Chris Lythgo - Semiochemicals: Current review programme - initial comments and key issues

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  • 1. Committed since 2002 to ensuring that Europe’s food is safe Semiochemicals: current reviewprogramme-initial comments & key issues Chris Lythgo Pesticides peer review environmental fate ECPA-IBMA workshop-EFSA evaluation of PPPs Parma 26 April 2012
  • 2. Specification issues• Lack of specifications and supporting data (batchanalyses)• Sources not defined (Data requirements needspecific plant/s at specific location/s to be to bereported)•Methods of manufacture missing or lacking in detail•Lack of methods for active substances and impurities Committed since 2002 to ensuring that Europe’s food is safe
  • 3. Phys Chem Active substances• The use of secondary literature is not accepted e.g. Merck Formulations• Cases for classification of properties were too brief• Representative formulations not reported for all active substances• Lack of methods for formulations
  • 4. Residues • If application methods mean direct exposure of the plant by spraying occurs, information on potential for uptake needs to be provided • If significant uptake is not excluded, information on metabolism in plants needs to be provided • Consequent residues trials may be needed, if it is identified / concluded that toxicological reference values need to be set for any component of the residue definitionSH Platform, 22 June 2010
  • 5. Environmental fate• OECD guidance on straight chain lepidopteran pheromones could in principle be accepted, except the OECD trigger dose of 375g SCLP/ha/year appears to just be a ‘personal communication’• When straight chain lepidopteran pheromones are applied by spraying, it appears there will be peak exposure above the OECD trigger, when expressed on a daily basis• For other semiochemicals comparisons to natural background levels, need the background levels to be supported by measurements (the origin of which can be peer reviewed scientific literature)