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SwissCom Voting Content B2B Case Study


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Crowd Factory is honored to be working with our European telecommunications customer - SwissCom. The company is hosting a contest where users can submit an app you developed and win the Swisscom App of the Year Award 2011. Apps for iPhone, Android Phone and Windows Phone 7 can be sent in until August 31st 2011. Great prizes are to be won! The submitted applications will be judged on the basis of their innovative characteristics and benefits to the customer.

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Transcript of "SwissCom Voting Content B2B Case Study"

  1. 1. Case StudyWhat We DoCrowd Factory quantifies Swisscom Labsthe value of social media Overview:by connecting social The Swisscom Labs is an online platform provided by Swisscom, the leading Swiss provider of innovative communications and IT solutions. Swisscom Labs providesactivity to conversion an open space for developers,events. Launch and innovators and early adopters toamplify campaigns, view interact with Swisscomsocial-action analytics, and each other.and optimize on the fly. Objective:Social ROI made simple, Campaign designed to buildfinally. advocacy for Swisscom Labs as they approach 100 years in• Measure Social ROI business. Swisscom fans get to Add Social Boost to every submit application ideas for a Social Interaction. View cross- chance to win an iPad through a Social Contest: The more votes platform campaign results users get, the more chances they in a single dashboard. Track have to win, and become App of your offer from the point the Year. of share to conversion, and view revenue generation per social action. SOlutiOn:• Manage Social Campaigns Swisscom leveraged Easily add social to Crowd Factory’s suite of Social Applications existing marketing to turn a traditional programs in minutes. contest into a Social Embed social elements into Contest. Swisscom’s video, email, landing pages, Social App of the Year ads and more, all with built-in Contest now carries a analytics. social boost on every entry and yields a data-• Create Social Offers base of influencers toCreate social games that allow be leveraged foryour customers to win when various Swisscomthey promote your offers. marketing initiatives.Reward winners for gettingfriends to convert & share withtheir networks. Ready To Make Your Marketing Viral? (888) 801-9197 Others who ampflied their social with Crowd Factory include: