Take Control of Your Healthcare Costs


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Low Cost, Not Penalty Alternative to Expensive ACA Policies

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Take Control of Your Healthcare Costs

  1. 1. Taking Control…. Your Healthcare Costs The best way to take control of your healthcare expenses is to become a Self-Pay Patient!
  2. 2. Taking Control can be Scary…. Your Healthcare Costs Due to the cost of healthcare consistently rising, many people are afraid of the financial exposure.
  3. 3. With Cost Sharing - Taking Control may not be so Scary…. Healthcare Cost Sharing But, what if other health conscious, like-minded people, people just like you agreed to share any medical costs you incurred above an amount that you felt you could comfortably pay?
  4. 4. Taking Control…. MPowering Your Healthcare When you become a self-pay patient, you are taking responsibility for the medical costs and the treatments you receive. When you MPower Yourself as a self-pay patient with other • Health Focused • Patriotic Americans to share medical expenses, you’ve created a HEALTH SHARING Organization.
  5. 5. What it’s Not... Health Sharing Organization It’s NOT INSURANCE
  6. 6. What it is… Healthcare Cost Sharing Your healthcare costs are shared among many other fellow members. Each member contributes an assigned amount each month and those contributions are shared, to meet member expenses in full!
  7. 7. An Insurance Company compares to a Bank…. A Great Comparison
  8. 8. A Health Sharing Organization compares to a Credit Union…. A Great Comparison
  9. 9. What is a Self-Pay Patient…. Becoming a Self-Pay Patient A Self-Pay Patient is anyone who wants to take control of their own health care costs and get out from under bureaucratic medicine, where insurance company bureaucrats and politicians decide what treatments are available while also driving up costs.
  10. 10. From the Academy of Health Excellence…. INTRODUCING A Self-Pay Patient Program MPowered with a 22 year old Health Cost Sharing Organization Our Prices are the same for ages 30 to 65 and All Geographic location.
  11. 11. Provides the Education, Tools and Products for success…. Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer, or you want someone to do everything for you, we’ve got you covered.
  12. 12. Go to ANY Doctor…. Although, Doctors who accept Health Cost Sharing can’t charge any amount they want for the services they provide, they are paid 150 to 175% of what Medicare pays. Therefore, almost without exception it’s Accepted by all Doctors.
  13. 13. What is the worst case scenario…. Controlling Financial Exposure with Unshared Limits set by Health Cost Sharing Organization
  14. 14. A Personal Health Assistant to Handle All Your Needs…. Included is your Personal Health Assistant for: • Physician, Specialist and Hospital Search • Health Cost Estimates • Alternative Medicine Options • Medical Bill Audit & Review • Appointment Scheduling and More
  15. 15. For non-emergency, short term prescriptions or on the road... • On demand care – talk to a doctor anytime, no matter where you are • Prompt diagnosis for faster treatment • Doctors can treat children of any age • Your health record is secure and portable • Save money on expensive ER or urgent care visits • Physicians can prescribe non-narcotic medication or refills when appropriate Included is your Personal 24/7/365 Board Certified Teladoc
  16. 16. Health Tools and Programs from a name you can Trust…. Included are your Personal Health Management tools: Tools that speak to all aspects of well-being, not just physical. Drawing upon Mayo Clinic expertise in the medical, behavioral and online interactive arenas, Mayo Clinic’s “Healthy Living” is organized into areas of action, containing key tools to manage your health and reduce health risk: • Assessment • Monitor My Health • Improve Lifestyle Habits • Manage Chronic Conditions Mayo Clinic’s “Healthy Living”
  17. 17. Health Tools and Programs from a name you can Trust…. Included is a valuable management program to guide quality health care : Ask Mayo Clinic is a trusted source of reliable health information from the most respected name in health care, brought to you by HealtheChoices. Staffed exclusively by registered nurses who are available 24 hours a day by phone, callers are guided to the right level of care, at the right time, in the right setting — for all the right reasons. • Ask Mayo Clinic • Ask Mayo Clinic online Ask Mayo Clinic
  18. 18. Tools for the Do-It-Yourselfer…. The best tools, apps and websites to compare and shop healthcare prices and values for testing, medicines, and procedures, plus the specialties and expertise of physicians & hospitals.
  19. 19. The Education and Coaching you need to reach your Goals…. EXCELLENCE TV - Multi-media events with experts, coaches and mentors to help you take control of your health. • Webinars • Seminars • White Papers • Coaching • And more
  20. 20. And for all those Other Health Care Needs…. Health Care Supplemental Products Includes Discount Plans from Careington. Careington partners with many of the leading companies & networks to deliver substantial discounts on a wide array of health care and lifestyle services. The company's health and wellness discount plans, which include pre-negotiated discounts on: • Dental Care • Vision Care • Hearing Care • Prescription drugs • Chiropractic and • Alternative Medicine
  21. 21. It’s NOT for Everyone…. 1. When might Health Excellence Select NOT be the best choice to help you manage your health? If you need assistance paying the monthly cost or have severe pre- existing conditions, your health might be better managed with a Plan provided by the Affordable Care Act 2. Health Excellence Select is NOT Insurance! Health Insurance is a contract (guarantee) whereby one party agrees to be legally responsible for and accept another party’s risk of loss, in exchange for a payment called a premium. Health Cost Sharing is an agreement (promise) whereby like-minded individuals agree to share and assist one another with medical expenses through voluntary giving.
  22. 22. Applying for the Exemption... A bold alternative to expensive, mandated health insurance. Preserve the Freedom of Making Your Own Healthcare Choices
  23. 23. Be part of the Solution Not a Continuation of the Problem Take CONTROL of Your Health Care…
  24. 24. The Next Step Go to www.MyAHE.org select prices and benefits from the main menu. Take CONTROL of Your Health Care…
  25. 25. Presented By C. Rod Maxson THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST