Carol Bartz: Leader in Computer & Web Development


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Slide show about Carol Bartz, former CEO of Autodesk and Yahoo. Part of series by students in SCSU Women and Computers class about women's contributions to the development of computers and the web.

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  • Carol worked in some way with computer aided design. In her video she hints at what her company does, but I just do not grasp it.
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  • Duplicate slide where Pat attempts to insert the Shockwave Flash video so it will play when viewing slideshow. I found instructions for Powerpoint 2007 at Instructions for Powerpoint 2003 at (basically the same, although different starting point) For the URL to insert in the Shockwave Control, I used As found by doing View Source when at the HTML page where one can view this video on the Web. Unlike the instructions referenced above, I found I had to leave the Playing setting in the Properties dialog box set to False, also had to leave the EmbedMovie setting at False in order for everything to work. (When I set these properties to True as per instructions, after I closed the Powepoint and then re-opened it, the video had disappeared.) To attempt duplication of info at bottom of original slide by Tina, I inserted a Text Box, used the Kristen Font and typed text you see. Made the Web site a clickable link. With the text box selected, I clicked on Drawing Tools (top center of ribbon) and then chose Textures and chose the green marble background you see. I also added a black line at top of video frame (otherwise the white of the video blends into the white background of slide which I didn’t think looked right). Note at where this video appears, one can download it as an MPEG4 or as a WMV file format – if one is a registered member of the site. I used DownloadHelper addon in Firefox to download as a WMV file. I made another copy of this slide show using the WMV (Windows Media Player format) file. But the resulting PowerPoint is only useful if you are playing if from a computer that has the WMV video on the computer as well. It is useless if uploaded to, etc. because the video will not play.
  • Appointed to President Bush's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, Bartz is one of a select group of industry leaders expected to play a key role in shaping and setting the government's high tech agenda-ranging from R&D funding to new broadband incentives. She also serves on the Board of Directors of BEA Systems, Cisco Systems, Network Appliance, and the Foundation for the National Medals of Science and Technology.  
  • –tried ti save the induction award -- but I did not have the software needed, and it had to be purchased
  • The Tech: An Interview with Carol Bartz
  • Carol Bartz: Leader in Computer & Web Development

    1. 1. Carol Bartz Women Extraordinaire
    2. 4. She has made many videos – search for Carol Bartz at