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Crocodile RTC Launch (Google Campus) - 2: Crocodile SDK & Network
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Crocodile RTC Launch (Google Campus) - 2: Crocodile SDK & Network

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A presentation by Peter Dunkley (Technical Director, Crocodile RCS Ltd). Presentation date 22-May-2013.

A presentation by Peter Dunkley (Technical Director, Crocodile RCS Ltd). Presentation date 22-May-2013.

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  • 1. 1Crocodile SDK & Network
  • 2. Crocodile SDK & NetworkCrocodile SDK & NetworkPeter Dunkley, Technical Director, Crocodile RCS LtdEmail: peter.dunkley@crocodile-rcs.comTwitter: @pdunkley
  • 3. Crocodile SDK & Network ArchitectureCrocodileSDKNetworkEdgeWeb Service Network CoreJsSIPJSJaCCrocodileMSRPKamailionode-xmpp-boshrfc5766-turn-serverApacheTomcatKamailiojBillingMobicents DiameterMobicents SIPServletsCrocodile Network (Deployed on Amazon AWS)WSSHTTPSejabberd
  • 4. ● The Crocodile SDK provides an easy to useAPI enabling rapid development of real-timecommunication applications● The only thing that limits what you can do isyour imagination● The Crocodile SDK interacts with our web-service and wraps a SIP client stack, XMPPclient stack, and MSRP client stack.The Crocodile SDK
  • 5. ● The Web Service provides a json API forprovisioning and management.● The Crocodile SDK uses the Web Service● Third-party websites can interact directly withthe Web Service● All access is over HTTPSThe Crocodile Network (Web Service)
  • 6. ● SIP Edge Proxy, XMPP Connection Manager,MSRP Relay, TURN Server● All traffic from the SDK uses WSS● WSS connections are authenticated● Hosted traffic is routed into the Network Core– We can host domains● Remote traffic is routed to the remote network itbelongs to– We are just another interconnectThe Crocodile Network (Network Edge)
  • 7. ● SIP Proxy/Registrar● XMPP Server● Pre-Pay Application Server● Billing Server● Traffic must come from the Network EdgeThe Crocodile Network (Network Core)
  • 8. ● All traffic connecting to the network is secure(HTTPS and WSS)● The MSRP Relay and TURN Server useephemeral credentials● Amazon AWS Multi A-Z Deployment– EC2 servers with RDS database– SES for email and Route 53 for DNS– Elastic Beanstalk for web-services– ElastiCache, Redshift, and DynamoDBSecurity, scalability, and reliability
  • 9. Crocodile RCS Ltdwww.crocodile-rcs.com