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Re-Write the Rules of Advertising with Mobile to Mobile Marketing...the fastest growing medium.

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  • Identity Gear M2M

    1. 1. TXT 17612 to 91011 TXT 17612 to 91011 Re-Write the Rules of Advertising with Mobile Text Marketing TXT: 17612 to 91011 1
    2. 2. What are Mobile Marketing Messages?  Mobile Marketing Messages are Text (SMS)Alerts requested by Consumers  Similar to email lists and RSS feeds, consumers opt-in to your list so that you can send them messages and give them the information they want…anytime, anywhere. 3
    3. 3. How is it Different from Twitter, Facebook, etc?  Mobile Marketing Messages are delivered to a cell phone, “saved” and can be viewed at any time.  Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn are websites where you go to get information. You can also receive notification of messages by e-mail, but not everyone has access to email 24/7…  Mobile Marketing comes to you.  You have to “go to” the others. 4
    4. 4. Is Mobile Marketing Important?  “Mobile Marketing could become the most prominent form of advertising for many businesses within the next five years.”  Consumers want it. 70 percent want more SMS alerts. 5
    5. 5. Is Mobile Marketing Important? Broadcast & Satellite Radio Broadcast TV Mobile Marketing’s Projected ‘08 – ’13 Consumer Magazines Compound Growth Rate of 33%  as Newspaper Compared to Other Media Type Subscription TV Mobile Marketing Internet Marketing -0.100 0 0.100 0.200 0.300 0.400 Source: Barron’s Sept. 14, 2009 6
    6. 6. Why is Mobile Marketing Important?  Subscribers Opt-in. Only those who want your info get it  Spam Free  Efficient: 1/3 the cost of Direct Mail  Effective: 10 times the Response of Direct Mail  Fast: Message is Delivered in Seconds  Location, Location, Location  In their hand/pocket/purse/backpack  NOT in their mailbox, voice mail, spam folder or recycling container 8
    7. 7. Why is it Important? Generational Marketing! Mobile Note: Those Marketing is an under the age of excellent way to 44 use their cell reach an phones to send audience more text younger than 44. messages than phone calls 9
    8. 8. How Does it Work with Promotional Products?  Promotional Products increase the effectiveness of Mobile Marketing by providing multiple exposures!  By including your TEXT to number and KEYWORD on your promotional products you are promoting your brand AND offering your customers the ability to stay connected to you, your products and your services.  As promotional products change hands and impressions increase, so will the size of your distribution list and sales pipeline.  Increases sales and ultimately ROI! 10
    9. 9. How Does it Work? Someone texts 17612: Keyword 17612 to 91011 91011: Short Code from their cell phone Limit: 140 characters They receive a confirmation (includes “Txt STOP to message, quit Txt HELP for info”) “Thank you for subscribing” 17612 Group Their mobile phone 8475551212 number is stored in the 8475551234 17612 Group Future messages can Limit: 160 characters be sent to all of the 17612 Group subscribers 12
    10. 10. The Evolution Opting-In and Receiving Messages 91011 91011 To: 91011 Thank you for Donʼt miss subscribing to the Annual 17612 mobile Charity Walk Messaging! on April 3, 2010! Receiving the first Receiving future Opting-in message messages Subscriber texts the keyword The subscriber receives Subsequent messages to the short code to opt-in. an automatic confirmation. are sent to subscribers. 14
    11. 11. Top Ten Industries Our New 2010 Products Rank Market Description Text Message Type 1 Education Computer Skins School Closings/Late Starts 2 Financial Seeded Cards Mortgage Rate Changes 3 Healthcare Sanitizer Appointment Reminders 4 Not-for- Letter Opener New Service Announcements Profit 5 Construction Magnetic Signs Lots For Sale in Your Area 6 Government Eco-Friendly Emergency Notifications Magnet 7 Associations Solar Magna-Clip Member Benefit Announcements 8 Real Estate Door Hangers New Listings in Your Area 9 Automotive Flashlights Oil Change/Service Reminders 10 Retail Grocery Bags Sales / Events 16
    12. 12. Top Ten Industry Demonstrations: Market Sample Message Education 2 hr. late start. Staff to report on-time. 1 hr. early dismissal Financial 30yr. fixed 4.5% call Charles at 573-576-6889 to lock-in Healthcare Appt: Mon. Sep. 7 @ 9:00A w/Dr. Mike – Text YES to confirm Non-Profit We need volunteers for Youth Camp 10/10, text OK to help us Construction Weʼre remodeling a home in your area. 573-576-6889 for appt Government Council Meeting: Tue. 9/8 @ 7:00P @ City Hall – Zoning of Sweeny Property Associations UMAPP membership drive begins! Real Estate 4br/3ba newly remodeled, 1 acre wooded lot, Chaska School Dist. - $ 395K Automotive $5 off 5qt oil change & filter – 573-576-6889 for appt. Retail Shop the Mall Early....receive 10% in stores 22
    13. 13. Program Demonstrations Market Sample Message Safety Award Please be on the lookout for spills & “Mop ʻem Up!” Service Award Congratulations on 5 years! to redeem! Sales Award Itʼs the last week of Q1 – Three new calls per day! Suggestion Anyone know how to reduce our paper usage? Quality Q2 ZERO DEFECTS! to get your gift Worship Daily Devotion: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Fundraising Text HAWKS to this # to contribute $5 to the Booster Club Trade Show See Magna-Tel in Booth# 986: 2 for 1 on your next order Surveys Our Govt. should run healthcare. Text AA for Yes, BB for No Restaurant Your table #43 is now ready. Show this text to the Host 23
    14. 14. Mobile Marketing Fun Facts  American Red Cross raised millions for Haiti earthquake relief  Barak Obamaʼs “VP Pick” was estimated by Nielsen Mobile to have been sent to 2.9 million people  “American Idol” [is] the most prominent example of viewers engaging with a TV • program over text messaging. (voting) •  “Dancing With The Stars” also uses text messaging to tally votes.  These leading brands use Mobile Marketing: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Lexus, Chevron, Starbuckʼs, Nike, Papa Johnʼs, CBS, JC Penny, Macyʼs, Wrigleyʼs… 21
    15. 15. TXT 17612 to 91011 TXT 17612 to 91011 Re-Write the Rules of Advertising with SMS Marketing Call 888-433-2748 for Details on How to Launch Your Mobile Campaign! TXT: 17612 to 91011 1