Encouraging words water baptism 5
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Encouraging words water baptism 5






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Encouraging words water baptism 5 Encouraging words water baptism 5 Presentation Transcript

  • Encouraging WordsWATER BAPTISM 5
  • WATER BAPTISM 5Encouraging Words
  • Noah & Family• fled to God for Safety• Built the Ark to save his family• They needed to escape the corruptionthat was in the world• They escaped the judgment & floatedaway to a new life
  • Saved by Water• Water lifted him from OLD life• Set him down on NEW way of living
  • 1PE 3:20-22• [KJV] [1 Peter 3:20] Which sometimewere disobedient, when once thelongsuffering of God waited in thedays of Noah, while the ark was apreparing, wherein few, that is, eightsouls were saved by water.
  • • 21 The like figure whereunto evenbaptism doth also now save us (not theputting away of the filth of the flesh,but the answer of a good consciencetoward God,) by the resurrection ofJesus Christ:
  • • 22 Who is gone into heaven, and is onthe right hand of God; angels andauthorities and powers being madesubject unto him.
  • Complete Covering• Judgement for Old – Joy for New
  • Escape to a New life• Be like Noah• Escape from your old life• Live in the power of a New Life
  • Do you want this?• Do you want the badge to say• “this is what I want” - “this is what Ihave done” ?
  • So here we are• Do you understand what “waterbaptism means?• Do you understand this?
  • ACT 8:36-39• [KJV] [Acts 8:36] And as they went ontheir way, they came unto a certainwater: and the eunuch said, See, hereis water; what doth hinder me to bebaptized?
  • • 37 And Philip said, If thou believestwith all thine heart, thou mayest. Andhe answered and said, I believe thatJesus Christ is the Son of God.
  • • 38 And he commanded the chariot tostand still: and they went down bothinto the water, both Philip and theeunuch; and he baptized him.
  • • 39 And when they were come up outof the water, the Spirit of the Lordcaught away Philip, that the eunuchsaw him no more: and he went on hisway rejoicing.
  • “LOOK! Here is water –What am I waiting for?Why shouldn’t I be baptised?”