Psychological factors
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Psychological factors






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Psychological factors Psychological factors Presentation Transcript

  • Psychological Factors October 19 th 2010
    • Place your completed Assignment 2 (Brochures) in the box on the table.
    • Begin your review sheet
    • Once you have completed the review put your hand up and you will be given a word search to work on until we begin lesson.
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  • Outcome of this section:
    • Know the psychological factors on sports training and performance.
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  • Psychological Factors Motivation Arousal and Anxiety Personal Concentration Write this
  • Motivation
    • The external stimulus and internal mechanisms which arouse and direct our behaviour.
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    • There are two types of motivation:
    • Intrinsic Motivation – coming from yourself.
    • Extrinsic Motivation – outside rewards (money, trophies, praise)
  • Motivation (continued)
    • You must have a balance between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation.
    • Too many extrinsic motivators can ruin an athlete’s long term performance.
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  • What motivates you?
    • Write down 5 things that motivate you do play sports
    • (if you don’t like sports write down 5 things that motivate you to do anything)
  • Arousal and Anxiety
    • Arousal is the increased state of rediness of a sports performer in preparation for the performance or activity.
    • To perform well, it is important that arousal levels are maintained at balanced levels.
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  • Somatic Anxiety
    • How the body responds to the sports situation
    • Can have a range of symptoms:
      • Increased Heart Rate
      • Increased Breathing
      • Feeling sick
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  • Cognative Anxiety
    • Performer’s general nervousness and how they perform being nervous.
      • Can reduce concentration levels.
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  • State Anxiety
    • A type of anxiety that can occur when a performer is placed in a constantly changing environment.
      • Eg: A sprinter waiting in the blocks
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  • Trait Anxiety
    • Characteristics that athlete’s have that make them react to situations in a specific way.
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  • Assignment 3
    • Measuring and Analyzing your Personal Fitness Level
    • You will have 2 lessons to complete this assignment.
      • 1 Practical Lesson
      • 1 Theory Lesson
    If you fail to complete it during these lessons you will need to complete it in your own time!