How to Create a More Giving Asia, One Movement at a Time


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Presented at Crowdsourcing Week 2013 by Aseem Thakur, Give Asia.

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  • Welcome
  • World Giving Index 2011. As a region, Asia has seen the largest growth in overall giving.It polled a total of 153,000 people, of which at least 500 are Singaporeans.This is the second time the survey was conducted.Participants were asked three questions: whether they had given money, volunteered their time, or helped a stranger, all in the preceding month.Mr Laurence Lien, chief executive of Singapore's National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre, told my paper that the findings show that "giving is not a way of life in Singapore yet".
  • What is a movement ? It is ….. Let me tell you a story of a movement
  • Since the arrival of Web 2.0, we have seen how crowdsourcing, collaboration, accessibility and community has changed the way in which we share, receive and consume information. As a result, the Webtoday is poised to connect the world together and try to solve some of the global issues that plagues our society.Now if we take the best characteristics and apply it to philanthropy, “What would Philanthropy 2.0 look like?”
  • Well, what we came across was thisWe get KIVA which provides microloans for the poorEach dot on the map symbolizes the geographic influence that the KIVA has madeWe also see UshahidiWhich aims to provide real time and accurate crisis news through mobile reporting Then we Have Free Rice, which lets people play games and their scores will be translated to grains of rice to be donatedAnd lastly, we have Twestival. Which pretty much invites people through twitter to meet at a social party and give to a charity So how do we put Singapore on this map? This is where comes in to the picture.
  • What motivates Asia
  • The basics of giving remain the same in Asia as well. 4 main reasons why people give.
  • Did you know that just US$1 will provide a student in need with a brand new Room to Read book, published in their local mother language?
  • In 2012, I joined critical mass.
  • Welcome Habitat day…
  • Choose us
  • Combine Tech to amplify it using platforms for changemakers
  • People want giving to be more social. Personal lifestyle that people of proud of as part of their personal image, and they want to tell their friends and family, it's not arrogance but pride
  • First thing you realize is more people empowered to do things create better results
  • The second thing we see is more creative ideas come up which makes it even more fun
  • Example 1 of grassroots charity by young people
  • Example 2 of grassroots charity by young people
  • Example 3 of grassroots charity by young people
  • Channel Their Passion for Good -> sports (stanchart) + play (lovedare) + b’day (Declan)
  • I’ll leave you with this phrase
  • How to Create a More Giving Asia, One Movement at a Time

    1. 1. HI, I’M ASEEMCo-founder of
    2. 2. A MORE GIVING ASIAone movement at a time
    3. 3. Where does Asia stand in terms of giving?World Giving Index 2011
    4. 4. MOVEMENTais a typeofgroup action whose memberswant tocarry out, resist or undochangeSOCIALa
    5. 5. IGNORED & EMBARASSEDwishing you were invisible while you pray for it to end
    6. 6. WEB 2.0ParticipationDesignUsabilityAccessibilityThe Long TailJoy of Use User CenteredSimplicityCollaborationSharingCommunityConvergenceWikisVideoAudioCrowd SourcingGift EconomyWidgetsFolksonomyWhat WouldPhilanthropy 2.0 Look Like?
    7. 7. Microloans for the poor Crisis news by mobileTweet. Meet. Give.Play games & donate
    9. 9. Why we do what we doWe want to make giving a part of Asianlifestyle and support social good projects inAsia. We do so by creating platforms thatinspire social good actions.2009Angel investment2010YES! SpringSingapore grantTo Date50,000+followers$5,000,000+channeled to projects125+partner non-profits
    10. 10. Whatmotivatespeople togive?
    11. 11. To Be Happy
    12. 12. To Feel Important
    13. 13. To Create A Success Story
    14. 14. To Join A Movement
    15. 15. KEYS TO A SUCCESSFULMOVEMENTThe science behind individuals and organizationscollaborating for change
    17. 17. MOVEMBERKeep a moustacheBe unique and look coolRaise awareness and funds for malecancerEXAMPLESMOUSTACHESMAKES AD I F F E R E N C Eold man oldmaster
    18. 18. EARTH HOUROff the lightsEnjoy an memorable experience withfriendsRaise awareness for global warmingEXAMPLES
    19. 19. HAIR FOR HOPEShave your headGain a daredevil reputationBring hope to the children fightingcancerEXAMPLESHAIR FOR HOPE
    20. 20. Courtesy: &
    21. 21. PLATFORMS FORCHANGEMAKERSGIVEwebsitesWhite-labeledwebsitesSince 2009, we have plugged in the GIVE engine to empowermany sites across Asia to encourage more people to join thesocial movement
    23. 23. M A R A T H O NS I N G A P O R E$20K $250K
    24. 24. C H A R I T YB I K E ’ n ’ B L A D E$150K $385K $550K
    25. 25. MORE IDEAS = MORE FUN2
    26. 26. GIVE BIRTHDAYSCelebrations can also be more than justabout you. Dedicate your b’day to yourfavorite charity cause.
    27. 27. A MORE GIVING ASIAone movement at a time"Nobody ever comes out and says theyare in favor of starving children, orinadequate sanitation, or war andconflict. And yet they persist. So how is itthat if no-one is for these things, andeveryone is against them, theseproblems continue?"Ray Suarez