Managing a Global Digital Community for Content Creation


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How can digital communities be built, nurtured, rewarded and motivated for a win-win proposition? Here is a primer on managing crowdsourced output.

By Bruno Pellegrini, Userfarm. Presented at Crowdsourcing Week Brussels 2014. More info:

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Managing a Global Digital Community for Content Creation

  2. 2. OUR GOAL To be the first choice for content creation by major brands, publishers, broadcasters, e-tailers.
  3. 3. OUR MISSION To galvanise the skills and creativity of our global network of filmmakers, and produce compelling and quality videos with rapidity and scale.
  4. 4. VIDEO RULES, EVERYWHERE! Video is no longer a “nice to have”. Today, any large global or local brand produces hundreds of videos every year as part of it’s communications approach: Video Advertising for OnLine, Mobile and Social channels will grow up to $20BN in 2017 (global media spending) and recent data confirm the need for local adaptation, personalized messages, real time communication. A constant stream of fresh and original Video is a must for growing and engaging Social audiences on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, G+, etc. Video is more and more used for product tutorial, corporate presentation, CSR activities, customer reviews, private convention or public event, top management comms, in- store information, consumer insight to name a few. “Video Contests” are frequently included in marketing campaigns as a tool to maximise engagement and visibility.
  5. 5. Production experience Video Amateur: little experience or new Videomaker: active users Filmmaker: chosen for quality and skills Pro Teams: professional production teams Skills Advertising: TV ads, virals and promo video Fiction: short movies, web series, Animation: animation, illustration and CGI Video Art: music videos and digital art Narrative: documentaries, storyteller We are a global network of 55,000+ content creators. Our creators come from 120+ countries with extensive presence in US and Europe. Our team classify each creator based on his profiles and past contributions. WHO WE ARE
  6. 6. Our studio is a state of the art digital collaborative space where content creators get info on open projects, create groups, participate, find material and tips, receive assignments, complete tasks, discuss with moderators, submit proposals, win prizes and get paid. OUR STUDIO
  7. 7. We work with leading brands, agencies, publishers and broadcasters to produce tv commercials, on line video advertising, viral video, corporate and product video, web series, tv shows, documentaries,… WHAT WE DO… Call For Videos Creativity / Visibility Pro Pitch Quality / Creativity Direct Assignment Quality / Time
  8. 8. Our Smart Production Model allows to achieve significant better performance than the Traditional one in terms of: Cost: our cost are 70% less on average vs traditional model Scale: there are no limits in quantity of content we can produce Time: we can activate creators in few minutes and produce real time video Creativity: our clients can choose from a wide creativity and many point of views, Ubiquity: we can run global as well as city specific projects at the same time Under full management and total respect of code brand and values OUR MAIN BENEFITS
  9. 9. CASE STUDY Candy Crush Saga Among 60 approved submissions King selected 5 winners. 24 hours after posting the winning video on the Candy Crush Facebook Page there were more than 41,000 shares registered. The post further generated over 48,000 likes and 5,500 comments (all organic, no paid post promotion) resulting in a total of 1.13 million views.
  10. 10. CASE STUDY Ferrero (ITA – 2014) The client wanted to produce a web series around the main character of Kinder Pinguì (ie Charlie the penguin) so we launched a pilot contest on Userfarm receiving more than 60 proposals, a dozen of very high quality. At the end of the process Ferrero acquired the rights of 2 pilots and is now producing the first series.
  11. 11. CASE STUDY Nokia Lumia 925 Nokia France asked for 5 viral videos to highlight 5 different features of the new Nokia Lumia 925. In less than 1 month, through a Pro Pitch, the brand selected 5 ideas and we managed the production. Each video reached high levels of views and engagement on Facebook and YouTube.
  12. 12. CASE STUDY Barilla The Video Contest platform was used by Barilla to launch a call for video around its new Sauce positioning and delivered exceptional results:  200+ video submissions  1,2 million total video views  50k Facebook interactions
  14. 14. KEY SUCCESS FACTORS FOR A CROWDSOURCING VENTURE 1. GROWING DEMAND 1. GROWING SUPPLY 2. DISECONOMIES OF TRADITIONAL MODEL I believe that a new crowdsourcing based player can benefit from the combination of having an emerging demand – thus not proposing just as a substitute for the incumbent players but trying to serve a new segment of the market – and a fast growing supply market – making accessible to more and more people the technologies and skills to produce at the level of the traditional model.
  15. 15. DIGITAL VIDEO PRODUCTION MARKET ESTIMATE AND FORECAST (EURO BN) Assumptions 1. Budget for the creation of video to be used for OnLine Video Advertising is considered 10% of the total in 2012 and 15% in 2017 due to the tendency to have always new, fresh, original, real time, personalized content for an effective campaign. 2. Budget for the creation of video to be published in brands’ social channel, without paid media, is considered to be growing from E0,15BN in 2012 to E1,0BN in 2017 (50% CAGR) 3. Budget for the creation of video to be published on brands’ site (product review, corporate video, etc.) is considered to begrowing from E0,2BN in 2012 to E0,9BN in 2017 (30% CAGR) 4. Budget spent from publisher and broadcaster to create original video for online distribution is expected to grow from E0,3BN in 2012 to E1,5BN in 2017 (50% 1.17 1.82 2.66 3.83 4.85 6.57 0.00 1.00 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 6.00 7.00 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
  16. 16. KEY LEARNINGS The early days of crowdsourcing are gone, the model needs to be continuously investigated and upgraded to become a sustainable competitive advantage.
  17. 17. USERFARM MAIN AREAS OF INVESTMENT 1. UPGRADE ACTIVATION MODEL 2. PROFILE THE CROWD 3. SIZE MATTERS BUT NOT AS YOU THINK 4. TECHNOLOGY IS CRUCIAL Since the beginning we invested on some specific areas of our business and specific to crowdsourcing (on top of the others which are commons to any start ups)
  18. 18. ACTIVATION MODEL How to activate and coordinate the crowd to deliver the best results? Open Call to harvest the widest creativity will not suit for Pro Private Call respects privacy but limit visibility Private Pitch is good for quality less for quantity Direct Assignment can be managed step by step Micro Tasks is fine when different skills are required Group Participation can improve final quality At the beginning crowdsourcing was mostly about “open call / contest”, now it is all different and much more complex
  19. 19. PROFILING It’s not a crowd anymore. The more you know each member’s skill, quality, reliability, devices used, location, experience, (…) the more you can engage/activate them differently and improve the overall efficiency, performance and retention. We created a dynamic ecosystem for our crowd which is based on different clusters to give filmmakers the aspiration to grow and our internal team the knowledge to activate them using different model.
  20. 20. SIZE MATTERS But not as you expect. The right size of the crowd is related to the number of projects run, the time to complete a project and the fina rewards given. In most cases the real contributors are between 500 and 5,000 and represent no more than 5-10% of the total members. The rest is just talent scouting to ensure a constant refill of the crowd and recruiting of the best profiles to replace those which are leaving for their careers.
  21. 21. TECHNOLOGY The core of any crowdsourcing venture The real goal for any crowdsourcing venture is to let the technological platform become fundamental for any process of the company, not just a front end site for the projects and the crowd. In the mid-long term the platform will be the key asset of the company, totally customized for its needs, and the first barrier to entry for other players.
  22. 22. THANK YOU