sun, positive thinking Green – Vitality and growth Blue – Water, the Company as the basis of growth
  20. 20.  18 Years In Operation Since 1993  DEBT-FREE • Ranks TOP 40 Direct Selling Company (Worldwide)
  21. 21. Public Listed in Kuala Lumpur’s Stock Exchange (KLSE) Market: • Financially stable • Bonus payment guaranteed
  22. 22. One Total CompanyCultivates Manufactures Distributes
  23. 23. DXN PHILIPPINES •12 Years Since 1999•“Almost 300 Service Centers Nationwide.”
  24. 24. DXN is consistently among the Top 1,000 corporations in the Philippines Year 2002 Year 2003 Year 2004 Year 2005
  25. 25. DXN Awards & Affiliations•DSAP and HADSAP Member•BIR’s List Of TOP-PAYING Corporations•2006 Top Family Product and Service Award•The Global Brands Award•Global Recognition For Excellence•BIR’s Top Taxpayer Awards•Outstanding MLM Company•Year-end Excellence Award•Asia Pacific Int’l Honesty Enterprise•Best Global MLM Company•Most Outstanding MLM Company•Health Care (ARAP) Awards•2005 People”s Choice Awardee
  26. 26. ACHIEVEMENTS:Doctor of Science (AlternativeMedicine)Conferred by the Indian Board ofAlternative MedicinesDoctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)in Holistic MedicineConferred by the Indian Board ofAlternative Medicine DATO’ DR. LIM SIOW JIN Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  27. 27. Vision Statement “To Promote Health,Wealth and Happiness" DATO’ DR. LIM SIOW JIN Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  28. 28. The Company Of The FutureThe World Health Organization (WHO)estimates the size of the global marketfor herbal products at (USD 80 billion) 2000 to grow to (USD 200 billion) 2008, (USD 1 trillion) 2010 and (USD 50 trillion) 2050.
  29. 29. DXN PRODUCTS Food Supplements BeveragesPersonal Care Household
  30. 30. Scientific Name: GANODERMA LUCIDUM Other Popular Names: REISHI / LINGZHI Commercial Cultivation in Asia:  1975 – Japan  1980 – Taiwan  1983 – Malaysia Ranking in the Oldest Chinese Pharmacopeia:RED MUSHROOM – Miraculous King of Herbs NO. 1
  31. 31. The red mushroom isassociated with the ancientgoddess Reishi Senshi whowas a deity of health, lifeand eternal youth.“Soup of the Emperorwith a Thousand Mistresses”it is also called“Divine Herb that energizes the“Chi or Life Force”
  32. 32. GanodermaHeart Gano Lucidum Ruyi Gano Lingzhi Kimshen Gano Reishi Brain Gano Kabute Liver Gano Peacock Gano RED MUSHROOM – Miraculous King of Herbs
  33. 33. Ganoderma LucidumPOLYSACCHARIDESADENOSINETRITERPENOIDSORGANIC GERMANIUMUNSATURATED FATTY ACIDSVITAMINS (calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium)STEROLS (lanosterol, ergosterol)
  34. 34. 1. Anti-Cancer Activity2. Immune System Enhancement / Strengthening3. Anti-Oxidant Effect4. Colon-Cleansing5. Anti-Hypertensive6. Lowering of Cholesterol Levels7. Lowering of High Blood Pressure8. Acts like Steroids / Energizes the Body9. Insulin-like Action10. Anti-Allergy11. Anti-Hepatotoxic Action12. Inhibition of Platelet Aggregation13. Improves Blood Flow and Circulation14. Improves Oxygenation of Cells15. Strengthening Nerve and Brain Functions16. Promotes Healing in the Body17. Analgesic Effect18. Serves as Building Blocks
  35. 35. BANNER PRODUCTSREISHI GANO (RG) GANOCELIUM (GL)90 day old Fruit Body 18 day old MyceliumDETOXIFIER BALANCERSupports the body to cleanse Supports the body to regulate,the water soluble and non water build and regenerate cells andsoluble toxins out of its system. tissues.
  36. 36. Reishi Gano (RG)•Reishi Gano (RG) is a kind of mushroom essence formulatedfrom Ganoderma Lucidum.•It is harvested from a 90-day old red mushroom.•It contains a wide variety of nutrients such as polysaccharides, adenosine, triterpenoids protein and fibre.Daily intake of Reishi Gano (RG) helps in normalizing the entirebody functions and maintains the healthy well being.
  37. 37. Ganocelium (GL)•Ganocelium (GL) is produced from a 18-day old mycelium of Ganoderma Lucidum.•The mycelium is rich in polysaccharides, adenosine, organic germanium, triterpenes, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.GL is effective in improving the generalhealth our body.
  38. 38. • Spirulina is 100% alkaline food that helps regulate the acid-alkaline balance (pH) of the body.• Source of green food• Contains all major nutrients for performance. It contains chlorophyll for better performance.• High concentration of vegetable protein• Cellulose-free cell wall makes it highly digestible.• Rich in natural nutrients which are readily absorbed• Ideal health food
  39. 39. 1. Amino acids2. Beta carotene3. Chlorophyll A4. Phycocyanin5. Gamma linolenic acid6. Superoxide dismutase
  40. 40. SPIRULINA FOOD EXCHANGE VALUE Vitamin A 225 Apples (Beta-Carotene) 14 Bottles of Milk 4 Bowls of Rice 8 Sardines12 TABLETS Vitamin 2 Potatoes 210 GrapesSPIRULINA B-Complex 5 Oranges 120 grams Cheese 7 Glasses of Milk Vitamin E 2 Chickens
  41. 41. DXN Spirulina Cereal•Spirulina is well-known as a balancednutritious food while the high fibercereals are usually recommended bythe nutritionists.• DXN Spirulina Cereal is made fromhigh quality cereals and spirulinapowder and one of the best nutritional sources.
  42. 42. COCOZHI•Cocozhi is formulated from the finest cocoa with Ganoderma extract.• It is in a ready to drink powdered form, which gives you a chocolate taste.•Aside from the fine cocoa aroma,you can also enjoy the benefits of Ganoderma.
  43. 43. Lingzhi Coffee 3 In 1•DXN Lingzhi Coffee is specially blended with finest quality coffee beans, sugar, non-dairy creamer and 100% Ganoderma extract.•It has no artificial coloring, flavoring, or preservative thus the aroma and taste of the finest coffee beans is retained while the efficacy of the Ganoderma in regulating body system is maintained.
  44. 44. Lingzhi Black Coffee•A unique formula, Lingzhi Black Coffee finest qualityinstant coffee and Ganodermaextract, thus a perfect beveragefor the health-consciousconsumers.•It is sugar-free, suitable for thosewho want to limit their sugar intake.With Ganoderma as one of itsmajor ingredients, this variant is a great choice toperk up your day.
  45. 45. Spica Tea•Spica Tea is specially blended from naturalChinese herbs including GanodermaLucidum and Radix Glycyrrhizae and othernatural elements.•It does not containpreservatives, artificial coloring, orflavoring.•Best during uncertain weather, when peoplewould feel their body heat increase, lack ofappetite and feel sleepy from time to time.Spica Tea is an ideal drink for all ages.
  46. 46. MorinzymeDXN Morinzyme is a concentratedbotanical beverage juice that containsall the natural enzymes produced fromthe fermentation process of noni fruits.The primary important componentin noni is a large molecule calledproxerine, a precursor to xeronine- an essential alkaloid whichactivates enzymes.Enzymes are important for metabolism thus enhancing digestion,nutrient absorption and promoting efficient cellular function.
  47. 47. Morinzhi•Morinzhi is a nutritious botanical beverage speciallyformulated from Morinda Citrifolia andis enriched with Roselle.•Morinda citrifolia has been traditionallyused as health drink among the folks inSouth Pacific region.•Morinzhi juice is rich invitamins, minerals and antioxidants.•It enhances digestion and nutrientabsorption, and assist in cellular regulations.
  48. 48. Roselle Tablet•Roselle or its scientific name HibiscusSabdariffa is a flowering plant used to growin both tropical and subtropic regions.•The swollen red calyces of the plantcontain rich amount of Vitamin C andMinerals such as zinc, calcium andmagnesium.•The exclusive DXN Roselle tablet providessufficient Vitamins C, D, B1 and B2.Vitamin C is necessary to keep your immune system strong,promote healthy gum and beautify your skin complexion.
  49. 49. Roselle Juice•Roselle Juice is specially made from theextract of Roselle calyces.•It is rich in Vitamin C a potentantioxidant, which aids in healing woundsand in maintaining stronger bones and teeth.•It contains Beta Carotene, Vitamins B1, B2and B6 (essential co-enzymes in metabolicprocess).•It is an all-natural juice drink for a healthyimmune system.
  50. 50. Cordyceps•DXN Cordyceps is made of 100%Cordyceps Sinensis. It contains No ArtificialFlavorings and Colorings.•It contains various nutrients and activeingredients, which include cordycepic acid,cordycepin, amino acids, glutamic acid,polysaccharides, vitamin B12 among others.It has been long-treasured as essential tonicto enhance blood circulation, and maintainhealthy kidney function and respiratory system.It helps revitalize the body by promoting blood circulation and increasingstrength.
  51. 51. Cordypine•DXN Cordypine blends qualitycordyceps and naturally fermentedpineapple juice.Cordypine is a potent formula as thepineapple enzymes produced fromfermentation are capable of workingactively with cordyceps giving betterresult and excellent performance.DXN Cordypine is the best health food suitable for people fromall walks of life. Regular consumption of DXN Cordypine helpsin maintaining and improving our body system.
  52. 52. Lion´s Mane•Lion´s Mane contains bioactivesubstances such as polysaccharides,adenosine, hericenones anderinacines.•Helps to support a healthy digestivesystem.•It improves indigestion, relievesstomach and duodenal ulcer and chronic gastritis.•Helps to maintain a healthy nervous system.
  53. 53. Bee Pollen•Bee Pollen is an excellent source of Vitamin Bcomplex, beta carotene, minerals, amino acids,lecithin and enzymes.•An effective supplement for those who areon diet or fasting.•Helps to break fats in body. Helps toincrease cellular calories burning capacity.•An instant energy booster that enhances alertness,relieves brain fatigue and improves physical performance.•No chemical additives and preservatives.•Assists in the maintenance and improvement of your general well-being.
  54. 54. Potenzhi•Potenzhi is a powerful male tonic supplement to reviveyour passion and vitality.•It contains power-packed, highest potency and qualityof Eurycoma longifolia Jack (Tongkat Ali) and ButeaSuperba extracts, which are well known to boost upmale physical strength.•Reinforced with seven precious herb extracts whichinclude Ganoderma, Cordyceps, black pepper, celery,green tea, root of lalang and stem of kayu secang.These herbs have been long treasured as an essential tonic to invigorate maleperformance and regain virility.Overcomes mental fatigue and exhaustion,strengthen physical performance.Daily consumption of DXN Potenzhi helps to improve blood circulation, boost upenergy level and endurance.
  55. 55. Andro-G•Andrographis Paniculata is a traditional herbrecognized by herbalists for centuries as anatural remedy for upper respiratory infections,fever, sore throat and flu.•It contains andrographolide, a bitter compoundthat contributes therapeutic effects of this herb.•Used for detoxification.•Helps to reduce excessive body heat due to its cooling andsoothing effect .
  56. 56. Ganozhi Toothpaste•DXN Ganozhi Toothpaste contains nosaccharin and coloring but with highquality of Ganoderma extract, food gel,menthol and food flavouring.•It effectively cleanses and whitensyour teeth while leaving a pleasanttaste in your mouth.•It also makes your teeth healthierand brighter..
  57. 57. Ganozhi Body FoamEnriched with Ganodermaextracts, DXN GanozhiBody Foam gently cleansesyour skin without removing theskin’s natural oils thus, leaving yourskin soft and smooth.
  58. 58. Ganozhi Soap•Ganozhi Soap is specially formulated andenriched with Ganoderma extract and palm oil.•It gently cleanses the skin while preservingits natural oils without damaging skin structure.•The use of palm oil enriched with vitamin Eand anti-oxidant agents helps to revitalizeyour skin and delays the aging. Ganozhi Soap leaves your skin feeling smoother and softer.
  59. 59. Ganozhi Shampoo•DXN Ganozh Shampoo with pHbalance is suitable for all hair types.•Enriched with Ganoderma extractand Vitamin B5, DXN GanozhiShampoo is mild and it makes yourhair healthier, softer, and shinier.
  60. 60. Gano Massage Oil•Gano Massage Oil contains the finestPalm Oil and Ganoderma extract suitablefor every massage need.•It is all-natural and rich in antioxidant.•Best for all skin types and ages. For a surefire way to a satisfying massage encounter, use Ganozhi Massage Oil.
  61. 61. Aloe – V Facial Cleansing Foam A mild yet effective facial cleanserthat cleanses away impurities andoil, leaving your skin stay fresh,smooth and more translucent.
  62. 62. Ganozhi Complete Skin Care SeriesSimple steps to endless beauty …Skin is the largest organ in our body. Itacts as a barrier that surrounds andprotects our body from various harmfulelements in the environment. Trulybeautiful skin starts from deep withinyou and has a great deal to do withbalanced diet, good digestion, soundhormone level and choosing the rightskin care for your skin.
  63. 63. DXN proudly introduces Ganozhi Complete Skin Care Series, a botanicalskin care formulation, to fulfill your daily basic skin care needs. It is suitablefor all skin types.Ganozhi Liquid CleanserA gentle yet effective cleanser for aswift cleansing action.•It is formulated with preciousGanoderma extract, Fagus Sylvaticaextract, Yeast and Panthenol.•It cleanses your skin deep into thepores, leaving your skin clean andrefreshed.
  64. 64. Ganozhi Toner•An effective toner formulated tominimize skin pores while leavingyour skin soft and hydrated.•Formulated with premium qualityGanoderma extract, FagusSylvatica extract, Allantoin andPropolis Cera.•Balances your skin pH andprepares your skin for the followingessential step- moisturize your skin.
  65. 65. Ganozhi Moisturizing MicroEmulsion•A renovated moisturizer designed to hydrate andnourish your skin.• It is empowered by the latest technology(nanotechnology), which helps to maximize theabsorption of ingredients of GanozhiMoisturizing Micro Emulsion.•Designed with nano-sized molecules, it penetratesinto your skin faster and effectively.•Ganozhi Moisturizing Micro Emulsion gathers the goodness of theGanoderma extract, Fagus Sylvatica extract, Ginseng extract, Arnicaextract and Vitamin E, leaving your skin smooth and radiant all day long.
  66. 66. Chubby Baby Oil•Fortified with Pure Oil, Rosemarieand Wheatgerm extracts to cleanse baby’sskin.•It is a skin conditioner that moisturizesbabys delicate skin and helps protectskin from dryness, chapping and flaking.•It helps to seal in moisture so skinfeels baby soft, smooth and silky all daylong.•It is also effective for adults to remove eye make-up, softeningrough elbows and heels.
  67. 67. Talcum Powder•DXN Talcum Powder gives you asmooth and comfortable feeling allday long, relieves discomfort fromprickly heat and minor skin irritation.•It is also luxuriously scented to giveyou a pleasant smell and confidencewherever you are.
  68. 68. KEYS TO DXN SUCCESS USE Enjoy the benefits of DXN products and discover their strength and efficacy. SHARE Share your experience to others and encourage them to use DXN products, too. BUILD Sponsor and register others into the business; motivate and guide them to be successful through DXN.
  69. 69. = 118 PTS. = 6%-37% UP to 71% MonthlyREBATES & BONUSES Plus Cash & Travel INCENTIVES!
  71. 71. YOU Move 1 Product a day1st Month = P297 (US$6.9) 7th Month =P749,479.50 (US$17,429)2nd Month = P2,673 (US$62.2) 8th Month =P1,954,969.90 (US$45,464)3rd Month = P8,613 (US$200) 9th Month =P4,954,969.90 (US$115,231)4th Month = P28,215 (US$656) 10th Month =P9,020,810.70 (US$209,786)5th Month = P108,213 (US$2,516) 11th Month =P16,665,694.70 (US$387,574)6th Month = P364,567.50 (US$8,478) 12th Month =P28,792,100.70 (US$669,583) Total = Pph62,284,313.70 US$1,448,472.41
  72. 72. YOU Move 1 Product a day •1st Month = Pph373 (US$87) •2nd Month = Pph4,212 (US$98) •3rd Month = Pph25,524 (US$638) (SA) •4th Month = Pph123,444 (US$2,871) (SR) •5th Month = Pph542,772 (US$12,623) (SD)*Figures do not include Profit Sharing and Leadership Bonus.
  73. 73. Purchase yourStart-up Business Kit! The New Package will be offered starting June 1, 2011 fon only P2,500! 1)New Leatherette Starter Kit 2) 1Pair RG-GL90s A great way to jumpstart your DXN Business!
  74. 74. WEALTH• is the prize of a decisive action TAKE HOLD OF YOUR FUTURE! ACT NOW!
  75. 75. For more information contact us: 02-5521447 63932-9171256
  76. 76. THANK YOU