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Crowdfuture en

  1. 1. The web has already liberated talentsand ideas. Now it’s time to liberatecapital. And that’s where crowdfundingcomes in, a democratisation of capital crowdfuturethat is happening quickly all around the Italy, Rome | Oct 2012world. Crowdfuture, the first crowdfunding event in Italy, will showcase some of the best examples and the most successful cases in the brief history of crowdfunding. It will highlight issues, solutions and provide an insight to the future of crowdfunding. |2
  2. 2. What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is... ...a method of raising capital, or resources, by collecting together lots of small amounts from a large number of people generally using the Internet and Social Media. |3
  3. 3. Crowdfunding Models Micro-Loan Reward-based Equity-based (Prestiti P2P) Donations in Purchase of shares P2P lending, often exchange of goods in a startup from at a much lower or rewards of a wide group of interest rate than various types. investors. the banks’. |4
  4. 4. 2.8 billion $ expected 470% growth since 2007 452 active 2011 2012 crowdfunding platforms 1.5 billion $ invested North America 50% 30% global capital investment 14%56% rest Crowdfunding in numbersEurope of the world [Resource] CROWDFUNDING INDUSTRY REPORT Market Trends, 1 million projects funded Composition and Crowdfunding Platforms | May 2012 Research Report - Massolution |5
  5. 5. The ConferenceDo you want to know what crowdfunding is, how it works,and how it is helping growth and innovation?Well, crowdfuture is the event for you!8.45_9.30 Registration9.30_9.40 Welcome9.40_10.00 Opening Speech The Conference10.05_10.25 Social Media & Social Innovation Get familiar with Reward-10.30_10.50 Reward Based Crowdfunding Based and Equity-based Crowdfunding, P2P and Social10.55_11.15 P2P & Social Lending Lending, and the legal aspects of crowdfunding.11.15_11.45 Networking Break Learn from case studies from11.45_12.25 Panel: Legal aspects crowdfunding platforms in the world and get an insight into12.30_12.50 Equity Based Crowdfunding what crowdfunding really is12.55_13.50 Round Table: The future of Crowdfunding from the people who are doing it.13.50_14.00 Closing Speech |6
  6. 6. The WorkshopsCrowdfunding is, before anything else, participation.Get involved in our afternoon workshops & co-designjams! The Workshops The afternoon will be co- created by you. Do you want to showcase your crowdfunding platform? Have you got a story to tell about your latest crowdfunding campaign? co-design Co-design workshops, platform presentations, crowdsourced discussions and networking opportunities will deepen your understanding and knowledge about crowdfunding and show- case business innovation. Be part of the conversation and join one of the crowdfuture ...more info coming soon! workshops. |7
  7. 7. Fees*early bird normal 20,00€normal 40,00€student 15,00€normal 20,00€ Entrance Fees We tried to keep the entrance fees on a low in order to give access to a wide number of *Fees could vary until the 27th of september 2012. people. |8
  8. 8. Audience Anna P. Giovanni C. Riccardo F. 33 y/o 28 y/o 25 y/o social innovator startupper hippsterOcupation: Ocupation: Ocupation:university assistant video games programmer designerUsed Tecnology: Used Tecnology: Used Tecnology:Mac + Android smartphone Windows + Android Mac user, and iEverythinguser smartphone userInterests & Commitment: Interests & Commitment: Interests & Commitment:• interested in talks and • interested both in the • interested in crowdfunding Audience (1/2) workshops with a legal conference topics and in as the new buzz word, focus, and generally in the workshops this conference can be We designed the conference, the topics covered by • he hopes that it won’t be cool and it would feed his the workshops and the the event, in order to too expensive and that it narcissism understand the amount of will be easily accessible • no matter how expensive communication strategy innovation they can bring • he hopes that he will be it will be, he’s just of crowdfuture in order to to the market able to find some potential interested in how much speak to a wide audience• She hopes she will meet investors among sponsors networking he’ll be able of startuppers, managers, interesting people from a and partners to do lawyers, entrepreneurs & professional point of view students. |9
  9. 9. Audience Ivan G. Pina P. Rupert S. 38 y/o 44 y/o 55 anni backer lawyer VCOcupation: Ocupation: Ocupation:accountant civil lawyer managerUsed Tecnology: Used Tecnology: Used Tecnology:Windows and nokia 3310 user Mac + iPhone user Windows, iPhone and iPad userInterests & Commitment: Interests & Commitment:• he sees crowdfunding • interested in talks and Interests & Commitment: as a good opportunity to workshops with a legal • he wants to know more Audience (1/2) finance nice&interesting focus, and generally in about crowdfunding projects, making him feel the topics covered by because it’s a very We designed the conference, socially useful the event, in order to different way to finance the workshops and the• he’s also interested in understand what this new projects in comparison to potentially benefiting from phenomenon can bring to what he’s used to communication strategy it the scene. • price is not a problem of crowdfuture in order to• crowdfunding campaign • she thinks that lobbying because he’s got plenty of speak to a wide audience co-design workshops are on this issue can benefit money to spend :) of startuppers, managers, one of the main reasons the italian legislation and lawyers, entrepreneurs & why he decided to attend her activities as a lawyer students. the conference | 10
  10. 10. Organiserscrowdfuture - The Future of Crowdfunding is powered bytwintangibles from Glasgow & nois3lab from Rome. twintangibles is a Social Media consultancy and nois3lab is an All Media Agency focused on webdesign, research partner based in Glasgow offering a communication and event organization based in Rome. range of professional services focused on assisting The agency includes all the professional skills and organisations to understand, identify and create value means needed to develop products & services which from the opportunities presented by Social Media and are highly effective, creative and innovative. the mindset that underpins it. | 11
  11. 11. Social Media Unleashed 2011 Social Media Week Glasgow 2011 Event Experience In the past twintangibles and nois3lab organised and co- designed different events with Drupal Day Roma, 2011 Codemotion 2012 important Partners. Here some examples. | 12
  12. 12. If you want to engage with the Crowd, contact us and become part of crowdfuture - The Future of Crowfunding, the first crowdfunding convention in Italy ever. crowdfuture Italy, Rome | Oct 2012 Contacts Daniela Castrataro (twintangibles) Imke Bähr (nois3lab)foto by Kheel Center, Cornell University,«A large crowd gathers during the 1933 New York Dressmakers Strike.» | 13