The 7 Habits of Brand Participation


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Crowdsourcing offers enterprises a whole new way to mitigate risk and innovate for the future through engagement with their crowds. In this presentation, Shelley Kuipers will discuss effective approaches to crowdsourcing for product and brand innovation.

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  • Chaordix is a marketing technology and services company.

    Our head office is in Calgary, AB, Canada, we’ve had another office in London, UK for several years and we’ve plans for an expansion to the New York later in 2014.

    We’ve actually been crowdsourcing since before the term even existed, first at our predecessor company, Cambrian House, and since 2009, as Chaordix.

    We’ve got 750,000+ participants worldwide on our Crowd Intelligence platform, which we’re constantly innovating with help from our clients and partners.

  • These are some of the brands we work with.
  • And this is what we believe, our central organizing principle:

    Participation is the new brand.

    What does that mean to us?

    The landscape has changed.

    Stakeholders – clients, customers, passionate brand fans -- are demanding participation and it’s possible because of technology shifts and global reach of organizations.
    Brands and organizations are under increasing pressure to be more effective in the markets and communities they serve, and they need ‘participation’ to drive innovation in their businesses.

    The landscape has changed and there’s no going back.


    Today we wanted to walk you through some lessons we’ve learned from working with our clients about how to engage with this new world. There are lessons gleaned from work across different communities, industries and countries.

    We call them…

    The 7 Habits of Highly Participative Brands

  • Here’s Habit #1.

    Simple enough, right?

    But who are they?

  • Brands can build their crowds from groups they already know about or through targeted recruitment of desired stakeholders.

    And communities can feature overlap between any or all participant groups.

    Additional notes:

    With respect to known stakeholders, we can:

    Integrate with existing systems
    Expressly engage, communicate with and track participant sub-segments

    With respect to desired stakeholders, we have the ability to:

    Craft recruitment strategies to identify and onboard participants
    Leverage a range of recruitment sources: direct panel, social media, referrals, co-op brands, targeted advertising
    Target and track specific demographic, lifestyle and other profile criteria

  • Habit #2 is actually composed of three key elements….

    Strategic on-boarding


    Community management

    The early stages of a community are critical for the engagement of your crowd.

    It starts with the onboarding process, with actually starts before the formal launch of the community.

    As an example, a community could launch in this order…

    Coming Soon – We create a domain home for the community with a static image or teaser information, to create early buzz and set the stage for the next piece of the community...

    Apply Now – Some communities don’t just involve signing up and you’re in. Here, this communication gives interested prospective participants the opportunity to register for a chance to join the community. The sense of exclusivity adds to the desirability of community participation. And further builds excitement. Plus, selecting community member from a base of applicants allows us to craft the right demographic profile for a given community.

    Reserve Your Spot – And in some communities, participants can be immediately drawn in from the very first touchpoint. That means they’re building their basic profile and are able to engage in some initial communication with others in the community (and start forming those critical bonds and relationships).

    Welcome & Warm-up – Here, we’re in the earliest stages of the community, which means filling our richer profiles, communicating with other members AND engaging in some light activities. You’ll see how closely the onboarding process matches traditional in-person communities.

    Program 1 – An initial program of, typically, 6-8 weeks kicks off. It further builds community bonds and engagement and connects all participants to your brand in the community. And surfaces the first waves of insights for innovation through calculated programming and a diverse set of communications channels.

    To that last point….
  • You need a variety of integrated communications channels to 1) deliver content and exclusive information and news to community members.

    These channels also allow community members to 2) engage in structured and freeform dialogues with each other and brand ambassador and experts.

    So that’s two things right away. Exclusive content. And both structured and freeform dialogues.

    The key in communications is really the diversity of channels –e.g. marrying lightweight fun activities like trivia questions with deeper dives into areas of brand focus.

    With the proper mix, there are plenty of ways for the crowd to contribute and to receive information. The participant experience is engaging, fun and delightful.

    And critically – the mix of qualitative and quantitative insights, ideas and data captured through these channels aren’t just about keeping participants engaged.

    They are the collective building blocks of the predictive intelligence that leads to innovation.
  • The other critical role we need to call out here in terms of participation and engagement is in-community leadership.

    Community moderation is central to a healthy community.

    The Moderators keep the community focused, humming and energetic so participants stay engaged and keep contributing.


    Additional notes:

    Engagement: Including raising levels of engagement, participation & contribution
    Observation & Topline: Including ranking & toplining key participant discussions, contributions
    Analysis & Interpretation: Including curation and analysis of key contributions, preliminary interpretation
    Community & Program Reporting: Including monthly activity reports, community & program contribution levels and performance
    Client Expert Moderation/Panelist (Chaordix Training): Training and mentoring of client’s moderators and /or panelists for Assisted community
  • So once the crowd is engaged – how do you KEEP them that way for the life of the community?

    The answer is found in Habit #3.

    To keep participants participating, you have to make the experience meaningful for them.

    That means you have to connect to the organic drivers of human behavior – both intrinsic and extrinsic.
  • To do that, let’s discuss four key areas:

    Achievement Frameworks: In collaboration with each client, unique “achievement frameworks” are designed and configured to drive desired participant behavior in each community. E.g. LEGO.

    Intrinsic Rewards: While many participants are motivated intrinsically by the opportunity to contribute to the brands they care about, custom badges and points systems are also designed and configured for each community.

    Extrinsic Rewards: Extrinsic rewards including on-brand prizes (e.g. Barclays), related or complementary sponsorship awards (e.g. Amazon), or cash prizes (most likely for innovation funding) may be incorporated.

    Moderator Recognition: Chaordix moderators (or Client Expert Moderators) can provide badges, points, kudos throughout the program for exceptional participation and contribution.

  • But let’s add another layer onto how you keep the community engaged.


    Participative brands make sure to include targeted programming for the variety of participant types in their communities – that means a wide selection of activities.

    At the beginning of a community we always open with the lightweight activities I mentioned earlier -- to engage the crowd and foster community.

    But it’s important for brands to be deploying a deep activity toolkit to appeal to different participant types

    Those are always presented in a targeted mix to drive desired strategic outputs – both qualitative and quantitative.

    But it’s not all calculated.

    We always leave room and space for the crowd to interact more casually. Think about an off-the-cuff conversation you might have with a coworker at a water cooler. That’s where we often find unexpected insights, which often prove the most valuable for disruptive innovation.
  • Habit #4 is about focus. And where to put it.

    This is really key.

    Sustainable crowdsourcing is about moving participants through a process. Not just ideas.
  • Successful – and sustainable -- crowdsourcing goes far beyond idea management.

    <Walk through key highlights; top and bottom bars are key:

    Differences in FOCUS (idea vs. participants)

    Differences in OUTPUTS (surplus ideas/noise vs. predictive insights)>

    SK -RICH ALGORITHMS MEASURE QUANITY AND QUALITY (based on what the crowd thinks, moderators and subject matter experts)
  • And as participative brands build high-performing communities, the smartest ones look to fully leverage their crowd’s value by applying it to different business challenges across the enterprise.

    That’s Habit #5.
  • The applicable uses for the crowd are broad –

    from drawing insights from employees,

    to driving brand innovation from fans,

    to creating product innovation with internal company experts,

    to thought leadership with partners/suppliers,

    to social innovation to improve the communities we live in.
  • Habit #6.

    You have to manage the crowd. Because they need to be managed.

    It’s very, very hard to innovate with a mob of people who haven’t been given constraints and focus for their thinking.

    You need to channel the crowd’s energy into something productive for your brand.

    How do you do that?
  • By taking people through a process.

    I’ve said it once already today and here it is again.

    This is another of our foundational principles at Chaordix.

    Our approach to distilling contributions – and people -- from the crowd.

    <<Walk through distillation process.>>
  • And the final habit - #7 - is the big one.

    It wraps up all the previous habits into one core asset for the participative brand.

    Build the innovation engine.

    Truly participative brands are committed to ongoing engagements with their crowd.

    Because out of those engagements come the greatest rewards.
  • To explain that….

    Innovation capacity expands – often exponentially – with the maturity of a managed community.

    <Walk through one-time campaign vs. persistent – key theme focused on how moving participants through a managed process enhances innovation capacity>

  • Participation is the new brand.

    These people are your clients, your employees, your stakeholders….

  • But they may also be the keys to the future of your brand, your organization and its profitability….

    Don’t let their voices go unheard…..

  • Thank you.
  • The 7 Habits of Brand Participation

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