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The State of Enterprise Crowdsourcing 2013

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  • 1. The State of Enterprise Crowdsourcing 2013 Not all big data projects can be accomplished with technology alone – many require a human touch. Data-driven enterprises are turning to the crowd to make sense of Big Data. Here's how: Who uses the crowd? H OW E NTE RPRIS E S U SE CROWDSOU RCING Top applications of crowdsourcing by industry. ECOMMERCE + INTERNET ADVERTISING + PR TECHNOLOGY Search Relevance Sentiment Analysis CRM Database Cleanup FINANCIAL SERVICES Business Data Enhancement TOP U SE S B Y ROL E How different job functions leverage the crowd. Machine Learning Training CRM Database Cleanup Customer Sentiment Data Completion + Verification DATA SCIENTIST SALES OPERATIONS DIGITAL MEDIA ANALYST DATA STEWARD T H E CROWD’ S FAVORITE TAS KS DATA ENHANCEMENT 24% SURVEYS 24% CATEGORIZATION 16% PHOTO MODERATION 13% CONTENT CREATION 8% CONTENT MODERATION 7% SENTIMENT ANALYSIS 6% TRANSLATION 1% OTHER 1% DA I LY E N TE RPRIS E CROWDS OU RCING ACTIVI T Y ~ 1,000,000 ~ 22,000 Completed Tasks People Completing Tasks Who is the crowd? WHERE THE CROWD LIVES 208 Countries and Territories 1. U.S. 2. CANADA 3. AUSTRALIA 4. CHILE 5. U.K. TOP RE ASONS PE OPL E COMPL E TE TAS KS 29% 28% 26% EARN MONEY PASS TIME ENJOYMENT GENDER TE CHNO LO G Y 52% 48% 67% 33% WOMEN MEN OWN A SMARTPHONE DON’T OWN A SMARTPHONE AGE 25 20 15 FEMALE % 10 MALE % % 5 0 18-21 22-25 26-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61+ CROWD E X PE RIE NCE How long the crowd has been completing tasks. < 1 YEAR 60% 1-2 YEARS 24% > 2 YEARS 16% SOURCES: CROWDFLOWER CUSTOMERS AND CROWDFLOWER SURVEY 2013.