Age Of The Microinfluencer- Part 2. How Social Media breeds the new influencers.
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Age Of The Microinfluencer- Part 2. How Social Media breeds the new influencers.



Marketing has evolved- from linear to exponential. ...

Marketing has evolved- from linear to exponential.
With the phenomenal opportunities that the digital medium provides and the rise of what is called the Social Media.
In part 2 of this 3 series presentation, we take a sneak peek into the DNA of micro-influence with some original real life examples



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Age Of The Microinfluencer- Part 2. How Social Media breeds the new influencers. Age Of The Microinfluencer- Part 2. How Social Media breeds the new influencers. Presentation Transcript

  • The age of the Micro-Influencer (TM) Part 2 of 3 CrowdDIve return on engagement™
  • quot;Realize that everything connects to everything else.quot; - Leonardo DaVinci Continued from part 1
  • Control has shifted out of brands
  • …that communication and influence cannot be controlled anymore … control has shifted out of brands. … their advertising campaigns, celebrity endorsers and crafted testimonials are not cutting it anymore …
  • The question then is
  • Who is impacting decisions and exerting the new influence?
  • The answer is
  • …and the person next door
  • Powered by neo age tools
  • And driven by crowd wisdom
  • …can
  • …create, collaborate and spread
  • … and opinionate, communicate and influence
  • …have
  • micro Influence (TM)
  • opinion style attitudes perceptions activate micro buying awareness Influence (TM) behavior motivate predisposition sentiments actions
  • Think about it
  • Something needs to change…
  • …in the way we communicate with our audience
  • Exponential brand Linear brand communication messaging leveraging the networked Individual’s micro- influence
  • Think about it
  • Hyperlinks subvert hierarchies
  • Direct opportunity Total followers in to influence 403 153 days 1462 Effective Average follower Opportunity to adoption per day 9 influence 7,261,500
  • Think about it
  • Micro- Influence Needs a crack
  • Micro- Influence = fn (Platforms + Conversations + People)
  • Platforms drive Content Content drives conversations Conversations drive people People drive Influence
  • content closeness networks tools guangxi Micro- Influence = fn (Platforms + Conversations + People) degrees of separation betweenness centrality
  • platforms
  • Next gen On the move online opportunities opportunities to opportunities to influence influence to influence My network is more powerful than Google
  • Q: So what do they talk about? A: Quite likely, about you, your brands, your company or your employees. . Q: But who is listening to them? A: Quite likely, your stakeholders. Q: But isn’t this in Britain? A: Yes. It might be bigger in your country. Just check.
  • Platforms drive Content drives Conversations
  • And ‘personal’ does not equal ‘brand apathetic’
  • conversations
  • The spark The backlash Business moving to competitors Backlash continues. Discussion spreads conversations impact predispositions
  • Reconstructing conversation thread • Facebook status message: “$50 to change an MX record. Just to change one line in DNS. What a rip off. Shame on you X Brand” • Sparks fly in network : “what a scam”…Backlash spreads within the network • References to competitors: “you should immediately transfer to Y Brand or someone” (some more references to competitor brands) • Brand bashing continues. At least 5 actively vocal people will probably not choose or recommend this brand – And each have 100+ people who view this communication
  • and this is not just about tech almost 25% research online before buying a shampoo microinfluencer.com
  • people
  • Weirdo Grammatically Cam Whore? Or imitating challenged nerd? Or serious video lifestream Jesus? Or enthusiast? tech review Popular Fashion podcaster? blogger? …who do you see?
  • they create, engage, opinionate and collaborate
  • and extend their virtual circle of influence in the real world
  • in more ways than one
  • Virtual influence facilitates Real life Influence facilitates virtual influence
  • Think about it
  • Part 3 of this presentation series covers Reality Check- Do you really have the influence? CrowdDIve return on engagement™
  • This presentation series • Is in a series format to enhance your experience- you would not want a 100 slide presentation at a stretch would you? • Has real life examples from photos uploaded online or real conversations online • Though this is made for web and the fonts are large, suggested viewing in full screen • Is created and distributed by – You can contact them at idare
  • About CrowdDIve • CrowdDIve is not just a company • It is a consortium – Of people associated with new media – Of bloggers, communities, forums and collaborative platforms – Of developers, web artists, content creators, marketers and people • The consortium and CrowdDIve work together for the first time to bring a relevant and cutting edge solution for brands • If you are any of the above OR a brand that wants to use the new collaborative web or just wondering what the f87k is this all about, e-mail us idare
  • Credits Photo/source Attribution : • – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – North American Technographics- Media and marketing online survey 2008 – Forrester – Universal McCann 2008 – – Please let us know if we missed some attributions- we will promptly add • “MicroInfluencer” and “Return on engagement” are registered trademarks • • This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Singapore License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.
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