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Integration Points for Property Tax, CAMA, & GIS
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Integration Points for Property Tax, CAMA, & GIS


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How DEVNET and Sarpy County, NE are working together to make property valuation and taxation easier by fully integrating property tax, mass appraisal (CAMA), and geographic information systems …

How DEVNET and Sarpy County, NE are working together to make property valuation and taxation easier by fully integrating property tax, mass appraisal (CAMA), and geographic information systems (GIS).

Presented at the biannual meeting of the Nebraska GIS/LIS Association in Kearney, NE, April 2013.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Integration Points for PropertyTax, CAMA, & GISJason A. CromeVice President of Software Development, DEVNET, Inc.2013 Nebraska GIS/LIS Biennial SymposiumApril 16, 2013
  • 2. Project Overview• Sarpy County enters contract withDEVNET to modernize Property Tax andCAMA software in Fall 2012• Project aims to improve tax cycle efficiencythrough automation, integration, andimproved workflow
  • 3. Integration Goals• Make property tax data, CAMA data, and GISavailable to the user through a single application• Reduce duplicate work where possible• Visualize property tax and CAMA data inmeaningful ways.• Make it easy for non-technical users to producecomplex maps in GIS
  • 4. Areas of Integration• Property Tax• CAMA• Sketching• GIS• Imaging• Pictometry• E911
  • 5. Integration Overview
  • 6. Building the Interface
  • 7. Options• Use Esri APIs• Use existing county GIS applications• Do something else (!!!)
  • 8. Use County Apps• Faster time to production• Browser-based; easy to embed• County users already familiar with them• Cooperative county GIS department makesthis easy and attractive
  • 9. Interface Options• Pass parcels through URL• Exchange parcel data through shareddatabase table(s)• Web Services
  • 10. Pass Parcels through URL• Advantages: Easy to implement• Disadvantages: slow, breaks down for largeresult sets (unexpected truncation ofURLs)
  • 11. Web Services• Advantages: well-accepted, well-documented, lots of good tools forcreating/consuming• Disadvantages: lots of crappy tools forcreating/consuming, sometimes slow,sometimes quirky, often verbose (XML,anyone?)
  • 12. XML Web Services
  • 13. Shared Database Table• Advantages: easy to implement, fast set-based operations, builds cooperation andtrust between IT staff and vendor(s)• Disadvantages: need cooperation and trustbetween IT staff and vendor(s)
  • 14. Implementation• Simple table containing a unique ID, sessionID, and parcel number• Tax/CAMA apps always fill table withsession ID and parcel(s) we want to map• Action-specific URL called with session ID• GIS looks into table with session ID andgenerates desired map
  • 15. Implementation (cont.)• When we want map to drive tax/CAMA,call GIS with session ID and blank table• After action performed in GIS, table filledwith parcels and session ID• Event triggered in tax/CAMA, reads tablecontents, responds appropriately
  • 16. Workflow
  • 17. Splits, Combines, etc.• Parcels split/combined in GIS first• Addressed in E911• By the time it gets to us, can import siteaddress, legal description, acreage, soil data
  • 18. How?• Have direct read access into countygeodatabase• County tells us where to find the data wecare about
  • 19. Desktop IntegrationPoints
  • 20. Viewing a Parcel
  • 21. Viewing Ag Land
  • 22. Viewing Pictometry
  • 23. Sketching
  • 24. Imaging
  • 25. Search Results
  • 26. Putting It All Together...
  • 27. ...on Multiple Monitors!
  • 28. Other Desktop Integration Points• Comparable Properties• Ratio Studies• Neighborhoods• ....Anywhere we have a list of parcels
  • 29. Other Desktop Integration Points (cont.)
  • 30. Web Integration Points
  • 31. Viewing a Parcel
  • 32. Viewing Ag Land
  • 33. Images
  • 34. Appraisal/Sketches
  • 35. Search Results
  • 36. Demo!!!
  • 37. Questions?
  • 38. Thanks!For more information:http://www.devnetinc.cominfo@devnetinc.comContact Jason