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In today's connected world, people interact via a whole range of devices and media. PCs, laptops, tablets, smart phones and mobile phones are the conduits through which messages can be exchanged and apart from these, emerging technologies in gaming consoles, wearable devices, etc are being included in the mix.

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  • Digital marketing agency

    1. 1. Website : Call US :01902 504 107 Website :- Email:-
    2. 2. About Us We are experts in the field of Digital marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) which can maximise your web presence through our targeted marketing. We came to Creative Ideaz with our vision and they worked endlessly to make this happen. This resulted in a great website and a continuted relationship with their team. Website :- Email:-
    3. 3. Digital Marketing As we move closer and closer to a more digital world, we need to rethink our traditional marketing strategies and connect with our clients and customers in the way that they seek information or products and in the way they prefer to buy and engage with different services and companies. E-commerce statistics reveal that more than 85% of people who use the Internet also engage in on-line purchase and actively seek information about new products, look for good deals and discounts, employment and investment data. The top purchases made on-line include apparel, furniture, jewelry and electronics. This translates to billions of dollars in sales. Website :- Email:-
    4. 4. Our Digital Marketing Includes  Search Engine Optimisation  Social Media Marketing  Pay Per Click Marketing  Conversion Optimisation  Multi-Channel Marketing  Copywriting Services  Reputation Management  Analytics Website :- Email:-
    5. 5. Search Engine Optimisation Our search engine optimisation process covers everything from keyword selection to regular feedback, so your website, and your business, can perform to its full potential. Our Process In SEO Keyword Selection  Website Analysis  On Page Optimisation  Off Page Optimisation  Regular Reports & Improvements  Website :- Email:-
    6. 6. Social Media Marketing Your business can tap into this global audience. It can be difficult to know if you’re getting the most out of social networking sites but if you’re neglecting this resource, you’re missing out. If you’re unable to dedicate the time it takes to make your social networking sites an effective marketing tool, then we can help. Our savvy team of experts have the know-how, enthusiasm and insight to help you get the most out of social media. The first step to successful social media marketing is to choose and create your networking pages. Our packages allow you to choose up to eight channels, on which we will create your profile, build content, create artwork and make sure your pages are always up-to-date. Website :- Email:-
    7. 7. Pay Per Click Marketing Advertising on Google means you’ll be reaching people who are searching specifically for the service or product you provide, and of course, you only pay if people actually click on your advert. We will combine catchy copy with proven conversion optimisation tools and geomarketing to ensure your Google ads reach the most appropriate audience. You will also have the option to match exact words and phrases to the users’ search, or use broader matches. In addition, we will suggest negative keywords so you can eliminate time-wasting searchers. Our landing page optimisation techniques will make sure that when visiting your website, a potential customer becomes a new customer. Website :- Email:-
    8. 8. Conversion Rate Optimisation If your website is attracting a large volume of visitors but your sales figures aren’t reflecting it, then we can help. Our team of experts don’t rely on guesswork or luck to get business rolling in. Website :- Email:-
    9. 9. Multi-Channel Marketing Multichannel marketing refers selling across different market places, these can include, amazon,, ebay, etc. The goal of multichannel marketing is to connect with your customers and potential customers using their preferred channel and then getting them to invest in your product. The beauty of multi-channel marketing if it is done correctly, is that you get to keep control of stock management and order processing – this makes for an efficient management system.In a world were consumer is king, choice becomes more important and multichannel marketing offers this.Of course to execute this effectively, you need to know where your consumers are, what websites they’re visiting and what words they are searching for to find your product. Website :- Email:-
    10. 10. Copywriting Services However, if the content isn’t just as good, your website will lack substance and credibility. Knowing what you want to say is easy; knowing how to say it can be much harder. If you need help articulating your message, then we can help. From articles and blogs to product description and page content, our team of creative copywriters will help your website sound as good as it looks! There is an art to writing articles that takes time and experience to perfect. It’s all about getting the vital information across as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you need help composing articles for your website, our team is ready to help. Website :- Email:-
    11. 11. Reputation Management But the good news is that we can effectively help you to protect and enhance your reputation online. Our team of industry experts employ a number of techniques to help you protect the image you’ve worked so hard to create. From stopping negative press in its tracks, to proactively putting out positive news, we can help you attract attention for all the right reasons. Remember, building a good reputation takes a long time, but a single negative comment can destroy it in an instant. We can make sure this doesn’t happen to you. It’s not just large businesses that want their image to be squeaky clean. If you’re worried about how search engine results are reflecting on you, we can help. An image is worth a thousand words, but that’s not always a good thing. Let us help you take control of what your customers and clients see. Website :- Email:-
    12. 12. Analytics Despite the invaluable benefits that this data can bring to your business, you may not have enough hours in the day to collect it. If that sounds like you then our team of experts is ready to help. We can assess and improve the effectiveness of your site by carrying out this analysis for you, and helping you make sense of it. Don’t let a lack of information be the reason your business gets left behind, get in touch with our team today and find out what we can do for you. Book an audit with us today and gain vital insights that will prove invaluable to the growth and success of your business. Our comprehensive audits will let you know how well you’re performing online as well as how you can improve.To help you get the most out of your website, not just now but in the future, we can provide regular reports about how it’s performing. Website :- Email:-
    13. 13. Contact Us Creative Ideaz (Sales Office), Kings House Business Centre, St Johns Square, Wolverhampton, WV2 4DT Phone: 01902 504 107 Website :- Email:- Website :- Email:-