Rotary 3450 DG newsletter August 2014


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Rotary 3450 DG newsletter August 2014

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Rotary 3450 DG newsletter August 2014

  1. 1. DISTRICT GOVERNOR’S MONTHLY NEWSLETTER Let me start off by expressing my sincere thanks to Immediate Past District Governor Eugene Fong, his team of District Officers and Presidents for their great works well done in Rotary Year 2013 - 14! Time flies! It is like yesterday when I was elected District Governor Nominee Designate. And here I am, writing my Message as Governor for August DG Newsletter. I started to prepare for our 2014 - 15 Rotary Year right after I was elected in the first quarter of 2012. Thanks to our Assistant Governors, our District Secretaries, our District Committee Chairpersons and their team members as well as our Presidents for starting early and working hard with me to be well-prepared for this Rotary Year. Our 2014 - 15 Rotary International Year Theme is Light Up Rotary. Our Rotary International President Gary Huang would like us to light up Rotary in the areas of Membership, Rotary Services and Rotary Family. I genuinely think that it is a great theme because it is general enough to be applicable for all. All Rotarians do goods and there are 1.2 million of us in the world. If each good we do means lighting up one candle, we, together will light up enough candles to light up the world! One of the many roles of Rotary Governor is to transform the Year Theme into actionable plans, taking into considerations the culture, the characters, the history and the strength of his/her District and Clubs. In District 3450, we shall work together to (1) make Rotary fun and enjoyable; (2) engage our family in Rotary; (3) enhance public image of Rotary; (4) grow our membership; (5) ensure effective communications and administrations; (6) develop future leaders; (7) preserve our planet earth; and (8) support The Rotary Foundation in 2014 - 15. On top of our usual very meaningful club activities and projects, a series of District Committee Programs to facilitate us to achieve our Year Theme are planned and listed, month- by-month, in our 2014 - 15 District Pocket Planner. I do look forward to another fruitful Rotary Year with all Rotarians of our District! August is Rotary’s “Membership” month. Now let’s turn our focus towards finding and keeping members. However, your club’s focus should extend well beyond August! So in upholding spirit of membership, our message this month is simple - Let your friends know that you’re a proud Rotarian! Rotary District 3450 Governor’s Monthly e-Newsletter in printable PDF format will continue to be published between the 10 th and 15 th of each month. By PP Grace Yen Rotary Club of Hong Kong Harbour Please follow this link to read the District Governor’s weekly newsletter AUG 2014
  2. 2. DISTRICT GOVERNOR’S MONTHLY NEWSLETTER AUG 2014 "Be A Brand Ambassador for Rotary" The future of Rotary International depends on membership and membership depends on how our organization is viewed EXTERNALLY by the general public and, INTERNALLY by our own members. With this point in mind, the District PI Committee has a brand new structure this year with specific sub-committees being up, such like Internal Communications, External Communications, Professional Association Relations, NGO & Service Partner Relations and PI Marketing just to name a few. It is important that communications must go beyond what we do and address why we do it and what difference we made. We must have a distinct approach, be engaging and demonstrate the impact. Specific items have been developed to enhance the District Identity; important District PI goals have been set with initiatives on how to achieve them. A series of PI workshop will be organized with the first one on ―Telling Your Rotary Story‖ to be held on Saturday August 23. Two distinguished professionals will share their experiences with us. It will be an invaluable opportunity for fellow Rotarians to learn how best to tell our Rotary Story and to capture the Rotary moment in pictures. Let us ―Light Up Rotary‖ by sharing our Rotary story. From PDG Ada Cheng, District PI Committee Chair World Polio Day: 24 Oct 2014 World Polio Day is quickly approaching on October 24th. This is a chance for Rotarians, clubs, and districts across the world to come together to fight polio. There are many ways you could mark the day. Dedicate your club meeting to focus on Rotary’s work to end polio that week. Community fundraisers on/around World Polio Day are great a way to raise awareness of our cause in the general public. You could take the opportunity to remind government officials to support the global commitment to a polio free world- Rotary’s top priority. On World Polio Day, wear your End Polio Now pin and encourage your friends and family to do the same. This year, a End Polio Now: Make History Today Livestream event, including a global update on the current status of polio eradication, will take place on World Polio Day- 24 October 2014—at 18:30pm CDT and will be streamed live at I encourage your club/district to have a viewing party of the event, or incorporate it into your existing World Polio Day plans. The archived video will be available following the live program. Additional event details may be found at John F. Germ Chair, International Polioplus Committee Highest Contribution Clubs for July 2014 Club Qualification list 2014-15 as of 8 August, 2014 2
  3. 3. DISTRICT GOVERNOR’S MONTHLY NEWSLETTER AUG 2014 District Membership Seminar To Light Up Rotary Membership, which is No. 1 priority emphasized by RI President Gary Huang, our District Membership Development & Retention Seminar was held at Police Officer's Club Causeway Bay on 2 August. It was one of the hottest days in the week but we had a very good attendance at the seminar. There were 49 Rotarians representing 26 clubs which were about the target we anticipated. The committee including PP Sam, PP Martin, PP Michael, PP Olive, CP Joe Joe and PDG Jones, together with our special Guest of Honour PDG Anthony, have performed a full duty in preparing all important and informative materials about Membership Development, Recruitment, Retention, Referral and Relocation, as well as Getting to know about the Rotary World. The 2-hour sessions and 1-hour fellowship lunch have found attentive audience giving them no time to relax. Questions were raised for different interests after 4 sessions of presentation although time was overrun a bit. Before closing, everyone present was asked to work together to make a record in D3450 by achieving 2000 members and even more in this Rotary Year. PDG Jones Wong District Singing Group "Led by PP Mahmood, the District Singing Group was formed in mid April this year for the purpose of bringing more funs in district events by singing. In order to get more singing members, the Group held a karaoke singing fellowship on Sunday 3 August. Over 20 Rotarians and friends participated and enjoyed the event. With the new joined ones from this event, the Group now has over 20 singers" PP W T Wong International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians (IYFR) The 6 th commodore of IYFR Hong Kong Fleet was installed in the evening of August 6. Flag was passed from Immediate Past Commodore Joann to Commodore Chris at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. DG Belinda bear witness to the installation. PDG John, the incumbent DG when IYFR was chartered in 2000, PDG Jones, PDG Ada, DGE Peter, DGN Eric all descended upon us for the evening. It is great to see how IYFR have grown from a small circle of yachting enthusiasts to a significant hobbyist group in the district. How each of the commodores lay the building block for their succeeding counterparts. International Commodore Sergio’s famous quote, “Maintain course and speed and all of us will enjoy fellowship for sure” PP Douglas Hsia 3
  4. 4. DISTRICT GOVERNOR’S MONTHLY NEWSLETTER AUG 2014 Special Feature on RI President Gary by PP Edwin Tsang, Rotary Club of New Territories RI President Gary CK Huang 黃其光國際扶輪社社長 Rotary International President Gary CK Huang (黃其光) is the first RI President of Chinese descent and is also the last District Governor of District 345 (Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macao) in 1986-87 before the District was split into two, breaking off from Taiwan. Thereafter District 3450 was set up with the first late District Governor Dr. Raymond Wong. RI President Gary Huang is a dedicated past President of RC of Taipei. His continued enthusiasm and dedicated Rotary Services prompted him to become the District Governor 345 in 1986-1987 and then R.I. Director in year 2000-02. In 2000, he was the Convenor of Hong Kong Zone Institute, inter alia, holding Zone Conference / Exhibition on Presidential Task Forces at Central MTR Station. Finally, with his outstanding achievement, he out- performed all other candidates to become the first Chinese R.I. President 2014-2015. With the full support of his Rotarianne Corinna, he is our distinguished Rotary personality in the Rotary World. When he was District Governor 1986-87, District 345 comprised 24 Rotary Clubs as at the Jan/1987 (Table 1). With his dedicated effort in District Extension Programme, three new Clubs were chartered, namely, Rotary Club of Kowloon Golden Mile (CP Chandru Parmanand) in 25/2/1987, Rotary Club of Hong Kong Harbour (CP Patrick Poon) in 25/3/1987 and Rotary of Kowloon Northeast (CP John Sze) in 18/5/1987. At that time, the Rotary Theme was ―Rotary Brings Hope‖ when the R.I. President was MAT Caparas. He maintains constant contact and reunion with his beloved past club presidents of his year from 1986 to today. Table 1 District Preserve Planet Earth Green Rotary Clubs as of July 31, 2014 Rotary Club of Central Rotary Club of City Northwest Hong Kong Rotary Club of Happy Valley Rotary Club of Guia Rotary Club of Hong Kong Rotary Club of Hong Kong City North Rotary Club of Hong Kong Harbour Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island East Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island West Rotary Club of Hong Kong Northwest Rotary Club of Hong Kong South Rotary Club of Shouson Hill Rotary Club of Tai Po Rotary Club of The Peak 4
  5. 5. A. District 3450 and District 3810 Friendship signing ceremony, Jul 4. B. Cheque presentation to VTC at District Installation, Jul 4. C. New members induction ceremony at District Installation, Jul 4. D. Rotary Club of Lan Kwai Fong’s Installation. G. Rotary Club of Hong Kong Sunrise’s Installation, Jul 2. H. Rotary Club of Macau Central’s Installation, Jul 13. E. Rotarians and families at Cape Collinson Correctional Institution (CCCI) during a District Vocational Visit, Aug 9 F. DG Belinda with DG Kenneth Chan of Lions Clubs International D303 at their Joint Installation Ceremony, Aug 9. DISTRICT GOVERNOR’S MONTHLY NEWSLETTER AUG 2014 A B C D E G F H G 5
  6. 6. DISTRICT GOVERNOR’S MONTHLY NEWSLETTER AUG 2014 Help us to find and recognize Hong Kong’s unsung heroes! 齊來尋找代表香港的無名英雄 Rotary International District 3450 and its thousands of Rotarians are working continuously to better the world for the needy in Hong Kong. At this time of change and mixed emotions in Hong Kong, we feel it is more important to accentuate the goodness within society by recognizing that special humanitarian who truly personifies Hong Kong’s heroic spirit.Please help us to reunite and re-energize Hong Kong ! Please help us to find the unsung hero of Hong Kong! 國際扶輪 3450 地區及其逾千扶輪社員不斷努力為社會上 有需要的人改善生活。 在這瞬息萬變、情意複雜的年代,我們有需要表揚為人 道主義工作努力 而真正體現香港偉大精神的人物,讓大 家認識香港社會的美好。團結香 港、為這地方帶來更多正能量,請提名代表香港 的無名英雄! THE ONE Hong Kong will be awarded 香港無名英雄年度獎得主將獲得 Cash prize HK$ 100,000 and a Trophy. He/ She will be qualified as a semi-finalist of THE ONE International Humanitarian Award. 十萬港元獎金及獎座並獲 ―THE ONE 國際人道主義獎‖半準決賽的競逐 資格 email: website: Rotary International District 3450 Youths in Transition Scheme - M.O.R.E. “Helping the Youth SMART Mentorship Scheme” 扶輪青年師徒計劃 A Briefing Session for interested companies and Rotarians was successfully held in the Salvation Army Education and Development Centre on 30 th July, 2014 from 2:30pm to 5:00pm. Among the total participants of 27, we have 20 persons who are representatives of 12 companies attending the Briefing Session. 8 companies already confirmed to join this program. It was encouraging to see their keen interest and wholehearted support to offer job placements for the program. THE FOUR-WAY TEST The Four-Way Test is a nonpartisan and nonsectarian ethical guide for Rotarians to use for their personal and professional relationships. The test has been translated into more than 100 languages, and Rotarians recite it at club meetings Of the things we think, say or do Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? The Committee is now appeal for all Club Presidents and Rotarians for your support in (1) Financial sponsor, (2) Life Master and/or (3) Three months work placement. We are now still in short of HK$150,000 20 Life Masters. Please help sponsor the District Youth Mentoring Program by contact (1) PP Andy Wong, Chair of District Poverty Alleviation Committee, and/or (2) PP Charlie Yip, Vice Chair of District Poverty Alleviation Committee. Time is running tight as we are now confirming with the list of participating companies and will start working on promotion, recruitment and intake interview for all youth applications. We will have a Briefing Session of Life Masters on 6 th September, 2014. Let’s show our hands to support and help the youth in need in Hong Kong Andy Wong (PP) Chair, District Alleviation Committee 2014-15 6
  7. 7. DISTRICT GOVERNOR’S MONTHLY NEWSLETTER AUG 2014 Rotary Club of Macau on July 19, 2014 organized a vocational visit to University of Macau new campus at Hengqin 橫琴. A delegation of 40 (including Rotarians and Rotaractors from RC Macau, Rotaractors from HK Island East and Pudu Malaysia as well as PDG Jason, DGN Eric and Area 1 AG Synthia) marched into the one square kilometer campus under a welcoming sun. We visited their 1000- seat theatre, 800-seat auditorium, huge function hall, library and student dormitory and were truly impressed. The new campus, with 60+ buildings and 280+ labs, is 20 times larger than before. It is under Macao jurisdiction and connected to Macao by underwater tunnel for vehicle and pedestrian without immigration control. Apart from academic degrees, the university will share resources with Macao community by offering practical courses to working people in Macao to improve Macao residents’ competitiveness to contribute to economic diversification in Macao. The interesting tour ended with a wonderful fellowship dim sum lunch with plenty of name card exchanges and exploring joint co-operation opportunities. Rotary Clubs in Mongolia AREA 9 – AG CP Terbish AMGALAN Rotary Club of Erdenet Rotary Club of Narlag Ulaanbaatar Rotary Club of Nomt Rotary Club of Ulaanbaatar Rotary Club of Ulaanbaatar Peace Aveue Rotary Club of Urgoo AREA 10 – PP Erdembileg OYUNGEREL Rotary Club of BayanZurkh 100 Rotary Club of Khuree Rotary Club of Niislel Rotary Club of Selbe Rotary Club of Tamir Rotary Club of Tuul Rotary Club of Zuunmod Guangzhou Rotarian Group From 1 July 2013 Guangdong province is no longer part of Rotary China – but is attached to District 3450 (Hong Kong, Macao, Mongolia and Guangdong Province) District 3450 is holding regular meetings in the Chinese language as the: Guangzhou Rotarian Group Thursday evenings 18:30 to 20:30 Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant 广州天河*中广场香港海鲜酒家 3/F China Shine Building Tianhe District, Guangzhou For more information contact: PP Anwer Islam 7
  8. 8. DISTRICT GOVERNOR’S MONTHLY NEWSLETTER AUG 2014 Here, I am very proud to announce that, organized by R.I. District 3450, the Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference, one of the largest scale Rotaract annual events, turned into a great success in its birthplace – Hong Kong during 7 – 10 July, a decade after being initiated in 2004. I would like to show my appreciation towards all the sponsoring and supporting organizations. I also thank you RI President Gary Huang and his personal representative PDG Electronics’ recognition towards our conference. On top of that, Rotary leaders in District 3450 also gave us tremendous guidance. They are not only Rotaractors’ mentors, but also our close working partners. And this seamless relationship is always crucial for the success of the conference. APRRC is designated to demonstrate the Rotaract spirit. I am very happy that over 750 delegates across Asia Pacific participated in the event, fully leveraging this wonderful platform not only to enhance their personal knowledge, but also widen their horizon. The conference has been unforgettable. I was particularly delighted to receive very positive feedback from all the participants, saying APRRC 2014 brought them a lot of fun, unforgettable memories and life-long friendships. I am proud to say that APRRC 2014 is very successful, fully demonstrating the capability of District 3450 in organizing large scale event. PDRR Edwina Chung, Chair, Organizing Committee Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference 2014 8 Inter-City Meeting In Honour of RI President Gary C K Huang Mrs Corinna Huang Aug 15 Mongolia Visit Aug 27 – Sep 1 Aug 29 – Sep 1 Public Image Workshop Aug 23 Rotaract District Installation Aug 24 Whisky Night, Cooking Class w/ Star Chef Sustainable Seafood Aug 23 Training Day (Macao) Sep 6 RI President Visit to D3450 Macao/Aug 14 – 15 Hong Kong/Aug 16