Cronto Visual Transaction Signing


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Introducing the Cronto Visual Transaction Signing – a Customer friendly solution for Secure Online Banking.

To defeat even the most sophisticated attacks that use "Man-in-the-Browser" Trojan malware Cronto has developed the unique visual transaction signing technology where the customer is able to confirm transactions by taking a picture of the visual cryptogram — a secure image produced by the bank — with a separate device: a mobile phone or a standalone optical token. The Cronto solution secures transactions quickly and cost-effectively.

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  • Cronto Visual Transaction Signing

    1. 1. Securing Financial Transactions Online Cronto Limited, +44 1223 750001,
    2. 2. Trojan Malware: Man-in-the-Browser No Transaction Signing = Stop-Gap • Extra passwords, secret questions, OTP tokens etc. DO NOT WORK! • Need to authenticate the TRANSACTION not just the user"These attacks have been successfully and repeatedly executed against many banks and theircustomers across the globe in 2009" Avivah Litan, vice president and analyst at Gartner. © 2011 Cronto Limited 2
    3. 3. CrontoSign • Designed for online banking - full transaction signature - dynamic: no hardcoded use cases - effective personalisation • Based on simple familiar to user concept – take a picture • Uses colour to increase data capacity, speed and robustness • Available as mobile software and standalone hardware © 2011 Cronto Limited 3
    4. 4. Cronto Visual Transaction Signing Cronto Visual Transaction Signing Clickk 1. Bank generates the Cronto visual cryptogramerates the Cronto visual cryptogram a photo of the computer and Customer takesomer takes a photo of screen using the CrontoSign client. the computersing the Cronto client application. © 2011 Cronto Limited 4
    5. 5. Cronto Visual Transaction Signing Cronto Visual Transaction Signing Checkkck 2. Customer checks payment details on ther checks payment visual cryptogram to the web page and enterserates the Cronto details on the phone comparingomer takes a photo of the authorisation code if details are correct the computermparing to the web page and entersorisationCronto client application.sing the code if details are correct © 2011 Cronto Limited 5
    6. 6. Encrypted Free Text Transaction Encoding Bank chooses what data to encode and when © 2011 Cronto Limited 6
    7. 7. Dynamic Personalisation• CronSign Device/App is distributed unpersonalised• Secure credentials provisioned via a CrontoSign image• Update credentials without replacing the device NO Seed Data stored by Cronto © 2011 Cronto Limited 7
    8. 8. Supports Mobile Banking• Easy to display Cronto Visual Cryptogram image on mobile devices• CrontoSign Device provides secure transaction signing• Works across various mobile devices - no custom integration for mobile banking apps• Consistent familiar user experience © 2011 Cronto Limited 8
    9. 9. • Download CrontoSign demo app from the Apple App Store • Visit the demo site: +44 1223 750001 © 2011 Cronto Limited 9