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Gleansight Social Media Marketing


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Gleansight Social Media Marketing Report

Gleansight Social Media Marketing Report

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  • 1. November 2010 Gleansight . Social Media Marketing With more than 500 million people on Facebook, and with media outletsContent reporting every day on the brief, sometimes bizarre messages that celebri-Part 1: Topic Overview ties, politicians and corporations send out on Twitter, it’s clear that socialPart 2: Reasons to ImplementPart 3: Value Drivers media has entered the mainstream. Consumer product companies arePart 4: Challenges paying their agencies big money to incorporate social media into theirPart 5: Performance Metrics marketing campaigns. Retailers have moved beyond customer reviews,Part 6: Success StoryPart 7: Vendor Landscape and are giving consumers a much larger role in social selling. And you can scarcely watch a commercial without seeing the iconic Facebook,Sidebars:Survey StatsBenchmark KPIsCore TechnologiesGleanster Numbers Twitter and YouTube icons as part of the message. But the ROI on this effort is still squishy at best. Brands are still trying to determine the value of a Facebook fan, and there continues to be no consistent barometer of success. Given the dearth of reliable data, it’s no wonder that companies Rate & Review are struggling to determine just how much social media marketing is right Related Research for them. And practitioners are left to talk as much about the cost of not Tell a Friend participating in social media marketing as of the value of doing so. ThisNote: This document is intended for individual Gleansight explores what top performing companies are doing – anduse. Electronic distribution via email or by post- measuring – as they make their initial forays into social media marketinging on a personal website is in violation of theterms of use. and how they’re working to achieve their desired business objectives.Entire content © 2010 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.
  • 2. Gleansight: Social Media Marketing 2Survey Stats Part 1: Topic Overview With the phenomenal growth of Facebook and the staggering amount ofThe research findings featuredin this Gleansight benchmark attention paid to Twitter and YouTube, it’s clear that social media marketingreport are derived from the is on a rapid growth trajectory. Every day, established brands gainQ3 2010 Gleanster “Voice footholds on Facebook, lured by the giant audience and the opportunity toof the Customer” survey. communicate with its users. A few particularly aggressive companies have• Total survey responses: 396 begun creating large-scale viral campaigns—asking for customer photos• Qualified survey responses: 284 of their products, for example, or launching cause-based initiatives that• Company size: Very Small (18%); purport to have a larger sense of purpose. Small (31%); Medium (18%); Large (20%); Very Large (13%) Others have begun transacting commerce These days, brands are looking to social media• Geography: North America through Facebook applications and “tabs” marketing to increase customer acquisi- (67%); Europe (15%); Asia/ on their fan pages. Merchants and hospital- tion, advocacy and engagement, as well as Pacific (17%); Other (3%) ity companies have begun jumping on the increase return on marketing investment (i.e., location-based mobile marketing platforms. get consumers to buy more). Think of it as• Industries: Consumer and And some brands have found that they can word-of-mouth marketing writ large because Retail (19%); Technology and drive sales the conversations play Media (25%); Financial services by coddling out in the electronic (15%); Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare (12%); Telecom- bloggers or by directing “Despite the flurry town square. Marketers have long known that munication (4%); Other (25%)• Job levels: C-level (4%); SVP/VP special codes or promotions of activity, social consumers trust the opinion of people (13%) Director (20%); Manager (34%); Staff (19%); Other (10%) to customers who follow them media marketing they know – and even consumers they don’tSample survey respondents: on Twitter. Yet, despite the flurry remains experi- know –far more than they trust the opinion of• Director, Fujifilm Medical Systems of activity, social media marketing mental in nature.” the marketer hawking their goods or services.• General Manager, Genuine Health remains experi- Suddenly, marketers mental in nature, and marketers are making• CEO, HobbyTown USA can participate in the conversation and up the rules as they go. To date there is still affect the way consumers interact with one• Marketing Director, Siemens no consistent toolkit or industry standard to another and with their brands. Today’s social• Manager, Fidelity help marketers figure out how to brand, staff, media tools allow marketers to engage deploy and measure their social media efforts.• Manager, Chevron with customers who are active online and In truth, social media is hardly a new phenom- on mobile devices, in the hope not only of• Marketing Manager, Kohler enon. Companies like MySpace, Friendster securing their business, but also, impor-• CEO, Intercontinental Systems and SecondLife were born, raised cash and tantly, of spurring them to recommend the faded from glory long before Twitter became a brand to others in their network. This form of• Director, Unilever media darling. While indie bands, in particular, social selling is truly revolutionary in that it’s• Vice President, Retail, may have recognized the power of MySpace, enabling marketers to reach consumers they StonehamBank building digital fan bases by giving away never would have been able to reach through their work, launching albums, and sharing traditional push marketing, including email. the experience with online listeners, most Five years ago, a tech-savvy, digitally focused marketers stayed away from early social media company could find satisfied and particu- efforts, which were used after all by young larly unsatisfied customers venting on any consumers who looked askance at brands number of electronic forums, including online Rate & Review that appeared to be trying to encroach on bulletin boards, chat rooms and blogs, but their space. Even Facebook, the 800-pound Related Research the conversations were more isolated and gorilla in social networking, began with modest therefore harder to find. It’s the interconnected Tell a Friend ambitions. It wasn’t until 2006, when it opened nature of today’s social networks and the way the door to everyone – and then, more recently, they broadcast messages, creating permanentNote: This document is intended for individual made it easier for companies to marketuse. Electronic distribution via email or by post- search-friendly records, that make them soing on a personal website is in violation of the there – that brands started paying attention. powerful—and, also, potentially dangerous.terms of use.Entire content © 2010 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.
  • 3. Gleansight: Social Media Marketing 3Benchmark KPIs Part 2: Reasons to Implement Brands have plenty of obvious and some not-so-obvious reasons to addGleanster uses 2-3 key performanceindicators (KPIs) to distinguish “Top social media marketing to their overall communications and marketingPerformers” from all other companies strategy. The prevalence of Facebook and Twitter in their competitors’(“Everyone Else”) within a given dataset, thereby establishing a basis campaigns, the success of some high-profile efforts, and the idea that youfor benchmarking best practices.By definition, Top Performers are should fish where the fish are, clearly are having an impact on marketingcomprised of the top quartile of budgets. But, according to Gleanster research findings, the largest differ-qualified survey respondents (QSRs). entiator between Top Performers and Everyone Else lies in the area of increasing customer engagement: Top Performers place a higherThe KPIs used for distinguish-ing Top Performers focus on emphasis on increasing customer engagement, a nod perhaps to theperformance metrics that speakto year-over-year improvement in lingering inability to put classic ROI metrics on the marketing spend.relevant, measurable areas. Notall KPIs are weighted equally. 87% 90% 93%The KPIs used for this Gleansight are: Most• Improved customer- support effectiveness Compelling• Improved market research Reasons to effectiveness Implement*• Increased customer advocacy Increase customer Increase customer Increase return on advocacy marketing investment acquisitionTo learn more about Gleanster’s * According to Top Performers, based on 284 Qualified Survey Responses to the Q3 2010 Gleanster Voice of the Customer surveyresearch methodology, please clickhere or email Increase customer acquisition. The are far removed from business transactions. basic business premise behind social No doubt, brands will improve measurement media marketing is that organizations can in terms of dollars-and-cents outcomes. extend their customer base by leveraging Increase customer advocacy. Brands are the networks of people who have already well aware of the inherent value of word of “friended” (or “fanned” or “liked” or “followed”) mouth marketing and the importance of having them. Most social media platforms are set satisfied customers share their brand experi- up to automatically push their participants’ ences with others who are or might become ideas, thoughts and comments out to the customers. And since social media platforms people that are connected to them – and are built around the idea of sharing, it stands sometimes to the people who are another to reason that marketers would utilize these step removed. Marketers have long known tools as a vehicle for spreading positive that consumers trust the recommenda- word of mouth. The fact that social media tions of people they know (and even other content is indexed by search engines makes customers they don’t know) more than brand it of particular value over the long-term. messages. Authentic recommendations or referrals from friends/fans can heavily Increase customer engagement. Enticing influence the purchase decisions of others. consumers to interact with the brand through new contact methods provided by social media Increase return on marketing investment. platforms is seen as an important reason Companies and brands have some fairly well- for engaging in a social media marketing established formulas for determining the impact Rate & Review campaign. Increasing customer engagement or effectiveness of traditional marketing efforts. goes hand in hand with increasing customer Related Research They have long histories of measuring the advocacy in that it stresses the importance of open rate, click-through rate and the financial Tell a Friend getting customers to interact with the business success of an email campaign. But the tools in a new and visible way. Customers who make for measuring ROI in social media marketingNote: This document is intended for individual a brand a larger part of their life are likely touse. Electronic distribution via email or by post- largely remain a work in progress. While it’sing on a personal website is in violation of the spend more, become stronger advocates fairly easy to track the redemption rate of anterms of use. and have longer connections to the brand. online coupon, most social media actionsEntire content © 2010 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.
  • 4. Gleansight: Social Media Marketing 4 74% 77% 79% 66% ** Compelling Reasons to Implement* Increase market Increase store Increase customer“Social media exposure/brand awareness and/or website traffic engagement * According to Top Performers, based on 284 Qualified Survey Responses to the Q3 2010 Gleanster Voice of the Customer surveyhumanizes the ** According to Everyone Else, shown only when a notable disparity occurs relative to Top Performers Increase store and/or website traffic. practitioners (or the brands they work for) hip. The connection between a Facebook post It’s true that social media events can havebrand and makes and store traffic is pretty slim, except that it strengthens the relationship with the customer a negative impact on a brand’s reputation. But the way a company deals with a crisisit more real and and might make them more inclined to shop with a company in the future. That said, can exacerbate or defuse the situation. Increase membership in branded online some marketers are finding success withtangible.” delivering traffic-boosting messages inside their social media channels, using sales or customer communities. Branded online communities have had a head start in the customer engagement game. Successful other promotions – particularly messages communities often drive themselves. MembersScott Wilder, ex-General Manager, that are identified as “exclusives” – within recruit others and the search-friendly nature ofOnline Communities, Intuit those messages. Group coupon or shopping the user- generated content tends to be visible. networks have proven to be good customer But customer communities take a lot of work, acquisition tools, and location-based apps and seeing this as a reason to implement social can be used to target shoppers in the media marketing campaigns is an indicator of proximity of a physical store location. how brands struggle with community growth. Increase market exposure/brand Increase customer loyalty. It’s surpris- awareness. It used to be said that any publicity ing that, among Top Performers, customer is good publicity. Now it might be said that any loyalty netted out to be the lowest primary social media mentions are good mentions. It’s factor in a brand’s decision to move into not entirely true, of course. There is a lot that social media marketing. Brands used to talk can go wrong in social media. But brands have about improvement in customer loyalty as a learned that good social media participation big motivator. There are likely many reasons by employees, customers and other advocates for this shift, not the least of which is an can, in fact, build stronger brand awareness. improved understanding of what’s possible. The visible and indexed nature of social media It’s also true that the customers who are means that any customer interaction with a most drawn to a company’s social media brand is a public interaction, and the visibility presence – those that tend to become the of that interaction, through the networks and biggest advocates – are loyal to begin with. through search, can have a lasting impact. Change brand perception. Social media is hot now, but that doesn’t make social media 62% 66% 68% Less Rate & Review Compelling Related Research Reasons to Tell a FriendNote: This document is intended for individual Implement*use. Electronic distribution via email or by post- Increase customer Increase membership in branded Change branding on a personal website is in violation of the loyalty online customer communities perceptionterms of use. * According to Top Performers, based on 284 Qualified Survey Responses to the Q3 2010 Gleanster Voice of the Customer surveyEntire content © 2010 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.
  • 5. Gleansight: Social Media Marketing 5Core Technologies Part 3: Value DriversA successful social media In the rush to Facebook, marketers are discovering that different kindsmarketing effort requires multiple of content drive different kinds of results – and different social networksdisciplines and applications tofully realize the power of social respond in different ways. It was not that long ago that the experts warnedconnections. Following are some that brands could not “sell” in social media, that the audience wouldof the key technology enablers.Social media monitoring tools. rebel, and the social media efforts would fail. We have learned, however,A successful social media marketing that, when done correctly, it absolutely is possible to promote goods andcampaign should be backed by aconsistent, objective and ongoing set services to online fans and friends. As shown in to the FLASH charts inof monitoring metrics. Most monitor- this section, Top Performers are focused most heavily on taking advantageing vendors classify posts basedon whether their tone is positive or of the “social” aspect of social media marketing, indicating a begrudgingnegative, giving some insight intothe general response or perception acceptance of the current state of ROI measurement.of the company. They also measurethe volume of relevant conversationand sometimes the level of consumer 85% 86% 94%engagement or brand advocacy. Thesefactors can help brands adjust their Mostsocial strategy and start to determinewhether their social media efforts are Importantaffecting the overall brand promise.Specialized social media apps. ValueMany brands get started with simpleinteraction-based campaigns that Drivers*are built around content or links. But, Leverage the reach and Identify and engage Give consumers a good reason toincreasingly, brands are investing in multiplier effect of social networks top influencers want to share brand-related contentlarger apps or self-contained socialmarketing vehicles or websites that * According to Top Performers, based on 284 Qualified Survey Responses to the Q3 2010 Gleanster Voice of the Customer surveycan stand on their own or can beembedded into sites, blogs or socialnetworks. Generally more expensive, Give consumers a good reason to want on a small scale. Influencers are a funny breed.these apps give the brand more to share brand-related content. Good Brands should foster a positive relationshipcreative control over the social media community managers have learned over time with them, but should be careful not to “buy”experience and can form the basisfor longer-term or repeat engage- that one of the keys to a successful engage- their influence. Just showing them respect andments. Choose a vendor with a track ment campaign is to provide quality content attention, and giving them early information,record, who can demonstrate that that is relevant to the brand but which does should be enough to keep them involved.they can work in the social environ- not necessarily promote consumption ofments you are interested in, and who Leverage the reach and multiplier effect the brand. Marketers who run social mediawill use metrics to quantify success. of social networks. Social media platforms efforts for companies large and small need work by allowing people to connect and to remember that customers want to take communicate with circles of friends, each with the lead in advocating for the brand. Brands their own circle of friends. These overlapping might point them in the right direction, but and interconnected circles allow users to consumers will be most inclined to interact broadcast their stories to their networks, and with the content if it provides value, solves also allow the information to creep into the a problem, or is just plain interesting. larger networks. Marketers who create interest- Identify and engage top influencers. The ing offers, content or apps for these networks influencers and brand advocates that gravitate can find that the social capital pays off by to a company’s online communities and social sparking a “me too” connection to the brand. media sites are the Holy Grail for marketers. Adjust promotional tactics as needed, Rate & Review These are the people who will tell the brand based on campaign performance. Top story, rally others to the brand’s side, and Performers are outdistancing others by Related Research speak up when the need occurs. With the paying closer attention to the effectiveness of right social media monitoring tools, brands Tell a Friend their social media marketing, and changing can identify these people without engaging in course when necessary. Done right, socialNote: This document is intended for individual social media marketing themselves, but they’ll media campaigns can be pretty flexible inuse. Electronic distribution via email or by post- generally be at a loss to do anything about iting on a personal website is in violation of the scope and design, allowing marketers toterms of use. without joining the social media universe, even shift gears to reflect facts on the ground. InEntire content © 2010 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.
  • 6. Gleansight: Social Media Marketing 6 74% 79% 68% **Core Technologies(Continued) ImportantOnline community platforms.A component of the overall social Value Drivers *media marketing effort, branded onlinecommunities can provide continuedaccess and personalized connec-tions that may be harder to maintain Generate new content Adjust promotional tacticson external networks. Vendors in this and conversation on as needed based on campaign landing pages campaign performancespace should be able to integrate witha brand’s existing registration system, * According to Top Performers, based on 284 Qualified Survey Responses to the Q3 2010 Gleanster Voice of the Customer surveyprovide tools or moderation services to ** According to Everyone Else, shown only when a notable disparity occurs relative to Top Performershelp build the community and maintainorder, and allow users to syndicate fact, because of the two-way nature of most no slam dunk. They require a lot of TLC, andtheir content/participation into and social media, brands can get laurels for are something of a slow build. The challenge,out of other social media channels. adjusting their efforts in the face of criticism frequently, is in keeping the focus on buildingContent/promotion management or a lack of response. Either way, the ability the community long enough to actually buildtools. Social media tools are, by and to modify a campaign to make it more the community. Done correctly, brandedlarge, built to respond to our needto post and share our thoughts now. effective or to draw a larger response has communities can pay off in spades.They are not typically content manage- clear benefits that are not as readily available Integrate social media with other media buysment systems, meaning they lack the in more traditional marketing campaigns. and campaigns. Social media marketing isability to pre-post or re-use content ina database format. An effective social Generate new content and conversation seductive because there’s the perception thatmedia strategy will have to have a on campaign landing pages. Content costs you can do it on the fly – that you don’t needsystem to calendarize the campaign, money, and marketing content can sometimes the kind of planning and back-end supportto repurpose content across multiple come across as, well, marketing content. as you do for email marketing campaigns orplatforms, and to gauge the effective- User-generated content, on the other hand, traditional marketing efforts. More and moreness of any particular message. is generally authentic and is perceived by the marketers are adding Facebook and TwitterCRM integration. audience as trustworthy. This user content mentions to their ads and marketing collateral.Mapping social media activity to CRMsystems will let brands understand the can also make static pages seem alive, The callouts frequently are mere invitationsextent to which that activity is resulting offering a constant stream of changes. Brands to join or follow the brand on those sites. Butin incremental sales lift and affecting need to be willing to take their lumps, though, aggressive marketers are finding ways to bringthe customer purchase behavior. because these unvarnished and sometimes value to the fan for taking the action. They areSimple sharing of content or branding impolitic comments can be off-putting. offering exclusive content, special deals or earlyexposure is unlikely in the near termto provide CRM integration. But information. The comingling of social media Host one or more branded online customercoupon codes that lead to sales will marketing with other campaigns can have the communities. Branded customer communi-allow brands to do some mapping of effect of making the entire brand seem more in ties can be an effective way to gain customersocial handles to their CRM system. line with the sensibilities of today’s consumer. insights, marshal enthusiasm and develop advocates. Communities generally have strong value in natural search. But they are 70% 71% Less Important Value Rate & Review Drivers* Related Research Integrate social media with other Host one or more branded media buys and campaigns online customer communities Tell a Friend * According to Top Performers, based on 284 Qualified Survey Responses to the Q3 2010 Gleanster Voice of the Customer survey ** According to Everyone Else, shown only when a notable disparity occurs relative to Top PerformersNote: This document is intended for individualuse. Electronic distribution via email or by post-ing on a personal website is in violation of theterms of use.Entire content © 2010 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.
  • 7. Gleansight: Social Media Marketing 7 Part 4: Challenges Creating a positive and productive social media marketing experience takes ingenuity, work and a bit of luck. Many companies are taking a leap of faith that, by subjecting their brands to the uncontrolled flow of social conversations, they will earn the respect and admiration of their customers.“Social media But they are learning that even well-intentioned social media campaigns are fraught with danger, that it’s possible to fail, and to fail publicly. Theymarketing is have also learned that while some of the biggest campaigns look easy, they are anything but. As the FLASH charts in this section indicate, mostgoing to blow the brands are still struggling with campaign creation as well as with promotion and tracking.shingles off theroof once people 92% 94% Mostreally figure out Challenginghow to use it.” Aspects*Megan O’Connor, Director, Social Effectively promoting social Creating “viral worthy”Media Marketing, Levi Straus & Co. media marketing campaigns content * According to All Companies, based on 284 Qualified Survey Responses to the Q3 2010 Gleanster Voice of the Customer survey Creating “viral worthy” content. Ever since media campaigns can sell themselves. the first Mentos-meets-Coke video popped Tracking and measuring success. The up on YouTube, social media marketers have explosive growth of social media opportunities been focused on developing the perfect viral has not brought along an equally explosive video or YouTube moment. Problem is, it’s ability to measure the effectiveness of those virtually impossible to predict what content campaigns. And because brands are using will take off in the social sphere. The online a variety of platforms and tools to broadcast audience is not easily taken in by brand their messages, they are finding that they do messages, so marketers are well advised to not have one clear and consistent dashboard create authentic, shareable content (video to monitor success. There is progress being or otherwise), and open themselves up for made, however, and some prominent vendors customer review and commentary. With are introducing increasingly sophisticated luck, they’ll find something that works. But monitoring engines that will help to further more often than not, customer or third-party quantify and qualify social media success. content stands a better chance of going viral. Securing executive level buy-in. Senior Effectively promoting social media executives tend to focus on core business marketing campaigns. As with any new objectives and programs that can bring tool, marketers are finding that they have to measureable results. And many tradi- Rate & Review learn how to build and market their campaigns tional companies are very protective of effectively. The language of social media – brand image, making them leery of the Related Research from the words we use to the way we describe free-wheeling nature of the social Internet. ourselves and our customers – are different Tell a Friend All of this puts social media marketing at a than in traditional media, which makes it disadvantage. The tools are changing fast,Note: This document is intended for individual hard to fit into the cookie-cutter approaches the analytics are in their infancy, and there’suse. Electronic distribution via email or by post- often used for old-school marketing. Theing on a personal website is in violation of the no controlling what someone might say.terms of use. good news is that, when done right, social Wise marketers will seek executive buy-inEntire content © 2010 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.
  • 8. Gleansight: Social Media Marketing 8 76% 78% 83% Challenging Aspects* Making the business Securing executive Tracking and case in terms of ROI level buy-in measuring results * According to All Companies, based on 284 Qualified Survey Responses to the Q3 2010 Gleanster Voice of the Customer survey using metrics that are available. And they value of integrating their campaigns, they are will focus on other tangibles, like customer finding it hard to incorporate the somewhat interaction, in their attempt to secure uncontrolled nature of social interactions executive buy-in. They might also stress into their structured marketing plans. It is the risk of inaction, of not being a part of the no surprise that companies are struggling conversation should something go wrong. with how to adapt to social media marketing Making the business case in terms of ROI. because they have spent generations plotting, As discussed above, the metrics available for refining and pushing their own narrative. assessing social media marketing are not as Securing the right organizational robust as marketers have been accustomed to resources. Figuring out the right organizational for email or other marketing activities. There is structure for a social media marketing effort is significant debate over the value of a Facebook no easy task, in part because it’s impossible to fan or the ROI benefit of a customer engage- compartmentalize social media as a pure disci- ment community that is not big or tied directly pline. It’s part marketing, part PR, part product to sales. Add to that the fact that most social development and part customer service media activity is not mapped into a company’s (among others). In 2010, companies are trying CRM system, and it becomes virtually impos- to consolidate their social media marketing sible to measure effectively. This is starting to efforts into small SWAT teams or centers of change, but it will likely be some time before excellence. But within a few years, they will be we have access to the kinds of metrics that can expected to make social media a part of every- provide a reliable assessment of social efforts. one’s job. In any event, the people running the Integrating social media into the overall social media efforts need to be empowered marketing mix. Gleanster survey respondents to be vocal, persistent and proud. They need point to marketing integration as both a value to have access to those with information, and driver and a challenge to their social media they need the company to be in their corner. marketing efforts, in pretty even numbers. This suggests that while marketers see the 63% 71% Less Challenging Rate & Review Aspects* Related Research Securing the right Integrating social media into Tell a Friend organizational resources the overall marketing mixNote: This document is intended for individual * According to All Companies, based on 284 Qualified Survey Responses to the Q3 2010 Gleanster Voice of the Customer surveyuse. Electronic distribution via email or by post-ing on a personal website is in violation of theterms of use.Entire content © 2010 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.
  • 9. Gleansight: Social Media Marketing 9Gleanster Numbers Part 5: Performance Metrics The science of measuring social media marketing is still a work in7,000,000 progress. As noted earlier, the social media landscape changes every day,Number of “fan votes” that werecast for an M&M’s social media and the shifting ground makes it that much harder to determine whethermarketing campaign in 2009 the social media efforts are meeting the company’s overall business goals. Social media monitoring tools can measure the ratio of positive-to-negative94 sentiment and the volume of relevant conversation. But, as the FLASHPercentage of companies thatregard “creating ‘viral-worthy’ charts in this section show, the top metrics employed by companies do notcontent” as the biggest challenge necessarily correlate to the top reasons they launched their campaigns inwith social media marketing the first place. In fact, Top Performers indicate that their primary reasons81 for implementing a social media marketing campaign are customer acqui-Percentage of Top Performers sition, return on marketing investment and customer advocacy – none of(compared to 70% of Everyone which surface as one of the most commonly used metrics. This will changeElse) who use “consumer engage-ment rate” to track social media as companies demand better metrics from solution providers and as socialmarketing campaigns media activity becomes more closely mapped to their CRM systems.79Percentage of Top Performers 81% 70% ** 86%(compared to 66% of Everyone Else)who view “increase customer engage- Mostment” as a reason to implement asocial media marketing campaign Commonly79 UsedPercentage of Top Performers Metrics*(compared to 68% of Everyone Else) Consumer engagement Audience growth rate - e.g.,who view “adjust promotional tactics rate - e.g., # of click-thrus, # of Facebook fans, Twitteras needed based on campaign registrations, etc., per week followers, etc., per weekperformance” as an important value * According to Top Performers, based on 284 Qualified Survey Responses to the Q3 2010 Gleanster Voice of the Customer surveydriver for social media marketing ** According to Everyone Else, shown only when a notable disparity occurs relative to Top Performers Audience growth rate. The most visible inspired to participate and can be compared metric in almost any social campaign, audience to earlier time periods. But it does not yet growth is easily charted over time and can compare that number with the overall reach of be seen in the number of people who follow the campaign, meaning that there’s no knowing a brand, “like” a brand, take a poll, submit how many people chose not to participate. a picture or share content. A handful of Volume of relevant comments/posts. Top brands have built enormous fan pages on Performers are more likely to measure the Facebook, sometimes through contests, volume of relevant content than Everyone coupons or classic marketing efforts. Else, a sign perhaps of the work involved Customer engagement rate. Another in determining relevance of user content. metric that carries over from email marketing, In most cases, it’s much easier to see how customer engagement rates can be fairly much content is produced overall than it is simple to see. How many people are clicking to narrow down into positive or negative or Rate & Review through a link, completing a registration relevant or not. Measuring customer sentiment process, rating a video or responding to some of social media posts can be a tricky task and Related Research other call-to-action? Top Performers are is an art that is being perfected every day. Tell a Friend monitoring this to a much greater extent than Customer acquisition rate. Customer Everyone Else, indicating that they are going acquisition was the number one reason toNote: This document is intended for individual to the numbers they have in the absence ofuse. Electronic distribution via email or by post- implement a social media marketing campaign,ing on a personal website is in violation of the the numbers they want. Customer engage- yet it fell in the middle of the pack of the topterms of use. ment speaks to how many people have beenEntire content © 2010 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.
  • 10. Gleansight: Social Media Marketing 10 69% 73% 77%61% ** Commonly Used“Integration with Metrics*the brand strat- Customer advocacy Customer acquisitionegy and offline Volume of relevant score - e.g., NPS rate comments/posts * According to Top Performers, based on 284 Qualified Survey Responses to the Q3 2010 Gleanster Voice of the Customer surveymedia is key. If ** According to Everyone Else, shown only when a notable disparity occurs relative to Top Performerssocial media is metrics used. This goes in large part to the disparate tools and platforms that are used will change over time as companies become more adept at creating social programs that to conduct social media marketing efforts, are more closely tied to business goals andsiloed, it will be making it difficult to determine which partici- pants are customers, become customers, as they improve their data integration. Customer acquisition cost. Increasinga one-hit won- or change their purchase behavior. Customer advocacy score. The Net Promoter customer acquisition was cited as the top reason that Top Performers implement socialder. A TV spot Score, popularized in the last decade, delivers a single number used to measure how likely media marketing campaigns, yet customer acquisition costs are measured by only 59%should point to a a consumer is to recommend a product or of these companies. The oft-stated discon- service. While it can be tracked over time, it nect between social efforts and company can be difficult to make a correlation between CRM systems is a likely barrier to successfulFacebook page changes to the score and a specific social media marketing activity, as a consumer’s measurement of customer acquisition cost. Brand awareness/exposure measure.and vice versa. propensity to recommend a brand can be influenced by any number of factors. Social media campaigns work for the most part by facilitating the viral or organic spreadEvery touchpoint Return on marketing investment. The number two reason brands begin a social of a company’s message through the social graphs of the customers who buy into the media marketing campaign is that return message. It’s a generally accepted principleshould link and on marketing investment lags as a metric used to measure the effectiveness of those that this organic distribution of the message will ultimately result in increased brand visibility,point to other campaigns. This is true because a lot of money can be spent on social media oppor- which can be readily measured through aided and unaided brand awareness studies.touchpoints.” tunities that do not tie back directly to the company’s CRM systems, their point-of-sale systems and their core business goals. ThisBert DuMars, VP, eBusiness and Inter-active Marketing, Newell-Rubbermaid 52% 59% 62% Less Commonly Used Rate & Review Metrics* Related Research Brand awareness/ Customer acquisition Return on exposure measure cost marketing investment Tell a Friend * According to Top Performers, based on 284 Qualified Survey Responses to the Q3 2010 Gleanster Voice of the Customer surveyNote: This document is intended for individualuse. Electronic distribution via email or by post-ing on a personal website is in violation of theterms of use.Entire content © 2010 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.
  • 11. Gleansight: Social Media Marketing 11 . Part 6: Success Story Major consumer brands spend millions of dollars every year on sponsor- ship deals as a way of grabbing consumer mindshare during activities that would otherwise seem far-removed from their core go-to-market message and brand promise. Mars Chocolate North America, no stranger to such deals, has a longstanding relationship with NASCAR, which has More Success Stories been supported in recent years by an innovative social media marketing campaign looking to identify the M&M’s Most Colorful Fans of NASCAR. The campaign, now in its third year, has been sweet for the brand, which says it is seeing a higher level of engagement and activity through its integrated marketing approach. The Challenge selected through voting of registered users at The campaign NASCAR has one of the most brand-loyal is supported by Facebook and Twitter feeds fan bases in all of sports and is second only and was expanded this year to allow partici- to the NFL in TV viewership. M&M’s, which pants to upload their photos through Sprint has had a NASCAR relationship for 20 years, smart phones. entered the 2008 season looking for “Mars wanted to Winners in early a fan-friendly way to boost customer leverage the NASCAR rounds get gift cards, while theNote: The original version of this Success Story engagement while employing the fans’ legendary enthu- ultimate winner gets a $10,000 prize andmay have been prepared—and previously pub-lished—by an enabling solution provider. If so,it is edited and reproduced here by permission. social media tactics that were beginning siasm with a campaign is showcased for a year in a displayWhile reasonable efforts have been made toverify the accuracy of the information contained to hold sway. that would connect at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. racing fans to theherein through independent fact-checking, Mars wantedGleanster disclaims liability for any contentthat was developed and submitted by third to leverage The Results M&M brand andparties. Success Stories are selected based the NASCARsolely on the merits of the content as judged The simplicity of the fans’ legendaryby Gleanster’s Research Oversight Committee. contest matchedVendors are not charged a fee for inclusion andno preference is given to vendors based on theirability to purchase other Gleanster products or enthusiasm with a campaign that to one another.” with the natural enthusiasm ofservices. Any questions or concerns regarding would connect the fan base wasthis particular Success Story–or Gleanster’s racing fans to the M&M brand and to oneselection criteria or policies, in general–should a hit for Mars, which found that the sharing another. The company understood that itbe directed to and engagement on social media propertiesCase studies may be submitted for publish- needed to have an integrated approach to theing consideration using the Success Stories drove entries, buzz and word of mouth. The campaign, one that involved digital creative,Submission Form. company reports that it saw exponential growth public relations, media and the promotions in engagement (measured in votes), submis- team. And officials knew they would need to sions and media impressions in 2009 over measure reach, engagement and sentiment 2008. Some 5,700 photos were submitted – and gain a clear understanding of how the in 2009, up from about 2,000 photos the campaign would address business goals. first year. About 7 million votes were cast in The Solution 2009, up an astounding 1400% from 2008. Rate & Review The M&M’s Most Colorful Fans of NASCAR “M&M’s Most Colorful Fans of NASCAR Related Research contest is a deceptively simple campaign that contest is unique because it’s 100 takes advantage of NASCAR fans’ passion percent fan generated,” noted Suzanne Tell a Friend for the sport and the most basic social media Beaudoin, vice president of sponsor-Note: this document is intended for individual sharing tools. Participants are encouraged to ships and sports marketing.use. Electronic Distribution via eamil or by post- upload colorful photos depicting their enthusi-ing on a personal website is in violation of theterms of use. asm for all things NASCAR, and winners areEntire content © 2010 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.
  • 12. Gleansight: Social Media Marketing 12Note: While Gleanster strives to include all Part 7: Vendor Landscapeof the most relevant and noteworthy solution The competitive arena for social media marketing is comprised of solutionproviders in the Vendor Landscape section,the list is by no means comprehensive in providers with a wide range of specialized tools, platforms, capabilities andnature. Omissions may occur due to lackof sufficient market presence, as judged by approaches, many of them still somewhat experimental in nature, making itthe Gleanster research analyst team. Spaceconstraints may necessitate some amount difficult to create a basis for comparison. Given the newness of the disci-of paring of even those vendors that do have pline, few vendors have a track record that spans more than a few years.sufficient market presence. Simple oversightsmay also happen on occasion. To submit Existing solution providers, particular those in the email marketing space,information about a solution provider, pleasecomplete the Solution Provider Informa- are adding social media marketing functionality while new vendors aretion Form. To schedule a vendor briefing,please email cropping up on an ongoing basis. Yet, as the frontier on what’s possibleVendor descriptions are taken verbatim fromcompany websites or from vendor-submitted continues to advance, some trends are emerging – the focus on integratingprofile information. Gleanster Skinny (GS)commentaries are based on vendor briefings, social media campaigns with Facebook and Twitter, for instance, and lever-customer interviews and Gleansight researchfindings as well as on company press releases aging the ubiquity of mobile devices. This vendor landscape aims to shineand various other information sources. a light on solution providers that have a strong technology component as part of their offering. Advertising and PR agencies with a dedicated socialAgencies & Consultancies media marketing practice, as well as related boutique consultancies, areAnt’s Eye View listed in the“Ant’s Eye View guides organizations Affinitive GS: Awareness recently enhanced Thethrough the process of transform- Hub, an application designed to helping customer experience and brandengagement by activating and “Affinitive is a Word of Mouth (WOM) and marketers publish, manage and measureembedding customer voice in every social media marketing and technology marketing campaigns across social mediaaspect of their business. The Ant’s solutions pioneer. Since 2002 we have been channels. Now, in addition to integratingEye View team comprises experienced helping companies to democratize their with such social networks as Facebook,practitioners delivering proven expertise Twitter, Flickr and YoutTube, marketers canin internal collaboration, social media, brands through a consumer-centric approachcommunity building and management, focused on the core values of community and publish content to blog publishing platformand influencer strategy development.” social networking, research, viral and buzz, WordPress as well as location-based education, and loyalty and CRM, coupled with social networking website Foursquare.Gleanster Skinny (GS): Co-founderSean O’Driscoll knows his stuff, our best-of-breed suite of fully managed Web Bazaarvoicehaving previously led Micro- 2.0 social media engagement platforms.” www.bazaarvoice.comsoft’s global MVP program.He’s assembled a world-class Gleanster Skinny (GS): Affinitive is a “Bazaarvoice’s SaaS social commerce“colony” of social media strate- relatively small vendor with an ambitious solutions have served over 125 billion pieces ofgists as well as a client list that range of solutions related to social media. customer-generated content on over 850 brandincludes such companies as LEGO, Its customer engagement platform, called web sites like Best Buy, Dell, Costco, and P&GDell, Intuit, Apple, and IBM. Enclave, enables everything from customer in 36 countries. Bazaarvoice connects organi-Banyan Branch communities and brand ambassador programs zations to their influencers through a to online consumer advisory panels and network that reaches hundreds of millions social media apps. Clients include E.&J. Gallo of consumers around the globe, enabling“Banyan Branch is a new-media Winery, Novartis, Random House, Sports authentic customer-powered marketing.”marketing consulting group basedin Seattle, WA. Banyan Branch is a Authority, Travelocity, and Electronic Arts. GS: A dominant player (along with rival Power-hands-on practice, meaning that we Awareness Networks Reviews) in the customer ratings and reviewsnot only make recommendations for www.awarenessnetworks.combest practice, we execute against the space, Bazaarvoice recently introduced Social- “Awareness builds on demand social Connect Suite, which allows companies to marketing software for serious marketers incorporate features and content from various Rate & Review who leverage multiple social channels social media sites into their own website to to engage with their customers, build enhance the fan experience. Included are Related Research such capabilities as social sharing, social their brand, and increase revenues. The Tell a Friend Awareness Social Marketing Hub is built syndication, social applications, and social upon Awareness’ expertise deploying more networking. The company is likely to seeNote: This document is intended for individual than 200 communities and social media continued growth – despite the just-announceduse. Electronic distribution via email or by post-ing on a personal website is in violation of the projects for some of the world’s biggest departure of CMO Sam Decker, a leadingterms of use. brands including Sony, Kodak and Best Buy.” voice in the word of mouth marketing sphere.Entire content © 2010 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.
  • 13. Gleansight: Social Media Marketing 13developed plan for our clients, providingend-to-end service, working closely Ease of Deployment Social Media Marketing Solution Providerswith clients to help them better listenand engage across the social web.”GS: Banyan Branch, which hasattracted such high-profile brands This chart is intentionally left Disney, Fox, Viacom, and MTV, Vendor ranking results based on Bestseems to have a knack for develop-ing quirky campaigns that resonate survey response data will beespecially well with today’s media-savvy and “always connected” included in Gleansight benchmarkyouth. An example is the viral reports beginning Q2 2011.campaign for Parallels, a virtual-ization and automation solutionsprovider, which featured a parodyof a popular SNL clip that instantlybecame as much of a pop-culturesensation as the original. InOctober, the firm announced that This chart is intentionally left blank.Blake Cahill, former CMO at Visible Vendor ranking results based on BetterTechnologies and a leading industryvoice, joined as a principle. survey response data will beBig Fuel included in Gleansight reports beginning Q2 2011.“Big Fuel is a full-service marketingand communications company basedin New York that takes brands fromContent To Commerce. A uniqueapproach that bridges “people stories”to “product stories” through socialmedia and branded content. Big Fuelis one part marketing agency, building This chart is intentionally left blank. Vendor ranking results based on Goodbrands through consumer insight; onepart entertainment company, creatingcontent that people love; and one part survey response data will bedistribution company, driving guaran- included in Gleansight benchmarkteed results by delivering content totargeted audiences. We work with major reports beginning Q2 2011.brands, leading agencies, publish-ers and platforms to help marketersachieve true consumer engagement.”Founder Avi Satar began his career Buddy Media tion, and a number of social applicationson the creative side of TV progam- designed to drive user engagement. Alsoming and his perpective on the new is Buddy Media Platform +GLOBAL,convergence of marketing and “In today’s social media world, every brandentertainment continues to guide needs a Buddy. The Buddy Media Platform is the first page management system thatthe company’s strategic direction. web-based marketing software that provides enables supports content in any language.Launched in 2004, Big Fuel has companies global scale, secure architectureestablished a strong presence in Bueda and straightforward administrative tools to www.bueda.comthe social media marketing space,with clients that include Colgate- connect with their current and future customers “Founded in January 2009, Bueda is aPalmolive, Fox Interactive Media, using the power of Facebook’s 550-million Pittsburgh-based, CMU spin-off companyNBC and Johnson & Johnson. strong and growing social network. Seven headed by semantic expert Dr. Vasco Pedro. of the top 10 largest global advertisers have Bueda has already begun to pursue its selected the Buddy Media Platform as their goal of ‘understanding all the world’s infor- preferred Facebook management system.” mation’ by the release of its first product: Rate & Review GS: It’s been a good year so far for Buddy the semantic matching platform that lies Related Research Media, which recently secured $23 million in at the core of Five. Leveraging research Series C funding and has amassed an impres- from Carnegie Mellon University, Bueda’s Tell a Friend sive client roster. The Buddy Media Platform semantic matching engine enables theNote: This document is intended for individual features real-time analytics, geo-targeting, creation of smarter applications in marketsuse. Electronic distribution via email or by post- where information overload creates signifi-ing on a personal website is in violation of the a library of more than 30 social applicationsterms of use. or “applets,” Facebook Open Graph integra- cant barriers to communication efficiency.”Entire content © 2010 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.
  • 14. Gleansight: Social Media Marketing 14 GS: Bueda’s semantic matching platform, measure brand presence across the social called Five, is designed to extract meaning web to meet their acquisition, engagementDachis from unstructured data, including Tweets and retention goals. By combining industry and profile status updates, helping marketers expertise, a leading technology platform, and“Founded in 2008, Dachis Group is a better understand customer preferences. comprehensive analytics into an integratedsocial business design firm that helpscompanies capture value from shifts The platform, which just completed beta approach, Context Optional delivers the mostin technology, society, and work. Our testing, may prove to be a valuable tool in effective social CRM and marketing solutionswork focuses on three practice areas: the context of social media marketing. to Fortune 500 brands and agencies.”customer participation, workforcecollaboration, and business partner Buzzlogic GS: Context Optional has made a splashoptimization. We deliver assistance with its Social Marketing Suite, which is usedvia research, strategy, implementa- “BuzzLogic is a digital media company with for managing, monitoring and measuringtion, and managed services.” brand presence on Facebook. In June, the a data-driven ad platform built to optimizeGS: Dachis Group was started by advertising across the largest pool of trusted vendor acquired Buzzeo, a platform forRazorfish founder and company Facebook application creation, manage- blog content on the web. We combinenamesake Jeff Dachis along with proprietary conversational analytics with ment and deployment, further enhancingtwo former Forrester analysts, BrianHavenblog and much-“followed” industry-leading audience targeting data its capabilities. The vendor is the first tosocial business blogger Peter to maximize performance - and provide provide a product for Facebook Places, calledKim, whose thinking on all things contextual insight to boost results.” Facebook Places Check-In Leaderboard,Web 2.0 has always been cutting allowing brands to conduct geo-targetededge. Dachis Group has grown GS: BuzzLogic began life as a social media marketing campaigns in which they publishsignificant in the past year, in monitoring vendor and later morphed into apart due to its acquisition of three coupons, videos, polls, etc., directly into social media ad agency with strong technol-companies in April. Clients include the news feeds of their Facebook fans.Coca-Cola, BBC, Intuit, and Phillips. ogy capabilities. In July, the vendor hit a home run, securing $8.8 million in series ConverseonDigitas B funding. It just introduced BuzzRoll, a social media ad unit designed to encourage sharing amongst blog readers. Clients “Converseon is a leading social media“Digitas is a leading digital marketingagency, helping the world’s biggest include HP, Starbucks, Walmart, HBO, consultancy that has been helping brands tobrands develop, engage and profit Microsoft, and American Express. ‘join the conversation’ to meet business goalsfrom building profitable relationships since 2001. We provide innovative technolo-with their customers. The agency pairs Bzzagent gies, operational consulting and engagementmedia, marketing, technology, creativ- services designed to create social media strat-ity, imagination and analytics to igniteemotional bonds between people and “BzzAgent creates a deep connection between egies from the inside out. Converseon has wonbrands. Digitas is a member of Publicis consumers and brands to activate word awards from Digiday, WOMMA, and more.”Groupe’s VivaKi—a global digital of mouth across social and offline media.knowledge and resource center. Clients GS: Perhaps better known as a leading Through the engagement of our network ofinclude Comcast, P&G, Samsung, technology provider in the social media passionate, vocal and connected consumers,American Express, and Kraft.” monitoring arena, Converseon also has we provide companies the ability activateGS: Digitas’s website, which extensive experience in designing and imple- large-scale discussions, uncover hiddenmanages to strike a nice balance menting social media marketing campaigns. value, and drive measurable results.”between order and chaos, loudly The vendor’s work has won many awardsproclaims that this isn’t your father’s GS: Over the past decade, BzzAgent has and for “engagement and activation excel-ad agency. The company recently built an extensive network of participants lence.” Converseon is currently expanding intoracked up a number of awards,including three Effies, a BtoB Social (themselves called BzzAgents) in its word of Europe and in October announced a partner-Media Marketing Award and a Webby mouth marketing network, running hundreds ship with Twitter to infuse Firehose data intoPeople’s Choice Award, suggesting of programs for such brands as Kraft Foods its Conversation Miner technology, the nextit must be doing a lot of things right. and Unilever. The company has tried to version of which is set for release next month. replicate some of its offline success with the Crowd Factory introduction of BzzScapes, which aims to build a network of online brand communi- ties by leveraging product reviews, as well “Crowd Factory is the first company to deliver as Frogpond, a digital listing service. a customer acquisition solution that actually Rate & Review monetizes social activity by connecting it Context Optional to conversion data. The focus on person- Related Research level data and ROI tracking gives marketers Tell a Friend “Context Optional is the leading provider of the ability to send their campaigns viral social marketing software and services to through the social channels and then trackNote: This document is intended for individual global brands and advertising agencies. The the social activity back to purchases anduse. Electronic distribution via email or by post-ing on a personal website is in violation of the company provides marketers with comprehen- conversions. As pioneers of Social ROIterms of use. sive solutions to build, manage, monitor and our applications enable companies of allEntire content © 2010 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.
  • 15. Gleansight: Social Media Marketing 15Digital Influence Group Ease of Social Media Marketing Solution Providers“Digital Influence Group is a fullservice digital agency, located outsideof Boston, focusing on social mediastrategies to help clients build deeper This chart is intentionally left blank.relationships with their key constitu- Vendor ranking results based on Bestencies. Digital Influence Group isa part of W2 Group, Inc., a next- survey response data will begeneration marketing services companyfounded by Larry Weber in 2004.” included in Gleansight benchmarkGS: Digital Influence Group was reports beginning Q2 2011an early leader in developingand executing integrated socialmedia marketing programs.The consultancy has wonseveral prestigiuous awardsfor its work, for clients thatinclude Sony, P&G and Visa. In This chart is intentionally left blank.July, it named former Digitas Vendor ranking results based on Betterexec Glenn Engler as CEO. survey response data will beDraftfcb included in Gleansight“Draftfcb is the first holistic, global reports beginning Q2 2011marketing communications agency tooperate against a single P&L, with anetwork that spans 92 countries andemploys over 9,200 people. Draftfcbis driven by The 6.5 Seconds ThatMatter, an operating system thatrecognizes the brief period of time This chart is intentionally left blank.marketers have to capture consumers’ Vendor ranking results based on Goodattention and motivate them to act.”GS: Recent campaigns include survey response data will beSharpie’s “Uncap What’s Inside” included in Gleansight benchmarkand Taco Bell’s “Super DeliciousIngredient Force,” in which a team reports beginning Q2 2011of animated superheroes weredesigned to engage and interactwith fans on Twitter, Facebook andFlickr. Other clients include Nike,Dockers, Honda, and Yum! Brands. sizes to run and optimize social marketing in April and may well be on track to do a repeat campaigns that dramatically increase new performance. Clients include HBO, Universal,Edelman Digital customer acquisition, drive loyalty and Billboard, The Golf Channel, Sony and engagement, and amplify brand awareness.” ExactTarget“Edelman Digital is the digital and GS: Crowd Factory has gained recognition as www.exacttarget.comsocial marketing division of EdelmanPR Worldwide, the world’s largest a provider of flexible social marketing solutions. “More than a decade ago, three businessmenindependent PR firm. Edelman Digital Its CrowdWorks Social Marketing Suite comes recognized that organizations needed a wayspecializes in helping customers with a number of applications that can be to communicate with their customers using aleverage digital and social media deployed and scaled based on a brand’s objec- “new” medium called email. ExactTarget wasto engage their markets, through tives. Its newest app, called Social Campaign,web, video, flash and mobile content the result—a company committed to helping is designed to enable marketers to not only marketers create targeted customer commu- deliver personalized, targeted messages nications. The same entrepreneurial spirit, Rate & Review across multiple social channels but to enable innovative technology, and commitment to them to harness the “power of the crowd” to client success define us today as they did back Related Research drive new users back to “conversion events” then. And we’re already revolutionizing the that the marketer cares about. It also aims to next generation of online interactive marketing Tell a Friend track click-level, individual-level, and campaign by pairing the strength of email with socialNote: This document is intended for individual level data to provide a more accurate read on media, mobile marketing, and websites.”use. Electronic distribution via email or by post- ROI. Sanjay Dholakia, who helped Lithiuming on a personal website is in violation of the GS: A behemoth in the email marketing space,terms of use. Software grow by 10X as CMO, joined as CEO having generated $114 million in revenue lastEntire content © 2010 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.
  • 16. Gleansight: Social Media Marketing 16 year, ExactTarget also secured $75 million to quantify the value of dollars spent on branddevelopment, social marketing in venture funding last December. Then, in development across the social web. Involverprograms, and community outreach March, it acquired CoTweet, which had made won acclaim for creating the leaderboardand engagement campaigns.” a name for itself as one of the first players in for its FIFA World Cup page on FacebookGS: With well-known blogger and the Twitter enterprise tools cottage industry. Sports and has even built large-scale appli-columnist Steve Rubel among those Social media marketing has since emerged cations for the White House. In October,running the show, it’s no surprise as a big focus area for ExactTarget, which Involver announced an $8 million Series Cthat Edelman Digital has the scoopon the latest social tools, with lots also introduced Social Forward. The latter round led by Bessemer Venture Partners.of helpful advice on its website. gives a brand’s customers the ability to Jitter JamRecent campaigns include an online share content via 20-plus social networks. www.jitterjam.comcompetition for the next MTV socialmedia correspondent that uses a Infosys “JitterJam helps your business capturetool, called TweetLevel, to determine relevant conversations on the real timethe most influential candidates. “Infosys defines, designs and delivers technolo- web and turn them into lasting and trusted gy-enabled business solutions that help Global customer relationships. Its web-based socialiCrossing 2000 companies win in a Flat World. Infosys marketing software that combines also provides a complete range of services by media, email and mobile engagement with“iCrossing is a global digital marketing leveraging our domain and business expertise an intelligent contact database and theagency that combines talent and and strategic alliances with leading technol- tools you need to turn social interaction intotechnology to help world-class ogy providers. Infosys service offerings span new opportunities for revenue growth.”brands find and connect with theircustomers. The company blends business and technology consulting, applica- GS: The new version of its social rating engine,best-in-class digital marketing services tion services, systems integration, product called Jitterater 2.0, aims to help companies— including paid search, search engineering, custom software development,engine optimization, Web develop- identify and engage with top influencers online maintenance, re-engineering, independentment, social media, mobile, research and to further their offline marketing initia- testing and validation services, IT infrastructureand analytics — to create integrated tives, as well. Features include enhanceddigital marketing programs that services and business process outsourcing.” analytics for measuring buzz, the ability toengage consumers and drive ROI.” GS: Through partnerships with Jive Software, deliver customized opt-in forms, and a “HotGS: The company, which provides a a leading player in the online customer List,” which is designed to highlight the mostbroad range of solutions, just signed communities space, and ATG, a provider of important issues for marketers to addressan agreement to be acquired by the commerce software, Infosys has developed regarding their social media marketing efforts.Hearst Corporation. Clients includeToyota, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Office feature-rich social media marketing solutions.Depot, Nokia, and Mastercard. Its platform, called iEngage, enables marketers KickApps to participate in relevant online conversations www.kickapps.comIgnite Social Media with community members, aggregate “KickApps is an award-winning social publish- distribute content across social channels, and ing platform that helps the world’s most“Ignite Social Media keeps up with integrate e-commerce and customer care recognizable brands (including NBC Universal,trends, filters the noise, and helps functionality into their social media network.companies put social media to American Express, Scripps Network, Hearstwork. We’ve helped some of the Involver , HBO, and Cox Television) connect withworld’s top brands develop effective their customers and fans. As a leading SaaSsocial media marketing campaigns solution, the KickApps platform enablesand programs, including Microsoft “Involver is the web’s most trusted social marketing platform supporting 80,000 companies and brands to build social sites,(Windows 7, Office, MSN, Bing), Intel,Nature Made, Disney Interactive, brands and agencies and interacting with socially enable existing sites and publishAd Council, and The Body Shop.” more than 200,000,000 fans. Involver’s shared content to the mobile and social web.”GS: Marketers new to the world platform powers over 30 applications built GS: KickApps in June launched the Drag-of social media marketing can specifically for marketers engaging their and-Drop Facebook App Development Suite,look to Ignite for advice on how audiences through Facebook, the iPhone, enabling brands to not only publish contentto get their feet wet. The companyprovides good insights into Twitter, and other social media channels. from a community out as a Facebook fan pagesocial media marketing and, in Clients include Best Buy, General Mills, Sony/ but to also collect customer comments, blog RCA Records, P&G, Levi’s, and Dockers.” posts and user generated media (including GS: Involver just launched its Audience photos, videos) directly on Facebook. In Rate & Review Management Platform, an integrated social August, the vendor launched a new social media marketing dashboard that allows media strategy division as well as version Related Research marketers to monitor and manage their brand 5.0 of its platform. It recently received Tell a Friend online as well as engage with consumers. The IBM’s 2010 ISV Innovation Award, SAMMY vendor’s suite has over 30 apps, including Awards for Best Social CRM and Best SocialNote: This document is intended for individual Platform, and was ranked in the Businessuse. Electronic distribution via email or by post- polls, coupons, quizzes, sweepstakes anding on a personal website is in violation of the email signup. Also included are tools designed Insider’s Digital 100 and On Hollywood’s 100terms of use. Most Valuable Private Companies lists.Entire content © 2010 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.
  • 17. Gleansight: Social Media Marketing 17fact, just released a book, calledSocial Media Is a Cocktail Party. Features and Functionality Social Media Marketing Solution ProvidersMr“Mr Youth has worked with some ofthe world’s leading brands including This chart is intentionally left blank.Pepsi, Nike, T-Mobile, Crayola, Vendor ranking results based onand Microsoft to help them connectwith the rapidly evolving and highlyelusive consumer. Mr Youth develops survey response data will be included in Gleansight benchmark Beststrategies and campaigns centeredaround the modern media mix of reports beginning Q2 2011.word-of-mouth, social interactive andexperiential marketing, with a strongfocus on creating integrated campaignsthat fully engage the audience.”GS: Mr Youth’s high-energywebsite reflects the hip sensibility This chart is intentionally left blank.that’s embodied in the company’s Vendor ranking results based on Bettermarketing campaigns. It wasvoted Mashable’s 2009 Social survey response data will beMedia Agency of the Year andrecently landed a coveted spot included in Gleansight benchmarkon Fast Company’s list of the Top reports beginning Q2 2011.10 Most Innovative Companies.Ogilvy &“Ogilvy & Mather is an internationaladvertising, marketing, and PR agencythat is owned by the WPP Group. Ogilvy This chart is intentionally left blank.has six divisions, including Ogilvy Vendor ranking results based on GoodPR, which has a social marketing unitcalled 360 Degree Digital Influence. survey response data will be360 Degree Digital Influence hasdeveloped digital programs for such included in Gleansight benchmarkclients as Unilever, Intel, Lenovo,Nestle, Ford, Louis Vuitton and more. ” reports beginning Q2 2011.GS: The 360 Degree Digital Influenceteam has an especially good headon its shoulders: John Bell, who launched an enhanced version of its enterprisecurrently serves as president Mzingaof the Word of Mouth Marketing social software suite, called OmniSocial, which www.mzinga.comAssociation. The unit benefits is designed to enable everything from socialfrom a strong market reputation “Mzinga is the leading provider of social networking to enterprise learning manage-and partnerships with BzzAgent, software, services, and analytics that improve ment. New features include cloud computing,Radian6, and NetVibes. Considering business performance. Through a combina- multiple mobile apps, and advanced analytics.the brand equity it has established,it’s odd it would continue to brand tion of enterprise-class technology, strategy Omniture (Adobe Systems)itself under the Ogilvy umbrella. and value-added services, Mzinga software solutions enable businesses to increasePandemic Labs revenue and lower costs by improving brand “Omniture, a business unit of Adobe visibility, employee performance and satisfac- Incorporated, is a leading provider of“Pandemic Labs is a social media tion, and customer loyalty. Headquartered in online business optimization software formarketing agency dedicated to Waltham, Massachusetts, Mzinga supports managing and enhancing online, offline and more than 14,000 communities and 2.5 billion multi-channel business initiatives. Hosted Rate & Review and delivered via on-demand subscription monthly social interactions from 40 million Related Research unique visitors in 160 countries worldwide.” service and on-premise solution, Omniture software enables customers to capture, Tell a Friend GS: Mzinga went through a tough period store and analyze information generated early last year and came back swinging for by their Web sites and other sources.”Note: This document is intended for individual the fences. Led by Barry Libert, a bestsellinguse. Electronic distribution via email or by post- GS: A dominant player in the web analyticsing on a personal website is in violation of the business author (Live Nation is his latest effort)terms of use. and Web 2.0 visionary, the vendor recently space, Omniture got into the social media gameEntire content © 2010 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.
  • 18. Gleansight: Social Media Marketing 18 earlier this year with the launch of Omniture marketing and influencer activation. Earlierhelping brands navigate the ever- SearchCenter+, now a key component of the this year, Powered acquired three socialchanging world of new media to Adobe Online Marketing Suite. SearchCen- media agencies—StepChange, Drillteamcreate marketing success. The theme ter+ features analytics designed to optimize and crayon—to lay the foundation for its ownat the core of all of our services the performance of Facebook ad campaigns agency growth. The vendor has a lot goingis the belief that, in our increas-ingly on-demand world, marketing along with a host of other social media for it, not the least of which is its stable ofis a dialogue not a monologue.” marketing capabilities. Clients include Ford, thought leaders, which includes CMO AaronGS: Pandemic Labs is currently Microsoft, HP, Pepsi, Siemens, and Forbes. Strout, Greg Verdino (author of microMARKET-promoting an eight-month, user- ING) and, following the crayon acquisition, Pluckgenerated HD video contest blogger Joseph Jaffe of Jaffe Juice fame.sponsored by Canon and hostedon Recent clients ““Pluck powers the social media experience PowerReviewsinclude Dunkin’ Donuts, Puma, on the world’s leading digital destinations.Daily Grommet, and Viacord. Pluck combines a comprehensive technology “PowerReviews is the leading provider of platform; a curated, professionally produced customer reviews and social content library; and full lifecycle services. solutions to retailers and brands. The Pluck’s enterprise customers offer uncommonly company’s innovative tag-based approach“As one of the largest interactivemarketing and technology companies rich and engaging social experiences, deliver- to collecting, organizing, structuring andin the world, Razorfish helps its clients ing measurable improvements in site traffic, analyzing user-generated content signifi-build better brands by delivering consumer engagement and customer loyalty.” cantly boosts product sales and customerbusiness results through customer engagement. PowerReviews works withexperiences. Razorfish combines the GS: Pluck would seem to have a winning over 850 retailers and brands on over 2700best thought leadership of the consult- combination: a widely-acclaimed platform and aing world with the leading capabilities websites, including Staples and Jockey.” professional services arm that, according to theof the marketing services industry to vendor, has logged “more than 50,000 hours GS: A pioneer (along with Bazaarvoice) insupport our clients’ business needs.” planning, enabling, delivering and optimiz- the e-commerce ratings and reviews space,GS: Having rebranded several ing social media for 400+ premium digital PowerReviews offers a social commercetimes, Razorfish was acquired last destinations.” Pluck 4 enhancements include suite (which now includes Facebook’s “like”year by Publicis Groupe. While theagency has made good traction deeper connectivity with Facebook and other functionality) and various stand-alone solutionswith its Social Influence Marketing social networks and customized user profiles designed to enrich a retailer’s relationship(SIM) score, which recognizes the that feature private messaging and “shared with its consumers and influence the purchas-role of social influencers and the activity comments”. In October, the vendor ing decisions of friends. The vendor, whichparticipatory nature of branding, announced the release of a broad Modera- operates the popular Buzzillions product reviewShiv Singh, one of the brains behindthe score (and author of Social tion Services suite. Parent company Demand site, has a lot going for it, not the least of whichMedia Marketing for Dummies), Media filed an S-1 in August, thereby signaling is Cathy Halligan, former CMO of,just departed for PepsiCo. its intention to take the company public. who just joined as SVP of sales and marketing.Tribal DDB Powered RightNow www.rightnow.comTribal DDB Worldwide, an AdvertisingAge A-List Agency, is headquartered “Powered is a focused social media agency “Founded in 1997, RightNow is helping ridin New York and includes 56 offices that helps brands fully capitalize on their the world of bad experiences one consumerspanning 36 countries throughout the social initiatives, make them more relevant interaction at a time, seven million times aAmericas, Europe and Asia-Pacific in an increasingly digital, connected and day. RightNow CX, the customer experi-region. Tribal DDB Worldwide is part social world. Now with 70+ employees in its ence suite, helps organizations deliverof Omnicom Group’s DDB Worldwide. offices, Powered brings its clients “best-in- exceptional customer experiences acrossGS: TribalDDB, which in February class” expertise across the social spectrum the web, social networks and contactrolled out a “center of excellence” by offering a combination of strategy, centers, all delivered via the cloud.”around social media, dubbedTribal Radar, has won acclaim for planning, activation and management for GS: A leading provider of CRM solutions, social presence and programs including those RightNow in September announced the centered on Facebook, location based/LBS, release of RightNow CX for Facebook. The mobile applications, influencer activation and platform is designed to provide companies Rate & Review community building, content marketing and with a single view of consumer interactions earned media, and experiential marketing.” from Facebook and other channels, and to Related Research GS: Powered has solid technology capabilities provide consumers with consistent experi- Tell a Friend and also partners with others to help brands ences as they traverse interaction channels. with strategy, development, management andNote: This document is intended for individual SalesFusion execution of campaigns and programs across www.salesfusion.comuse. Electronic distribution via email or by post-ing on a personal website is in violation of the the entire spectrum of social media. Focus “SalesFUSION 360 provides software thatterms of use. areas include online communities, experientialEntire content © 2010 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.
  • 19. Gleansight: Social Media Marketing 19several recent campaigns. Notably,it launched a Hasbro campaign in Overall Value Social Media Marketing Solution Providerswhich city streets around the globewere transformed into a virtual,highly-interactive monopoly game.Other clients include Subaru,McDonald’s, and PepsiCo. This chart is intentionally left blank. Vendor ranking results based on BestWe Are survey response data will be“We are a conversation agency with included in Gleansight benchmarkoffices in London, Paris, Milan andSydney that combines an innate reports beginning Q2 2011.understanding of social media withdigital, PR, and marketing skills. We areentirely focused on innovative, creativeand effective social media marketingand communications and we like tothink we are getting rather good at it.” This chart is intentionally left blank.GS: As the name suggests, We Are Vendor ranking results based on BetterSocial has significant experienceleveraging social media networks and survey response data will bebranded online communities to helpcompanies raise brand awareness. included in Gleansight benchmarkClients include Coca-Cola, Ford, reports beginning Q2 2011.Unilever, Microsoft and Absolut.Wieden +“Wieden+Kennedy is an independentlyowned advertising agency headquar-tered in Portland, Oregon. W+K was This chart is intentionally left blank.founded in 1982 and currently has 1000 Vendor ranking results based on Goodemployees working in Portland, NewYork, Amsterdam, Tokyo, London, Delhiand Shanghai. Our client list includes survey response data will besome of the most recognized and included in Gleansight benchmarkwell-respected brands in the world.” reports beginning Q2 2011.GS: The firm has recently wonwidespread kudos, and for goodreason. The viral videos it created torevitalize Old Spice’s brand imagehave become a pop culture sensation. accelerates revenue by connecting sales RSS, text messaging, podcasts, widgets, and marketing with prospects at the moment social bookmarking pass-along, and more. they are ready to buy. This is made possible Clients include Solo, Perry Ellis, Fiskars, through the SalesFusion 360™ suite, MasterCraft, American Family Insurance, which complements Sales Force Automa- Sub-Zero, Tippman, Rayovak, and Remington.” tion applications by adding an on-demand GS: Shoutlet offers a variety of tools for enterprise lead management service.” creating, managing and analyzing social GS: The SalesFUSION 360 platform media marketing campaigns. Widgets includes standard sharing commands for for sharing content can be dragged and Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social dropped into a custom Facebook tab. An media sites. Particularly noteworthy is its e-commerce tool called Shop & Share is IttyBitty app, which makes it possible to designed to enable companies to integrate create social site-specific links (tracking an online store with their Facebook page. Rate & Review URLs) back to the homepage or “edialogs” Shoutlet, which raised $2M in Series A funding with detailed reporting capabilities. earlier this year, also offers tools to help Related Research with content management and for analyzing Shoutlet Tell a Friend consumer activity on a brand’s Facebook page. In October, the vendor announced the “Shoutlet is a social media communica-Note: This document is intended for individual release of an expanded CRM component foruse. Electronic distribution via email or by post- tion and content distribution platform. Withing on a personal website is in violation of the engaging with users on social networks. Shoutlet’s time-saving interface, companiesterms of use. create, distribute, and track e-mail, video,Entire content © 2010 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.
  • 20. Gleansight: Social Media Marketing 20 SilverPop Google Buzz. Our software listens to what your audience is interested in and talking “Silverpop’s on-demand digital marketing about in real time. We pair your potential platform helps marketers succeed in turning Tweets and posts with your audience’s prospects into customers—and customers interests in real time, and release the into fans—through the creation, automa- message that is most likely to earn the most tion and delivery of relevant, multichannel attention and action from your audience.” messaging. Companies rely on the Silverpop GS: Although still in beta testing, SocialFlow Engage platform to create and manage looks to have some significant backers, sophisticated email marketing campaigns that impressive talent (including Michael Chin, engage prospective customers and enhance formerly of KickApps) and lots of promise lifetime customer value and brand loyalty.” as an emerging player in this space. GS: Long a dominant player in the email StrongMail marketing space under the leadership of Bill Nussey, a well-known Internet visionary, “StrongMail’s online marketing solutions SilverPop entered the social media for email and social media enable marketing arena with the introduction of businesses to reach, engage and influence several innovative solutions, including a their target audience using the most drag-and-drop Web forms builder as part powerful channels available to marketers of its Landing Pages offering. The new today. StrongMail helps email marketers feature is designed to enable marketers to improve campaign performance, boost create and manage their own customized, deliverability and lower costs, while also branded landing pages and online forms. leveraging the power of social media.” Social Twist GS: A major provider of email marketing solutions, StrongMail recently acquired two “SocialTwist develops solutions that turn social interactive marketing agencies to boaster media into social marketing. Its solutions its social media capabilities: Conversa harness the power of trust and referrals - a Marketing and Magnetik. The result is a key driver in consumer purchase decisions - to new agency, called ThreadMarketing, which create successful, measurable campaigns should help advance StrongMail’s efforts to for today’s smartest marketers. Tell-a-Friend, integrate email marketing and social media SocialTwist’s flagship product suite, promotes marketing. Clients include Macy’s, Sony highly viral, word-of-mouth marketing Online Entertainment, Inuit and Tesco. campaigns online by combining consistent marketing messages, the power of referrals Syncapse and the social platforms customers use most. Clients include Jamba Juice, Barnes & Noble, “Syncapse is a full service social technol- Greenpeace, Intel, Monster, and ING Direct.” ogy partner. Our mission is to help companies build, manage and measure GS: Social Twist’s core solutions – Tell- customer relationships through the use of A-Friend for Brands, Tell-A-Friend for cutting-edge social media technology.” Agencies, and Tell-A-Friend for Rewards – enable the sharing of customized promo- GS: Syncapse’s platform, called SocialTALK, tions, content and offerings across multiple aims to make it easy for brands to create and social channels, including email, IM and publish content to multiple social networks, social networks like Twitter, Facebook, including Twitter, Facebook and WordPress, and LinkedIn as well as bookmarking and also analyze the results. Another solution, services like Digg and Delicious. Tell-A- called SocialSYNC, provides a means for Friend relies on human filtering; consumers consumers from different communities to designate the like-minded individuals who participate in a single discussion thread. Rate & Review make the cut in receiving their referrals. In May, the vendor announced that it had secured $3.3 million in private equity funding. Related Research SocialFlow Vitrue Tell a Friend “SocialFlow helps publishers, brand marketers “Vitrue is a social media managementNote: This document is intended for individualuse. Electronic distribution via email or by post- and online retailers increase click-throughs, company providing technology solutions to helping on a personal website is in violation of the ReTweets, mentions, sharing and organic brands harness the vast marketing potentialterms of use. follower growth, on Twitter, Facebook andEntire content © 2010 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.
  • 21. Gleansight: Social Media Marketing 21 of social networks. Vitrue’s social marketing YesMail solutions combine a fan management platform designed to help you build and scale your “Yesmail is an industry-leading provider social media initiatives. Through our industry of online emarketing solutions. Built on a expertise, technology platform and integrated solid core of innovative technology and approach, we provide the most comprehen- strategic services, Yesmail boasts a complete sive social media marketing solutions built portfolio in emarketing solutions and tools, exclusively for Fortune 1,000 global brands.” including direct marketing applications, GS: Vitrue just enhanced its social media multi-channel campaign management, data platform, called Vitrue Publisher 2.0, to include management, business intelligence, lead support for Facebook’s Open Graph API. Using generation and email lists, interactive appli- the platform, marketers can now send news cations and best practices consulting.” on discounts or updates to consumers who GS: An email marketing pioneer, and now a “like” a certain product on their company’s subsidiary of infoGROUP, Yesmail recently Facebook page or website and create actions introduced its Enterprise 7 platform, designed around “like” buttons or other social objects to enable companies to execute and manage to better segment their Facebook messaging. their marketing campaigns across multiple The vendor reportedly manages over 680 platforms. It also offers a number of interactive Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts for applications. One aims to help companies build various clients, which translates into 276 branded social media sites, another to deliver million fans/followers. New clients include event invitations across social media channels. Harley Davidson, Mentos, Dick’s Sporting Clients include Coca-Cola, Hershey’s, HP, Goods, Eddie Bauer, Maybelline and Purina. Kodak, and Panasonic. Wildfire Interactive Zuberance “Wildfire Interactive, Inc. is a technol- “Our mission at Zuberance is to enable ogy company that specializes in developing marketers to harness the power of social media simple tools that enable organizations to to drive qualified leads, traffic, and sales. We engage the hundreds of millions of users do this by providing marketers with a powerful of social network sites. Our patent-pending technology platform that makes it easy to technology allows corporations, small engage and energize brand advocates on businesses, marketing agencies, bloggers Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, Yelp, and non-profits to easily create their own brand websites, mobile devices, and more.” attractive, branded interactive campaigns and to simultaneously publish them in multiple GS: Backed by premier venture capital firms, social networks and on their website.” and with a terrific name to boot, Zuberance made a big splash last year with the introduc- GS: Wildfire has gained visibility over the tion of an on-demand platform for propagating past year helping brands develop social product and service recommendations across marketing campaigns that include contests, the Internet in a highly-targeted and contex- coupons, quizzes and virtual gifts, primarily tualized fashion, with the goal of helping on Facebook. The popularity of the vendor’s companies increase brand advocacy. Clients applications helped it secure $4 million in include Symantec, Chili’s, Jamba Juice, Sears, Series A funding in April. Its newest app, TiVo, 24 Hour Fitness, Accor Hotels and CDW. called Group Deals, is designed to allow In October, Zuberance secured $8 million marketers to integrate Groupon-like deal in Series B funding, to be used for fueling functionality into their brand’s Facebook product development and business growth. page or website. Clients include PepsiCo, The Gap, Unilever, Red Bull and Universal. Rate & Review Related Research Tell a FriendNote: This document is intended for individualuse. Electronic distribution via email or by post-ing on a personal website is in violation of theterms of use.Entire content © 2010 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.
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