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Catching the Mobile Wave
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Catching the Mobile Wave


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  • From December 2011 to December 2012, the average time spent within mobile apps grew 35 percent increase in apps from 94 minutes per day to 127 minutes. Web browsing fell 2.4 percent , which equates to a drop from 72 minutes a day to 70 minutes.
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  • eh... business event holding devices
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  • what ’ s an e-Portfolio? I like the slide though
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  • Use a real picture. Maybe of a big line of people trying to get their badges. (couldn ’ t find one that matched the description)
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  • eh... business event holding devices
  • Event organizer is a hero
  • Transcript

    • 1. Stay Tuned! Webinar Starting at 11am PT/2pm ET Audio will be broadcast over your computer speakers. If you are unable to hear audio over your speakers, follow the instructions below: Step 1 Dial toll-free:1.888.534.8066 Step 2 Enter the conference code: 888.889.3069Hosted By: Sponsored By:
    • 2. Host and Moderator PanelistsTimothy Schneider Kevin LongPublisher, Association News Director of Marketing, CrowdCompass Lisa Stott Conference Marketing & Engagement Manager, The Association for the Preservation of Technology International
    • 3. Today’s Webinar1. Educating your staff and volunteers about mobile2. Meeting expectations with mobile3. Secrets to keeping up with mobile4. Future expectationsFree eBook:“Mobile AppMarketing Playbook“ @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 4. 1. Educating Your Staffand Volunteer Leaders @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 5. What is the Mobile Wave? What opportunities are being created? @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 6. How can your associationride it like a pro? @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 7. The Mobile Wave Smart Device Adoption App Growth New World Order @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 8. The Mobile WaveSmart Device Adoption1 billionsmartphones or tabletswill be sold in 20133x the number ofdesktop or laptop sales68%of Americans nowown a smartphone @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 9. The Mobile WaveSmart Device Adoption $122MIn just two years… $17M 2010 2012 @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 10. The Mobile WaveSmart Device Adoption The Santa Test 17.4 million smart devices were activated (last year, it was 6.8 million) @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 11. The Mobile Wave Smart Device Adoption App Growth New World Order @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 12. The Mobile WaveApp Growth # of Apps Published Doubled Every Year @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 13. The Mobile WaveApp Growth40 billion 66%iOS apps downloaded of businesses have already(half of those downloads deployed mobile appswere in 2012) @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 14. The Mobile WaveApp Growth 35% increase in apps 2.4% decrease in browsing @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 15. The Mobile WaveApp Growth The Santa Test Christmas Day App Downloads Hit 328 million (last year, it was 242 million) @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 16. The Mobile WaveMobile + Apps 64% of mobile phone time is spent on apps @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 17. The Mobile Wave Smart Device Adoption App Growth New World Order @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 18. The Mobile WaveNew World Order80s PCRevolution @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 19. The Mobile WaveNew World Order 10x Faster @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 20. The Mobile WaveNew World Order 90s Internet Boom @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 21. The Mobile WaveNew World Order 2x Faster @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 22. The Mobile WaveNew World OrderRecent Social More than 1 billionNetworks users each month @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 23. The Mobile WaveNew World Order3x Faster @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 24. The Mobile WaveNew World Order Do You Fly? @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 25. The Mobile WaveNew World Order Do You Eat? @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 26. The Mobile WaveNew World Order @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 27. The Mobile WaveNew World Order Give Your Attendees What They Expect @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 28. The Mobile Opportunity Attendees Exhibitors •Engagement •Promotion •Ambassadors •Partners Speakers Sponsors •Impact •ROI •Celebrities •Family @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 29. Like a Pro!Event / Year 1 Event / Year 2 Event / Year 3Attendees Speakers Sponsors•Engagement •Impact •ROI•Ambassadors •Celebrities •Family Exhibitors •Promotion •Partners @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 30. 2. MeetingExpectations with Mobile @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 31. Meeting Expectations with Mobile Lisa Stott Conference Marketing & Engagement Manager of The Association for the Preservation of Technology International • International Audience • ~ 1,000 Attendees • ~ Average Age: 50
    • 32. Why? • Cost Savings & Printing • Sponsorship Opportunity • Meeting Expectations
    • 33. AttendeesAttendees Become Ambassadors Current Expectations: •Easy Scheduling •Clear Maps Future Expectations: •Mobile Networking •Mobile Discovery 64% of affluent app users say they view brands with mobile apps more favorably.
    • 34. Speakers Speakers Become CelebritiesCurrent Expectations:•Extra Visibility•PreservationFuture Expectations:•Increased Connections•Social Media Sharing After Facebook switched to a native app, they have seen people consume twice as many feed stories.
    • 35. ExhibitorsExhibitors Become Partners Current Expectations: •Extra Visibility Future Expectations: •In-person Leads •Mobile Leads 55% Increase in gamification engagement in Eloquas online customer community.
    • 36. Sponsors Current Expectations: •Does not Crash Future Expectations: •ROI •Detailed Analytics 64% have made a mobile purchase after seeing a mobile ad, but 74% haven’t received mobile ads from their favorite brands.
    • 37. Lessons Learned1)Get all data together and organized as a first step.2) A "Mobile Lab" sounds fancy, but is really easy.3) Get started now and improve your app each year.
    • 38. 3. Secrets toKeeping Upwith Mobile @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 39. Start Surfing Now @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 40. Younger Generations Are… @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 41. So are 100 Year Olds @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 42. Baby Steps @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 43. 4. FutureExpectations @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 44. Top 10 Ways that Smart Deviceswill Improve Events @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 45. Seamless Integration @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 46. Historical e-Portfolios @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 47. Leveraging Networks &Fostering Community @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 48. Check In Check In @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 49. Detailed Sponsor Data @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 50. Exhibitor Flow @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 51. Survey & PollAggregation @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 52. Manage Documents @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 53. Interactive Notes @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 54. Interactive @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 55. Summary Teach your team about the mobile app wave Set realistic goals so you’ll ride the wave like a pro Build on your success each event / year Position your association for the big wave @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 56. You Become the Hero @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass
    • 57. Take the Survey for Your Free eBookFree eBook:“Mobile AppMarketing Playbook“ @kevinedwardlong | @CrowdCompass