Metz Middle School Career Day Prez


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Presentation I built/presented for Metz Middle School's Career Day in November of 2012.

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  • Core values conversation
  • Core values conversation
  • Core values conversation
  • Metz Middle School Career Day Prez

    1. 1. Career Day - Metz Middle School The Future is Right Around the Corner November 14, 2012
    2. 2. Who am I?
    3. 3. Bill Annibell Husband, father, friend and the lead singer in a Rock-n-Roll band. Director of Technology & Chief Technology Officer at Sapient Government Services.
    4. 4. What is ?
    5. 5. 10,000+ worldwide Arlington, VA Office 2nd Largest in U.S. with 400+ employees Billion Dollar Company
    6. 6. Representative Clients
    7. 7. PRESENCE IN WASHINGTON Have over 15 years experience working with government clients 400+ person business unit in Arlington, VA Global Center of Excellence for all Non-Profit engagements Brings commercial best practices to create innovative solutions for government clients 1
    8. 8. What do you do, exactly?
    9. 9. Account director, business analyst, content strategist, business consultant, creative director, technology consultant, marketing strategist, financial analyst, idea engineer, information architect, interactive developer, designer, media planner, program manager …
    10. 10. I think, eat, sleep, write and talk about technology. A LOT.
    11. 11. Manage a team of 120+ technologists. Drive innovation & capability development. Speak publically. Deliver results. Sleep in a bed (and occasionally a couch) at the end of each and every day. 11
    12. 12. But how much do you make?
    13. 13. <crickets>
    14. 14. No, SERIOUSLY?
    15. 15. <more crickets>
    16. 16. Probably more than you. For now… However, technologists can make anywhere from $45,000 to $150,000+ Don’t forget about the “total package” – benefits, 401K, VACATION, VACATION, VACATION, sick time, etc. Did I mention VACATION?
    17. 17. What do you do on an average day?
    18. 18. I sit in one of these for hours on end. 18
    19. 19. C’mon, what do you really do?
    20. 20. I meet with clients. Sit in countless meetings. 1:1 conversations with my team members to discuss their lives, careers & aspirations. Study technology trends. Speak at conferences. Spend time with my family.
    21. 21. So who should consider getting into the technology field?
    22. 22. Those comfortable using both sides of their brain. 22
    23. 23. Um, I’m not sure what that means so what should I study to best prepare for a career in technology?
    24. 24. In a nutshell, ARTS and SCIENCES (SCIENCES includes MATH). The ARTS nurture the right side of the brain increasing capacity for creativity, subjectivity, and intuitiveness. The SCIENCES nurture the left side of the brain increasing capacity for analysis, objectivity, and logic.
    25. 25. Can you be a little more specific?
    26. 26. High School: Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Art, Photography, Music, Computers, Robotics, etc. College Majors: Computer Science, Mathematics, Information Systems, Game Design, etc. Certifications: COUNTLESS…
    27. 27. But what does the future look like for someone interested in a career in technology?
    28. 28. Quite bright.
    29. 29. ONLY lifelong learners need apply.
    30. 30. There are NOT enough qualified technologist in the world to meet the current demand. Trends in mobile development, gaming, big data, cloud computing and social media will continue to prevail. Career growth is a personal choice. How far do you want to go?
    31. 31. Is there anything else you would like to know?