Drug deal
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Drug deal






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Drug deal Document Transcript

  • 1. INT. WAREHOUSE - CONTINUOUS An old car pulls into the Warehouse and a few KNOCKS as the engine shuts down. J steps out of his car and walks over to MAJOR. J Here's the first batch J drops the sack of Heroin at MAJORS feet. MAJOR When will the next Batch be ready. J Its hard to say theirs been a lot of police activity near where i have been cooking. MAJOR What does that mean for business. J Could be down for a week or 2 whilst i move the lab. MAJOR Thats going to be a problem then i have customers to please you have 1 week then i want my batch. J 1 week i cant do that. MAJOR Did i give you a choice it gets done 1 week. J Therese no way i can move an entire lab and have you a batch cooked in 1 week. MAJOR you will do it or i will come and burn you lab down. INT. WAREHOUSE - CONTINUOUS 2 cop cars pull in with there SIRENS blaring. As they pull in to stop J and the MAJOR run to there cars and start driving away i a hurry with there wheels stretching. J
  • 2. OMG OMG what the hell am i going to do. MAJOR get shot in the back as he is trying to get awa in his car. J's car gets ridduled with bullets as he gets away. J okokill go t the lab an clear it out i have to get out of town. J calls his lab to try and get hold of his boss Trevor TREVOR What do you want shit for brains J you need to clea out the lab now!! TREVOR What are you talking about retard J The cos just crashed the meet the killed MAJOR i only just got away i thinkthere going to hit the lab. TREVOR Awh great i give you one simple taskill get to work taking the lab apart you just get here asap. J Ok TREVOR im on my way. J puts the phone down and drives to the lab.