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How to access our book

  1. 1. By Stephen Cross
  2. 2. • First, Turn on the computer.• Double click on the Internet Explorer Icon • (Mozilla Firefox is okay too) Enter in web address box
  3. 3. • Great! Now you’re on the Home Page• At the bottom left corner of the screen click on Public Library Books• This should take you to a page where you can search for your book.
  4. 4. • Now enter the name of the book, “The adventures of Percy and Oliver” in the box next to search terms and click the purple search button at the bottom right corner.
  5. 5. Click on the purple read box to access “The adventures ofPercy and Oliver”
  6. 6. • You should see the Title page• My friend the Coaches on the Bottom left• The next page arrow on the bottom right
  7. 7. • Meet the Coaches• Click on Alex so he can help you follow along with the story• Click on Bot to learn more information about Quizlet and other study skills• Click on Monty to answer discussion generating questions
  8. 8. • Click on the arrow on the right to go to the next page• Click on the left arrow to return to a previous page• If you want to jump to a certain page you can enter the page number in the number box
  9. 9. But wait . . . There’s more!!
  10. 10. • Here are some BookBuilder Tricks. .• On the left of every page throughout the story is a text help button.• Click the circle on the top to have BookBuilder read to you• Click the green triangle to play highlighted text• Click the red box to stop• Click the talk bubble to translate to Spanish
  11. 11. • When you click on the Coaches. . .• Allow for the animation to load up so you can read what the coaches say as they talk to you.
  12. 12. • At the very top of every page is a small abc box• Click on this box to access our glossary• The glossary contains a few key words you’ll encounter during the story
  13. 13. The EndEnjoy the book
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