2011 Cadillac Escalade – Dave Kirk Automotive Crossville, TN


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2011 Cadillac Escalade brochure provided by Dave Kirk Automotive located in Crossville, TN. Find the 2011 Cadillac Escalade for sale in Tennessee; call about our current sales and incentives at (866) 230-4941. http://www.davekirk.com/

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2011 Cadillac Escalade – Dave Kirk Automotive Crossville, TN

  1. 1. ESCALADEDave Kirk Automotive2955 N Main StreetCrossville, TN 38555Sales: (866) 230-4941http://www.davekirk.com/MENU PRINT FULLSCREEN 01/12
  2. 2. Power Liftgate: Wheels: The Escalade’s power liftgate The Escalade’s standard 22”, can be opened or closed with the 7-spoke chromed aluminum liftgate handle, or even remotely, wheels are authoritative, ESCALADE using either the vehicle key-fob or handsome and perfectly match a switch in the overhead console. the scale of this impressive vehicle. EXTERIOR These 22” wheels are beautifully complemented by P285/45R22 all-season tires.Setting the standard for luxury SUVs, the CadillacEscalade catches the eye and turns heads. And whileits impressive looks are commanding attention outside,its intoxicating power is thrilling those on the inside. TheEscalade’s Vortec 6.2L V8 engine is capable ofgenerating 563 Nm of torque, and it does so witheffortlessly smooth control thanks to advanced MagneticRide Control suspension. Beyond the authoritative powerand imposing looks, there’s real refined substance to theEscalade. Its opulent cabin seats up to eight people, andits levels of on-board equipment and technology aresimply stunning. The Cadillac Escalade was created withone purpose – to become one of the finest, mostaccomplished luxury SUVs on the planet. Job done. MENU PRINT FULLSCREEN 02/12
  3. 3. ESCALADE EXTERIORYou are looking at the world‘s first and only full-sizeluxury hybrid SUV. Seamlessly combining luxury and aresponsible 2-mode Hybrid System, the Escalade Hybridis a unique vehicle in this category – a hybrid that offersboth impressive performance and refined handling.A wide range of cutting-edge technologies deliver topdrivetrain efficiency and safety, while also enabling theEscalade Hybrid to deliver excellent driving dynamics inall types of conditions. A rigid frame provides a sturdyfoundation for the advanced suspension system and theEscalade Hybrid’s surprisingly adept off-road capabilities.An exciting mixture of comfort, performance, andintelligent efficiency, the Escalade Hybrid sets newstandards in luxury hybrid technology. Advanced Exterior Mirrors: Tire Pressure Monitor: Key Visual Differences: The outside mirrors are heated, A sensor in each tire constantly Visually, the Hybrid differs from power adjustable and power monitors air pressure. Should there the petrol variant due to striking foldable, aiding all round view and be a drop in pressure. The driver Hybrid badge found on the front comfort. Additionally the mirrors will receive an alert via the onboard fender, C-pillar and rear liftgate. have integrated ground illumi- Driver Information Center. nation, programmable curb-tilt and driver’s side electrochromic functions for added safety. MENU PRINT FULLSCREEN 03/12
  4. 4. Surrounded by Sound: Individualized Comfort: Power-adjustable Foot Pedals: A Bose® 5.1 10-speaker 14-way power-adjustable front Escalade foot pedals are fully surround-sound system delivers seating is heated and cooled with power-adjustable allowing for extraordinary acoustics with memory settings for up to two greater levels of driver comfort. ESCALADE stunning clarity. An 8” touch- drivers. Tri-zone climate control screen navigation system comes takes temperature individualization INTERIOR standard, while an available rear further still, and Adaptive Remote seat entertainment system offers Start allows the engine to be star- state-of-the-art video to both the ted and the interior temperature second and third rows. set from up to 60 meters away.The interior of the Escalade redefines the word luxurious.Expertly crafted with an abundance of handsome naturalmaterials, the Escalade guarantees that its occupantsarrive in both comfort and style. Leather seating surfacesare supple and French-stitched. Accents are brushedaluminum and burl. The power tilt-adjustable steeringwheel is leather trimmed, and houses integratedcontrols for audio and cruise. A sophisticated DriverInformation Center continuously displays vehicle status,and instrumentation flows forward to increase personalspace. When it comes to attention to detail, the Escaladeis simply peerless in the luxury SUV segment. MENU PRINT FULLSCREEN 04/12
  5. 5. ESCALADE ENGINES & TRANSMISSIONSThe Escalade’s Vortec 6.2L V8 engine is packed withadvanced features inherited from the Cadillac racingprogram. This all-aluminum engine has high-flowcylinder heads, plus VVT (Variable Valve Timing),enhancing fuel efficiency while boosting power and torqueto 301 kW / 409 hp and 563 Nm. The always on all-wheeldrive system features fixed torque bias which enhancesvehicle stability by distributing drive torque to front andrear wheels, perfectly modulating power and torque. TheEscalade delivers powerful extra low-end torque in allgears, and features two overdrive gears to help make lightwork of any journey, whether you’re towing a hefty trailer,or just carrying a carload of passengers and luggage. Active Fuel Management: Hydra-Matic Gearbox: Active Fuel Management senses Both Escalade models feature when full 8-cylinder power is Hydra-Matic automatic trans- unnecessary, and automatically mission. This transmission features makes adjustments, allowing the Driver Shift Control, delivering a vehicle to run on four cylinders manual feel but with lightning fast, instead. The system can consider- automatic shifting. ably improve fuel efficiency. MENU PRINT FULLSCREEN 05/12
  6. 6. Combining an advanced hybrid 1. Auto Stop (engine off) 2. Electric/battery power system and Active Fuel Management, ESCALADE the Escalade Hybrid runs on two HYBRID types of power – energy created by 1 1 its petrol engine, and electricity from electric motors. 2 2 3 3 1 Engine While stopped, the engine may While driving at low speeds or 2 shut off to conserve fuel, then in start-and-stop traffic, Hybrid Transmission seamlessly restart once you the vehicle may operate fully in 3 Battery pack accelerate. electric mode. 3. Hybrid power 4. Engine power 5. Regenerative braking/battery rechargingProgressively powerful, the Escalade Hybrid utilizes 1 1 1advanced technologies to improve fuel efficiency and helpreduce CO2 emissions, switching seamlessly between 2 2 2conventional engine technology and electric motors 3according to the demand for speed and power. 3 3This sophisticated 2-mode Hybrid system incorporatesa powerful 6.0L 337 hp V8 petrol engine, supplementedby electricity stored in a battery pack and generated As vehicle demands If vehicle demands require, Regenerative braking capturesby electronic traction motors in the transmission. increase, electric motors and primarily for high-end speeds some of the energy lost duringThe 2-mode system allows the vehicle to operate engine combine to provide power and heavy loads, the Hybrid may vehicle braking and coasting,solely on battery power during idling or low-speed driving and acceleration. rely entirely on the power of the and returns it to the battery.situations, and even boasts a regenerative braking feature 337hp 6.0L petrol engine.which captures energy lost during braking and coasting,and harnesses it in the 300-volt Energy Storage System. MENU PRINT FULLSCREEN 06/12
  7. 7. Front Suspension: Magnetic Ride Control: Automatic Rear Load-leveling: Short and long arm independent The Magnetic Ride Control, A load-leveling system keeps the front suspension uses a coil-over- standard in every Escalade, headlamps pointed down the road shock design for a smooth ride. continuously reads the road and correctly and prevents the vehicle ESCALADE A forged lower control arm helps adjusts to changing conditions. from pitching. It responds in real- reduce unsprung weight, and a The system uses magnetic damper time to road and driving condtions, D R I V I N G DY N A M I C S 5-link coil rear unit with load- fluid and real-time damping to based on wheel and body motions levelling allows for long suspension deliver exceptional ride quality and determined through sensors travel and impressive load-carrying improved handling. positioned at all four corners of capacity. the car.The perfect encapsulation of presence and power,the Escalade also delivers impressive performance andhandling characteristics. Adorned with a wide range ofcutting-edge technologies, the Escalade delivers excellentdriving dynamics in all conditions. The front track is thewidest in the full-size SUV segment, further contributingto stability on and off road. Its rigid frame provides asturdy foundation for the car’s advanced suspensionsystem, while the all-wheel drive system gives the drivercontrol and confidence on any road surface. Capable ofshifting up to 100% of available torque from front to rearwheels based on road conditions, the system deliverssuperior low-speed drivability but displays no binding intighter turns. MENU PRINT FULLSCREEN 07/12
  8. 8. ESCALADE SAFETYA look beneath the Escalade’s imposing exterior reveals acomprehensive approach to safety. With preventativesafety features like StabiliTrak, Antilock Brakes System(ABS), and an advanced all-wheel drive system, theEscalade was designed to help avoid collisions. But shouldan incident occur, the Escalade does more than enough toprotect you and your passengers. StabiliTrak: Airbags: Antilock Brakes: Standard on all Escalade models, Escalade’s air bag configuration Incorporating large-diameter the StabiliTrak system incorporates consists of a dual-stage driver’s vented rotors and twin-piston front Rollover Mitigation. This computer- front airbag, a dual-stage front calipers, the Escalade’s Antilock controlled, 4-channel electronic passenger airbag with Automatic Brake System provides strength stability control system, senses Occupant Sensing System, as well and cooling properties that are conditions that might result in loss as driver and front passenger every bit a match for the vehicle’s of control, and makes adjustments seat-mounted side-impact airbags formidable power. to braking and power delivery and roof-mounted head/curtain accordingly. side airbags for all three rows. MENU PRINT FULLSCREEN 08/12
  9. 9. HIGHLIGHTS OF HYBRID SPORT LUXURY MODEL: • Vortec 6.0L V8 aluminum engine with Active Fuel • Power tilt-sliding Sunroof with express-open/close Management and late intake valve closing and wind deflector ESCALADE (248 kW / 337 hp) • Bose® Audio System with Navigation TRIM LEVELS & EQUIPMENT • GM Strong Hybrid automatic transmission, featuring: (compact flash) including - Electronic ratio select - AM/FM stereo with MP3/CD/DVD video/audio changer • Second row 60/40 split-folding bench with 3 seats, - Studio Surround Sound system with 10 speakers including: - Leather seating surfaces OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT FOR BOTH MODELS: - Outboard heated seats (3 settings) • Rear-seat Entertainment System includingTHE ESCALADE INCORPORATES SOME OF THE - Center armrest - Rear seat in-dash DVD player with remote controlINDUSTRY’S BEST LUXURY ATTRIBUTES, ADVANCED - Overhead display with LED backlit screenTECHNOLOGIES AND ELECTRONICS. HIGHLIGHTS OF BOTH MODELS: - 2 sets of wireless infrared headphones • Magnetic Ride Control suspension system - Auxiliary audio/video jacks on rear of center console withHIGHLIGHTS OF SPORT LUXURY MODEL: • 22”x 9” 7-spoke chromed aluminum Wheels, 4 - 22”x 9” sound compression• Vortec 6.2L V8 aluminum engine with Active Fuel • P285/45R22 all-season tires - CD-R and CD-R/W capability, MP3 capable Management and E85 FlexPower capability • Low tire pressure indicator • Power-retractable Assist steps (301 kW / 409 hp) • Driver & front passenger seats with 14-way power adjuster (replaces standard fixed body color/chrome steps)• Hydra-Matic 6-speed automatic transmission, heavy-duty: incl. 4-way lumbar control - Electronically controlled with overdrive and tow/haul mode • Heated/cooled front seats OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT FOR SPORT LUXURY MODEL:• Heated steering wheel • Air conditioning with tri-zone automatic • Second row 60/40 split-folding bench with 3 seats,• Second row bucket seats, including: climate control and individual climate settings including: - Leather seating surfaces • Keyless entry with remote start - Leather seating surfaces - Reclining heated seats (3 settings) with (incl. 2 transmitters, panic button and theft alarm) - Outboard heated seats (3 settings) fold-down armrests • Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist, with audible warning - Center armrest • Rear-view camera system • Power seat release for tumble and fold MENU PRINT FULLSCREEN 09/12
  10. 10. ESCALADET E C H N I C A L I N F O R M AT I O N ENGINE: SPORT LUXURY • CO2 emission combined: 264 g/km • Vortec 6.2L V8 aluminum engine • GM Strong Hybrid 4-speed with Active Fuel Management and automatic transmission E85 FlexPower capability • Maximum power (kW): 301 WHEELS: • Maximum power (hp): 409 • 22”x 9” 7-spoke chromed • Maximum torque (Nm): 563 aluminum wheels • Top speed in km/h: 170 • P285/45R22 all-season tires • Acceleration 0-100 km/h (s): 6.7 • Fuel consumption: DIMENSIONS IN MM: - urban: 20,1 l / 100 km Exterior Length: 5142 - extra urban: 11,3 l / 100 km Height: 1887 - combined: 14,5 l / 100 km Width: 2008 • CO2 emission combined: 339 g/km Wheelbase: 2946 • Hydra-Matic 6-speed automatic Track width front: 1732 transmission Track width rear: 1702 Turning radius (m): 11,9 HYBRID SPORT LUXURY • Vortec 6.0L V8 aluminum Engine SAE cargo volume (l): 3084* with Active Fuel Management and – Behind 1st row seat: 1707* late intake valve closing – Behind 2nd row seat: 478 • Maximum power (kw): 248 – Behind 3rd row seat: 98 • Maximum power (PS): 337 Fuel tank (l): 98 • Maximum torque (Nm): 495 • Top speed in km/h: 170 * Figures quoted pertain to petrol • Acceleration 0-100 km/h (s): 8.4 engine model only • Fuel consumption: - urban: 11,6 l / 100 km - extra urban: 10,7 l / 100 km - combined: 11,1 l / 100 kmMENU PRINT FULLSCREEN 10/12
  11. 11. ESCALADE EXTERIOR & INTERIOR COLORS EXTERIOR INTERIORWHITE DIAMOND G A L A X Y G R AY E B O N Y N U A N C E L E AT H E R S E AT STr i c o a t * * Exterior with Ebony upper accentsB L A C K R AV E N S I LV E R L I N I N G CASHMEREExterior Exterior N U A N C E L E AT H E R S E AT S with Cocoa upper accentsBLACK ICE GOLD MISTMetallic* ExteriorINFARED MOCCA STEELTi n t c o a t * * Metallic**Special metallic paints with additional surcharge**Premium paints with premium surcharge MENU PRINT FULLSCREEN 11/12
  12. 12. C A D I L L A C A D VA N TA G E SW A R R A N T Y & C O N TA C TCADILLAC SALES AND SERVICE SPECIALISTSWhether you’re at home or on the road, your Cadillac sales and service specialists are there to offer you truly personal assistance. Count on them to arrange service appointments,answer questions about your new Cadillac and ensure that you’re always satisfied with your ownership experience. To find the Cadillac sales and service specialist closest to you,visit www.cadillaceurope.com.WARRANTYAs a Cadillac owner, you should expect nothing less than premium service and protection, which is why your new Cadillac comes with a full 3-year or 100,000 km warranty(whichever comes first), plus a 6-year rust-through guarantee, all backed by an experienced Cadillac service team that will handle any issues with confidence and due care.For more details, ask your Cadillac sales and service specialist.CADILLAC ROADSIDE ASSISTANCEIn the event of an emergency, help is only a phone call away. Contact Cadillac Roadside Assistance and they will come to you as quickly as possible – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If theycan’t get you back on the road straightaway, they will drive you to the nearest Cadillac sales and service specialist. Cadillac Roadside Assistance is yours free of charge for a period of 36 monthsfrom the date of registration. Ask your local Cadillac sales and service specialist for details.Images shown in this communication may include product details referring to the US or Canadian car configurations and may differ from car configurations available in Europe. The written information contained herein is designed to be ascomprehensive and factual as possible for the European market. We reserve the right, however, to make changes at any time, without notice, to prices, colors, materials, equipment, specifications, models and availability. Please contact your localCadillac sales and service specialist regarding product availability. Copyright © 2010 General Motors. All rights reserved. All text, images and graphics are subject to the copyright and other intellectual property rights of General Motors.These materials may not be reproduced, distributed, or modified without the express written permission of General Motors.MENU PRINT FULLSCREEN 12/12