Practical training of designated trainers and farmers in greece (f.ydraiou,m.pelekanos)
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Practical training of designated trainers and farmers in greece (f.ydraiou,m.pelekanos)






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  • Επόμενη διαφάνεια: πόσοι εκπαιδευτυηάν στα demo farms
  • Που έγιναν, αναπτυχθηκε εκπαιδ. υλικο
  • One of the future actions, training for … Included (together BENAKI and the stakeholders) in the training material of the SUD

Practical training of designated trainers and farmers in greece (f.ydraiou,m.pelekanos) Practical training of designated trainers and farmers in greece (f.ydraiou,m.pelekanos) Presentation Transcript

  • Francesca Ydraiou, Minas Pelekanos Hellenic Crop Protection Association (HCPA) Lithuania , June 2011 Practical Training of designated trainers and farmers in Greece and Cyprus
    • Farmers in Greece: 900.000
    • Professional farmers: 450.000
    • 60% of them are above 60 years old
    • Legal framework of training in Greece
    Status of trainings in Greece
    • Professional farmers certification is mandatory by law since 1997 by establishing the Organization of Agricultural Vocational Education Training and Employment :
    Status of trainings in Greece
    • Before 1997, training was subsidized
    Status of trainings in Greece
    • After 1997 training was focused on young farmers (farmers up the age of 40)
    • There is normally one week training of which Crop Protection topics occupy one day or sometimes less
    • In the context of SUD there are several things to be defined
    Status of trainings in Greece
    • Trainers – advisors in Greece are obliged to have a University degree in Agriculture
    • Distributors also are mandatory agronomists
    Status of trainings in Greece
    • Most significant achievement in training
    • The material has been approved by the Greek Ministry of National Education Also it has been used by BPI in the context of ECOPEST
    • Will become training material in the context of the NAPs
    SUI training material
  • Historical flashback 2005
  • Trainings for trainers Cycles of training courses for trainers of the OGEEKA DIMITRA were carried by staff of HCPA and of BPI. 40 trainers attended the courses 2006
  • Demo farms 2007-2008 3000 farmers trained
  • 1 st demo farm 2007-2008 Agricultural School of Messara
  • 2 nd demo farm 2007-2008 Agricultural Research Center of Ierapetra
  • 3 rd demo farm 2007-2008 Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania
  • Key features of demo farms
    • Train farmers in
    • safe use
    • storage and management of plant protection products
    • proper selection, application of PPEs
    • cleaning and maintenance of tools, PPEs
  • Progress survey 2005 - 2008 200 farmers were observed and Interviewed in Ierapetra 70% of farmers seem to follow the 12 key messages compared with 27% in 2005 in the area of Crete
  • Extended project
    • HCPA participated in the 17 th Annual Conference of Young Farmers (The coalition of 25 Unions of Young Farmers at a national level)
    • The Conference took place from 10 th to 12 th of September 2010 in Karditsa (central Greece)
    2010 SUI Project in Greece
    • There was a training to the attendants of the Conference on Safe Use topics
    • We received invitations from Young Farmer Unions from all over Greece for future training
    2010 SUI Project in Greece
    • On October 12 th to 15 th 2010 CCPA organized training of the extension service in Cyprus (27 participants) with the participation of HCPA and PSOR
    2010 SUI Project in Cyprus
    • New sprayer technology
    2010 Nozzle flowrate calibration SUI Project in Cyprus
    • Drift reduction nozzle technology was compared to actual spray technique
    2010 SUI Project in Cyprus
    • 12 key messages were set for the Cypriot SUI project and the video footage from the training was used for the new training DVD.
    2010 SUI Project in Cyprus
    • Practical training on the field identifies gaps, provides useful hints, changes behavior and then best use practices can easily be adopted
    2010 SUI Project in Cyprus
    • 6 seminars (lectures) were organized by district of Agricultural office of Larnaca and a total of 142 participants , in January 2011, by the Plant Protection officer.
    • The use of pesticide sprayer, safe use, calibration and adjustment of spray volumes, type of sprayers, nozzles specs.
    2010 SUI Project in Cyprus
    • On February the 25th 2011 , HCPA participated in the Second Cycle of Education LIFE + EcoPest organized by the Benaki Phytopathological Institute (BPI) in the area of Livadeia of Boeotia
    • HCPA presented the Safe Use Initiative project and the results so far, the training dvd and the new TV spot
    2010-2011 SUI Project in Greece
  • 2011
    • The re was a practical training, demonstrating the use of appropriate PPEs for mix / load and application
    SUI Project in Greece
    • 33 trainees answered to a multiple choice questionnaire of 10 questions which was distributed by HCPA in order to check understanding and to consolidate the presentation
    2010-2011 SUI Project in Greece
    • If I feel ill-headed:
    • √ I go to the hospital with the PPP label
    • □ I wait until I fell better and finish the spraying
    • □ this is not the first time in my case and I'm used to it during spraying
    • After spaying:
    • √ shower
    • □ continue other activities , □ break for lunch
    • Washing with water is needed for:
    • √ the multiple use coverall ,
    • □ the one use coverall, □ the multiple use masks
    • Rinse three (3) times the empty container with water and empty the water:
    • √ in the spray tank ,
    • □ on the field, □ in the drainage
    • Preparation of the spay mixture takes place:
    • √ in a well ventilated area with an impermeable floor,
    • □ in the PPP warehouse , □ on the ground
    Successful Questionnaire SUI Project in Greece
    • If the gloves or boots get contaminated inside:
    • √ dispose of them
    • □ wash with detergent, □ wash with water
    • What is the most common entry of plant protection products (PPPs) in the human body ;
    • √ absorption through skin ,
    • □ ingestion, □ inhalation
    • Immediately after spraying, ..... the multi-use gloves:
    • √ wash thoroughly ,
    • □ check for leaks, □ use in other farm activities
    • During mix/load wear resistant nitrile gloves :
    • √ above the garment
    • □ under the garment ,
    • During application, wear:
    • √ rubber boots
    • □ surgical mask , □ raincoat,
    Not Successful Questionnaire SUI Project in Greece
  • 2011 Leaflets for agricultural workers from other countries are ready SUI Project in Greece
    • Through the stewardship project which will combine results of SUI (training material etc), TOPPS-Prowadis (training material etc) with the view to:
    • extend the adoption of low drift nozzle technology
    • calibrate all spraying equipment implementing the Machinery Directive
    • reconsider the spraying volumes used in Greece
    Progression of SUI Project in Greece
  • Thank you very much for your attention! Labai ačiū už jūsų dėmesį ! SUI Project in Greece